Friday, January 30, 2015

Linen, and lace.

Good sunny Friday afternoon!
No work today. I'm back on my three day schedule at the pharmacy. I LOVE that!
Being 61 years old, and my husband being semi-retired..... having a part-time job is so nice.
I started babysitting full-time at age 13, and have worked most of my life.
It's nice to have "this time" in my life when I don't have to work a 40 hour work week, and can finally enjoy weekends with my family.
I still like having a job for "spending money", and being able to get out of the house a couple of days a week...and am blessed to have that where I work.
I don't know what I would do without the girls I work with.
They are so good to me.
On this sunny day, I was putting together this corner of the dining room that always seems to give me fits.
I recently bought this vintage iron crib from my friend that owned the shop where my booth was located.
I've wanted to use it as a love seat, IF Sandy were ever to sell the piece.

The pretty quilt and pillows that Kim made for me..... using vintage linens, lace, and doilies look wonderful on the crib.
I just bought the middle pillow that she made for her booth. I keep checking for more each time I visit.

I just can't seem to get enough vintage linen, and antique lace!

There are several pieces neatly folded, and stacked in my old farm cupboards.
But...why have them if you are going to keep them packed away?
I love to see vintage pieces draped everywhere!
Just think of the time, and talent each piece represents.

 There is so much detail, and love that went into these treasures.

Using scraps for sachets is a great way to pass on the love.......

I suppose I should get back to working on that corner of the dining room that gives me trouble.
I hope you have sunshine headed your way this weekend.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Enjoy your day!!!

The sun is shining again, but it's much colder today.
The damp air has been replaced with an icy chill.
Feels like more arctic air is heading our way.

Most of the people that head south for Winter have left our resort community. By the end of the month, the rest will be gone.
Our sub-division will be like a little ghost town.
The ones that are left will keep each other company until Spring.

As our friends and neighbors are sitting on sandy beaches, watching beautiful sunsets over the water.....we'll be here....tucked inside by a fire, with a glass of wine in hand, watching gorgeous sunsets of our own.
The anticipation of the days getting longer, and the sun setting a little bit higher north in the western sky as each day eases ever closer to Spring causes you to appreciate the change in seasons more, I think.
Not that I have anything against going south for the Winter. I would if I could!! But I cannot. So I must learn to enjoy what I have in front of me.  Open my eyes to the blessings around me.!!
I've been south during the cold months. It was great each time I was there.  I don't know when I will be able to go again. Instead of longing for that day, I want to keep enjoying my days.  Don't you?
Yes, it's cold...wear a sweater. It's windy...wear a scarf!  If it's snowing, put on those boots that you wanted so badly this past Fall!!  If you want to look a lotion with a bronzer in it. If you are really tired of the same old Winter stuff....then throw a "Beach Party"!! just for fun.  It's all good. There are those that actually LOVE Winter. My grand kids ski, and snowboard all Winter long! They even like to play in the snow....just play in it!!
I guess what I'm trying to say is...whatever the weather is where you are, I hope you are able to find something fun to do, and enjoy your day. Today only comes once.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mid-Winter sunshine.

The clock on my computer says 5:45 PM.
It's still light outside. 
The sky is a periwinkle blue, and the snow on the ground a creamy white.

To the west, the sky behind the trees has a warm glow.
Even though I'm home with an awful cold today, Mother Nature gave my heart a lift.

I don't mind Winter....but the lack of sunshine does cause a certain sadness to set in after too many days of cloudy skies.

Because of being sick, I slept most of the day.
When I finally got out of bed, and saw the sunshine, things seemed so much better.

I heard from Diana, from Nana Diana, yesterday.
She's been ill for weeks!
Diana is finally on the mend, but has a ways to go before she is completely better.
She will be going to Florida with her family soon.
Please keep Diana in your prayers for a complete recovery before her trip.

Vera is another blogger that has had a rough winter with health issues.
Please keep her in your prayers, also.
The light is fading, and darkness is slowing creeping in.
I see lamps in the windows of the houses across the canals are starting to come on.
Time to go back to the sofa, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
Have a wonderful evening.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Busy, Fun, Exhausting Weekend.

