Monday, December 20, 2010

Good news, and bad news.

Hello everyone.
I've  been away for a while.
Was in the hospital for a bit.
The news was both good and bad.
I am determined to enjoy this holiday matter what!
Last week I woke up to some awful bleeding. Sixteen years ago I went into the sudden loss of blood was a bit frightening.  Hubby was away, so I had to call 911. An ambulance took me to the hospital. An external, and internal ultra-sound was done, and an abnormality was discovered.
The good news....the ovaries are not involved. To slow down the bleeding, a D and C was done, and a biopsy was taken. Bad heart was beating erratically during surgery, so they had to insert a tube to help me breath. A 20 minute procedure ended up taking over two hours. My poor hubby and three daughters were VERY  upset.
I won't get the biopsy results for almost two weeks!! The holiday will hold things up. The good news...whatever the results...I'll deal with it then, NOT until the reports come back!
I have a CT scan scheduled on my heart. The cardiologist is worried about blockage, and hardening of the arteries. I'm on Lipitor for high cholesterol now. Also, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I prick my finger twice a day for now, and take meds twice a day. I can deal with that...AND the diet I am now on.
If the "abnormality" needs to be removed, a complete hysterectomy will be done, along with radiation if there is evidence of any surrounding tissue being involved.
The good news..if I hadn't bled so much, none of this would have been I'm grateful for that.
The bad news..if this turns out to be the "C" daughters won't do so well. They've already lost their Papa to cancer.
I will do whatever it takes to help them get through this.
So, that's where things are. I'm feeling okay, just very tired.
I'll be off from work at the pharmacy for a while. That's a good thing!!!
I plan to wrap gifts this afternoon, and just take it easy..cause I'm still bleeding, but not near as much.
Please keep my family in your prayers.
Love and hugs to you all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

Good Monday morning lovies.
It's a cold one here at the lakehouse!
We lost power yesterday. It got down to 10 degrees last night, and with the winds howling at 40mph, the temp inside the house was almost as cold as it was outside.
Hubby FINALLY fired up the generator this morning...ugh...why do men wait until the last minute to do something???!!!
The power returned around ten this morning. Boy do I appreciate Ben Franklin and his kite.
 We attended hubby's Christmas party for Home Depot last night. It was such a nice evening...especially since we won a couple of prizes *wink.
These pretty holiday dishes were chosen by me, of course. They are from Better Homes and Gardens.  It's a setting for four.

 After taking the pics, I realized the candle on the bottom tier tilted...argh!!
Oh well, just look at everything else, and try not to focus on the candle.

 The hubs won a nice camera! I was very excited about that!! *wink, again.

 I have today off from the pharmacy. Christmas music will play, tree lights will be on, candles will be glowing, and wrapping paper will be flying.
The weather outside may be frightful, but inside it's going to be delightful.
Enjoy your day.....

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas surprise.

Ho, Ho, Ho.....Santa delivered a little something early.
Since we are going to Sanibel Island in March and April, someone thought I needed a little something to keep the anticipation fresh.
 It will be the first time for hubby and me....but my sweet sis and her hubby have been going to the Island for years. We will be staying at the same resort with Laurie and Rog from Heaven's Walk.  It will be wonderful to spend time at the ocean with our dearest friends.
Laurie sent some sea glass(the colors are perfect for the lakehouse!), and Sanibel beach sand, and shells!!!

I am soooooo blessed to have such a thoughtful person in my life.
Laurie is my soul sister....a kindred spirit.
I will cherish these reminders of our trip to come, and also of the person that sent me such treasures.
I love you sweet sis!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still decking the halls....

What a gorgeous morning here at the lakehouse!
Even though it's blustery, the sun is shining, making the snowflakes look like diamond crystals falling through the air.
 I decorated three more faux trees this morning.  We've got gingerbread, seahorses, and a little snowman light for the bathroom. Just one more to go, and our "forest" will be complete.

 I am soooo enjoying getting the halls decked for the season! The Christmas dishes are coming out of the crate today, and will show their holiday images as they sit in the hutch....looking pretty.

I love this little light...he'll be filling the bathroom with his warm glow all the way through March.
How are you doing with decking your halls?
Seeing every one's homes all dressed for the holidays has been a real treat for me this year. Blogging is like a Christmas Walk...daily.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Feather, and Bottle brush trees

Yesterday was a wonderful day. The bottle brush trees and the feather trees came out of hiding.
They are happily sitting in their places to join in on the holiday fun.

I LOVE the flocking, and all the sparkle these guys have. They fill in the  spots that need an extra little "something".
It's a blustery day here at the lakehouse....but I don't mind.
It's that time of year that fills us with anticipation, and excitement.
I'm off to work......
Have a great start to your week everyone!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree.....s.

Good Sunday morning to everyone!
It's cold, and snowing huge flakes. It's a very peaceful, and serene mood here at the lakehouse.
We cut one of the white spruce trees growing on our property yesterday, and brought it inside.
I used mostly vintage decorations on the big tree this year.

It smells wonderful in the house!

We had a fire going, Christmas music playing, and candles burning as the tree got all dressed up for the season.
 Of course I had to decorate all the faux trees too.  One is done in little angels and stars.

The kitchen tree is packed with tin cutters, little mason jar light covers, jingle bells, and lots of homespun decorations.

The snowman tree holds the rusted tin pieces I painted.
The white tree was put up last week. You can see pics of that one in previous posts.
I also brought out the bottle brush, and feather trees. I'll show those tomorrow.
There are a few other smaller trees here, but I'll save those for later.
So much for keeping things simple......once I got going, it was hard to stop. I cannot believe how much stuff I WON'T be bringing out this year!!
Time to put the turkey in the oven. We love hot turkey sandwiches on a cold day.
Have a merry day...whatever you choose to do.
Hugs to you all!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just enjoying the season...

Hello blog people.
It stopped snowing last it's been a quiet Saturday afternoon here at the lakehouse.
I'm unpacking more decorations today.
 In past years, I would decorate for two whole days, and be done with it. This year, I'm taking my time. Enjoying the sounds and scents of the holiday season. Bringing out a few things at a time. I find it more enjoyable taking it slow this year. Plus...I find myself wanting "less" than usual.
Have you found yourself slowing things down, and using less to decorate with this year?

The scent of balsam-cedar is drifting through the house from the candle warmer. The Christmas music is playing softly on the music channel. The fire is glowing under the mantle. There's a turkey thawing for our Sunday dinner...and I'm feeling blissful! is that a word?
I sincerely hope that you are enjoying your Saturday. Take a moment to soak up the wonders of the season.
Hugs to all!