Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Close your eyes....and breathe.

The new year has started.
People are going strong with their resolutions....exercise, diets, learning another language, etc.
We strive to make the new year better than the last.

"Out with the old, in with the new" frame of mind.
We make promises to ourselves to slow down, and enjoy our lives more.

Unfortunately, most of our promises, and resolutions don't last as long as we'd like. 
I am constantly, consciously trying to make myself slow down.
It seems life is going by faster as I age.  I wonder what it will take to finally cause me to stop myself from rushing from one day to the next.
Longing for the weekend. For days off....for the time to spend with family, and friends.

Being diagnosed with uterine cancer caused me to appreciate the time that I have with my family more than ever before.
When my niece was diagnosed with multiple cancers, I realized how important "time" is...even on a daily basis.
Appreciating each day as a gift was an eye opener.
Taking "time" for granted had to stop!

When I was with my family....I wanted to hold onto each moment with them.
Every time I would visit, the grandkids would have each grown, and I missed it!!
I talked to one of my sisters this morning. She told me her son has leukemia. I thought about our children when they were little, and how we kissed their boo-boos, and made them better. 
That was over 30 years ago...but it still seems like yesterday.
How did we get from there, to here so quickly?    sigh.....
Close your eyes for just a few minutes....... and  just breathe in the moment.


  1. Oh dearest Debbie,
    You have had enough heart ache, and I am sure enough for a lifetime.
    When you stated to not take time for granted, I was just talking about this very time thing with my daughter the other day, making sure it was just another good and pure thing I could place on her heart in her young 20's that time gets away from us all.

    This post really tugs at my heart in the way a holiday Hallmark commercial makes me cry.

    Many prayers of comfort, strength, and faith that all will be answered.
    Your never too old to have your boo boos kissed!


  2. The photos are beautiful Debbie. Very good message. Time goes by quickly, and we need to treasure the moments we have.

    Praying the Lord gives you strength in your fight against cancer and helps and blesses your family as well.

  3. So true. We do need to appreciate the moments. A good friend of mine said recently what a charmed life we had and didn't even know it at the time. Thankfully we are blessed with the good memories.

  4. very true Debbie....that's one of the reasons why I like to do yoga...it brings you back to the "now" and slows you right down......sending you love and peace....Gail x

  5. Dear Debbie, i totally agree with you. Your words are so true and are a very important message. We must live the " now" of our life with great passion. We must appreciate the little things of our daily life.A cancer was diagnosed to my father last year. After a very terrible and hard year, now he' s fine! I' ll pray for your family.Kisses

  6. Oh, Debbie- This makes me kind of weepy. Oh-to be able to fix those hurts and pains of our grown up kids like we did when they were little. I have had to slow down these last few weeks. I wish I could slow things down a bit and enjoy each moment more. That would be a good resolution for the year. xo Diana

  7. Oh Debbie I do remember when our kids were tiny and we could kiss the boo boo's away. You are so right we all need to slow down and breath. Everyday is a gift and we need to enjoy every minute of it. I am saying a pray for your sister's son. So sorry.

  8. Dear Debbie, my goodness you touch my heart. Yes, when did we get here at this point and how fast did it happen??? The time we kissed those little boo boos away and made life all better. I am so sorry your nephew has leukemia. I can't imagine how your sister feels. This is the time we feel so helpless but thankfully the power of prayer will be the medicine he needs going forward.

    I too have made an effort to slow down. It is not easy for me to do but I am truly working at it and I find I am enjoying my life, family and friends more. I took the whole holiday off and while the first few days were a challenge, the remainder went beautifully and now I'm having trouble getting back in the swing. LOL

    Thoughts and prayers my friend.

  9. When my late father found out he had cancer he put his mind to living each day to the fullest. I got the message and have slowed down enough to see the trees in the forrest of life.
    Praying for you dear friend.

  10. I had no idea that you had uterine cancer? Are you still battling it or is it gone? I think when you see people going through tough times, it definitely makes you change the way you see things. The little things aren't worth fretting over in the overall scheme of life. It is best to take time out to "smell the roses" and live life in the present instead of regrets or quickly being on to the next thing. There is a neighbor of mine that has been battling cancer off and on for a few years. I've now heard that she is much worse and officially dying now. She is my age and has 2 children at home still in school. So sad! Hearing that has changed my perspective on things a lot!

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew, Debbie. I will be praying. I can only imagine the trials that you've faced over the years. You are one strong woman. We never know what is around the corner, and sometimes have to face challenges that we never dreamed of or wanted. You made some very good points about enjoying each moment instead of rushing for the next day or week. Life is so precious. I think of all the time I've wasted over the years, worrying about what people might think, worrying about all of the "what ifs", and just not enjoying each day. Bless you my friend:)

  12. Debbie, I agree that time is going by so fast. It's scary at times. You have a lot of great advice in this post. Life is precious! We do need to slow down and enjoy today... it's all we really have. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

  13. Debbie,
    Very powerful meaningful post. To value time is an important life lesson, I consider myself forunate to have learned that. Debbie tears fill my eyes, you have had so many things to deal with lately. In your recent posts I find you have more self empowerment in your words, more wisdom and I appreciate reading your words. I'm sorry about your young Nephew, prayers being sent. Prayers the true boo boo kisses for the soul.
    Have a relaxing weekend with your family.