I spent the weekend with my daughters, and their families.
Kayla had a gymnastics meet in Toledo, Ohio.
She scored her highest in three events, and placed second in all around.
Needless to say, we were VERY proud of her!
Ethan had a soccer game. His team tied. Ethan had an assist on one of the goals. He played very well!
We did Charlotte's birthday on Saturday.
It was a busy weekend, and I am exhausted.
The drive, one way, is about two and one half hours.
While I was at Melissa's house, I took a few, some, lots of photos to share with you.
Melissa is my youngest daughter.
She loves antique's, and a bit of a "farmhouse" look.
Her family lives in the country, and they raise chickens for the eggs.
Melissa made these cute valances for her kitchen windows....I just LOVE them!

Kevin, and Melissa have gutted the house they are living in, and are in the process of redoing it from the studs to the drywall, and out.

They've come a long way from where they started.

When Kevin tore the walls off, there were mice skeletons stacked up over a foot high between the studs!!
It was disgusting!

The place was in horrible shape!
You wouldn't believe it now.

They pulled up the floors, and tore out bathrooms....if you can rip it up, or off...they have done it!

The kids are still in the process of re-doing the basement, and another bathroom.
They have plans to do the laundry room, and side entry.

They will be "in the process" for a while.
Just like the rest of us.

They've come a long way, from when they began.

In the meantime, as they finish a room, Melissa adds her touches here and there.
They are using an old wooden work bench as a work island in the kitchen.

Porcelain hooks for towels, pretty baskets, and crocks dress up the old work bench.

Adding little flourishes to a bookcase help dress up the front entrance.
Giving the clown back to Charlotte as a birthday present (sitting on the books on the shelf) was fun, and made everyone laugh!!  Especially since she hates clowns as much as I do!!!

By the way...this is Charlotte. She is wearing a pair of glasses that belong to her American Girl doll. I told her she looked like Harry Potter.   But, she could care less. As long as Charlotte thinks she looks cool, Charlotte would wear those glasses until they would turn to dust....because that's the kind of girl she is.
Anyway....that was my weekend. Busy, fun, exhausting, and way too short!
Have a good week everybody!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Close your eyes....and breathe.

The new year has started.
People are going strong with their resolutions....exercise, diets, learning another language, etc.
We strive to make the new year better than the last.

"Out with the old, in with the new" frame of mind.
We make promises to ourselves to slow down, and enjoy our lives more.

Unfortunately, most of our promises, and resolutions don't last as long as we'd like. 
I am constantly, consciously trying to make myself slow down.
It seems life is going by faster as I age.  I wonder what it will take to finally cause me to stop myself from rushing from one day to the next.
Longing for the weekend. For days off....for the time to spend with family, and friends.

Being diagnosed with uterine cancer caused me to appreciate the time that I have with my family more than ever before.
When my niece was diagnosed with multiple cancers, I realized how important "time" is...even on a daily basis.
Appreciating each day as a gift was an eye opener.
Taking "time" for granted had to stop!

When I was with my family....I wanted to hold onto each moment with them.
Every time I would visit, the grandkids would have each grown, and I missed it!!
I talked to one of my sisters this morning. She told me her son has leukemia. I thought about our children when they were little, and how we kissed their boo-boos, and made them better. 
That was over 30 years ago...but it still seems like yesterday.
How did we get from there, to here so quickly?    sigh.....
Close your eyes for just a few minutes....... and  just breathe in the moment.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mon petit French poste

Je espoir vous etes s'amuser ton Samedi.

Nous encore avoir beaucoup neige ici.

Un tasse de chaud chocolat est utile a garder vous chaud.

That's it...that's all I know...except for things like Bonne nuit, and
Have a wonderful Saturday!
Au revoir.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Changing Seasons.

It's still snowing, and blowing outside.
The snow keeps getting deeper, and the temps keep dropping.
Winter in the Great Lakes region.
That time of year for extra blankets on the bed.
Warm woolen mittens, scarves, and hats with ear flaps.
Wool socks, and heavy boots.
Jumper cables, and tow ropes in the trunk of your car.
Flares, and bottles of water.
An army blanket, and batteries all ready if needed in an emergency while out on the roads.

