Monday, December 6, 2010

Feather, and Bottle brush trees

Yesterday was a wonderful day. The bottle brush trees and the feather trees came out of hiding.
They are happily sitting in their places to join in on the holiday fun.

I LOVE the flocking, and all the sparkle these guys have. They fill in the  spots that need an extra little "something".
It's a blustery day here at the lakehouse....but I don't mind.
It's that time of year that fills us with anticipation, and excitement.
I'm off to work......
Have a great start to your week everyone!


  1. Love your collection of trees Debbie!

  2. So pretty,love your photos.It's so peaceful looking.

  3. I have the trees too but mine are your lighter ones, so pretty!

    I work today too, have a great day at your work place.


  4. Pretty, pretty. Love all your trees. When you get going, you get it done!
    It's cold here too- all week until Friday- up to 40 that day.
    It will keep the snow here and put everyone in the mood!
    Have a great day!

  5. Tree's make me so happy, esp. the really old fashion ones!

  6. I am loving all of your trees! The bottle brush trees look perfect as you have them grouped.

    It is only 18 degrees here and I have to go out shopping. Ugh!


  7. Your collection is charming and full of whimsy. Stay warm! merry♥O

  8. I just adore all of your little trees. They are so precious! Blessings to you on this beautiful day!

  9. Hello Debbie,

    I love your collection of trees! I like your placement of them. Great photos.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Those little trees are delightful! It is cold windy and snowing here today. I'm taking a break from shoveling snow. Soon as I warm up I'll be out there again. At least I'm home and no driving in it for me today. Hope your Monday is a great one too.

  11. Hi Debbie,
    I love your collection of your trees, I have bought some green ones at Big Lots (cheaper than trying to buy white ones)so I could bleach them....always something to do right?
    Thank you for the nice comment about me tree, I didn't like the all white tree and it was prelit with white lights so I added pink ones and then I added some pink tulle. I still think it needs more pink :)
    Enjoy your day!

  12. Debbie, I love all your trees. I love the little bottle brush ones. I see where a lot of people are bleaching the green ones to make them white. Yours are wonderful!

    Is the feather tree with the red berries on the end of it an old one, or a reproduction? I have MyHero's grandmother's tree and it is very old...and I love it. Haven't got it out of the storage box yet but I will later this week. Hugs-Diana

  13. I love your bottle brush trees, Debbie! I've got a few myself. They aren't vintage, but they look it! We finally got our tree all decorated today. It took forever, but it's so pretty I think! All 13 feet (or more!) of it!!

  14. Great collection of feather and bottle brush trees.