Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloggers blockage

I think I've hit "bloggers blockage" or "obstruction" or whatever you call it.
I haven't re-decorated anything. Nothing is blooming. I've gone nowhere...besides working at the pharmacy.
An order came in for my booth...and that's about it.So that is what I will be sharing today.
Large and small pedestals...oooh, aaah.

More of the pillows I showed you in the last post.

Two gorgeous silver fluer de lis trays that I'm loving.

Some wonderful silver mercury glass candle sticks...always a favorite.

And.....these great blue, sea inspired boxes.
The pretty grey washed pillar holders also arrived, but we had to glue the clear stones back on....grrr.
The rest of the order is still in transit.
That's okay.
It gives me some time to pay the bill for the current invoice, before the next shipment arrives...wink.

That's it from the Lakehouse.
Even though I don't have much to blog about, I seem to have things that keep me busy around here.
Have a great week!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Keeping busy

Things are still moving along here at the old Lakehouse.
We are busy at the Pharmacy. People will be returning from their winter homes down south. That means business will pick up even more.

The orders for my booth, Seashells and Lavender, keep arriving.
The postcard stamped pillows arrived just the other day. (the smaller crown pillow is actually my own).
I have to tag the larger ones and get them to my booth.

Other French inspired items arrived also....some vintage looking trays, candle sticks, cake stands, and boxes that relate to the sea.

I'll be attaching vintage tags with crinkled seam binding, along with the price tags before taking everything over  to my booth at Morning Glory Mercantile.
The weather is still mild for March here at the Lakehouse. The temps have dropped from lasts weeks record highs, but they are still above normal.
I hope it is pleasant where you are.
Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I have a plan.

Hellooooooo.......What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
Someone is actually tooling around in their golf cart. You know what that means here at the lake....it's SPRING!!!!!!!!!
The ice is just a thin layer away from being water on the canal....YES!!!!
Oh joy, rapture! I feel like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz right after Dorothy helped him down from the post he was hanging on for so long....aahhhhhh.
Do you see the little urn under the clock?
I've been looking for a plant to put in it for the longest time. Something that doesn't require much light.
While at the market last week, I saw little pots of Irish moss.

They were so cute, and just perfect for the urn.
Sweet, huh?

I've also had these pretty iron brackets.
I wanted to use them with a shelf in the kitchen...but Mr. Lakehouse it still procrastinating on that mantle piece for the living room. Yes, blogger friends, the hair on my legs has grown beyond the length of my jeans. I now tuck it down into my socks.
For those of you wondering what in the world I'm talking about...Until Mr. Lakehouse builds that mantle piece for the living room, I've refused to shave my legs. (a previous blog post).
Anyway....I did manage to get him to help me get this shelf put up today. I pretended to start doing this by myself.....he grabbed the drill, and got the level out, and started working on it "with" me.....ahahaha.

"We" got this thing up in no time! haha...I'm smarter than I look.
Easy, peasy.  Now for that mantle....I think tomorrow I'll fire up the old saw.
Have a good weekend everybody!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Changes and Thank you

What have you changed in the past year?
Or, what changes have you experienced in the past few months?
Have you completely redone a room in your home?  Like the kitchen, or bathroom?
Did you get new furniture, or new slipcovers?
How about different light fixtures?

Have you completely gone through your home, and changed your style? Gone from Primitives to Shabby Chic? (that took me over a year to do. It kind of evolved over two years). 

Have you had a major change in a relationship in the past year?
Maybe a health issue....I can relate to that.

How about your job situation? 
We all experience change...some good, some not so much.  It can be a positive experience, but sometimes it leaves us feeling sad, and depressed.  When we feel a loss, it can be overwhelming.
It's nice that when bloggers share their feelings of sadness, others gather around and offer support.
What's also nice...when bloggers share the positive changes in their lives, others are also there to share positive reinforcement, encouragement, and blessings.
I am grateful that when I experience change of any kind, whether good, or bad....you guys are always here to bless me with a kind word.
I just felt like saying thank you today.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beauty before my eyes

This is what we woke up to this morning....but I won't complain.
I still find beauty in a snow storm....even in March.

Others are blogging about flowers, and open water. We have a frozen canal, bare trees with limbs bent over from the weight of heavy snow, and ice.

I long for warmer temps., the sounds of the gulls, and the doves. I want to see the trees blossom with their wonderful spring flowers.  For now, I'll appreciate the beauty before my eyes.

I am thankful to have a window to look out of.
A generator to feed electricity to a house still standing.
A bed to sleep in tonight.
A husband to sleep next to.
The snow will melt.
The birds will return.
The trees, and flowers will blossom and bloom.
The canal will flow freely.
Let us keep those who were caught in the terrible storms these past few days in our prayers.