The winds that blow the lake effect snows can be brutal...causing deadly white outs as you travel along roads, and highways.
It's especially dangerous at night.

Listening to the weather forecast is a must!
Heeding the warnings, and advisories could save a life.

Sometimes the weather is so severe, they close the Mackinaw bridge.
I am afraid to go over it on a sunny summer day...I can't imagine traveling over it during a winter storm!!!
One Fall....I took the boat from Mackinaw Island to the mainland, during an early winter storm......THE last ferry boat over for the season!!! NEVER again will I do that!!!
Gale force winds had the boat bouncing up and down in the waves. Snow, and ice were hitting the windows of the ferry. The waves were splashing over the bow of the small craft!  I feared we would sink!
I was terrified!
It's all a part of the Great Lakes.
Every season has it's surprise storms.
On the water, and off.

I guess that's one of the reasons people live here in the mid-west. The changing of the seasons.
We might complain about the cold, and snow. We might travel to sunny regions for a few weeks in the Winter months...but there is NOTHING like the Spring! Those first songs of the Robins when they return. The sound of the Red winged Blackbirds calling for a mate. The site of the first Snowdrops, and Crocus. The aroma of BBQ'd chicken on the grill in Summer! Fireworks, and warm evenings, with the laughter of children as they chase fireflies. Sitting around the campfire as the boats go by at night. Then the smell of the leaves in Fall. Warm colors, and sweaters. Football games, and apples. Pumpkins, and trick or treaters. Family gatherings as Fall turns to Winter, and the holidays rush in. That first snow fall, and kids wanting to play in the snow.
People complain every year. Every season. They seem to be in a rush for the calendar to turn the page. 
Let's slow down, and enjoy the time we have here. Last year went by so fast! Can we take stock in today? Realizing we cannot get any of this back? Once it's's gone for good!
Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Enjoy today, because it only comes around once!
Happy NEW Year everyone!  Make it a good one!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Things I like.

Winter has returned to Northern-Lower Michigan!
We went from no snow at all, to feets of snow all in one night!
Yay for the outdoor sportsmen, and ski hill mongers!
Happiness has returned to our land.
Merchants can enjoy that wonderful sound of cash registers ringing in the new year!
It's delightful if you like snow, and all it brings with it.

Myself...I like what the UPS driver, Ed, brings.
Aren't these just the cutest shakers ever?!

I also like gifts.....these little birds keep flitting from place to place in the dining room.
(kind of like that crazy elf on a shelf guy I saw on FB)
He really creeped my out!!!  Reminded me of a clown....and I HATE clowns!
I don't know what it is about them...but I really, really don't like them at all!!!
Thinking about a little elf running around the house at night made me think of "Chuckie" the doll. Talk about creepy!!!

I love this birthday gift from a very special friend at work...Diane.
She makes me laugh at myself, and lots of stuff that we really shouldn't laugh about.
Diane is one of those people that you wish you would have know in high school....but if you probably would have ended up in juvenile home.
If I'd known Diane in my younger years, after high school, we would probably have been sentenced to picking up trash along the highway.
I just love her.
We laugh, and we talk, and we sometimes cry at ourselves.
I can tell her anything....things I shouldn't have. Now I have to keep her as my friend just to make sure she keeps her mouth shut!
We're not pitiful...honest...we are just two souls, walking this journey together, having fun as we go.

I like "down time".
This time of year is good for doing those little projects you wouldn't do in the warmer months.
Painting, re-doing a room, etc.
I also love to curl up by the fire, and read a good book.
What I SHOULD be doing is going for a walk...a long walk. A walk to burn off all these extra calories from the holidays!
I have an elliptical machine....hahaha....I can't even spell it, let alone use it!!!
I don't make New Year's resolutions, because I never keep them.
I can't even make the 40 day Lent thing!!
So....instead of exercising, I'll be front of the computer. My fat bum on this chair, typing posts on my blog....doing what I like.
What about you?