Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just enjoying the season...

Hello blog people.
It stopped snowing last it's been a quiet Saturday afternoon here at the lakehouse.
I'm unpacking more decorations today.
 In past years, I would decorate for two whole days, and be done with it. This year, I'm taking my time. Enjoying the sounds and scents of the holiday season. Bringing out a few things at a time. I find it more enjoyable taking it slow this year. Plus...I find myself wanting "less" than usual.
Have you found yourself slowing things down, and using less to decorate with this year?

The scent of balsam-cedar is drifting through the house from the candle warmer. The Christmas music is playing softly on the music channel. The fire is glowing under the mantle. There's a turkey thawing for our Sunday dinner...and I'm feeling blissful! is that a word?
I sincerely hope that you are enjoying your Saturday. Take a moment to soak up the wonders of the season.
Hugs to all!


  1. Yes, I may not put up my tree this year as we are supposed to move in mid December. I don't want to get it up and then have to take it all down and move it and then set it all up again.

    We are downsizing to a condo, but our house will probably not sell for quite some time. But this is nice because I can move things over slowly! However I have to do a lot of work at the condo--painting walls (taking off wallpaper) etc so I doubt if I will put the tree up over there.

    I am doing things much more slowly this year. I really don't want to even do cards!! But my hubby wants me to.

  2. Oh yes my Dear, less decorating the older I get.I remember when I was young and had my four daughters still as children or even when they were teenagers.Boy oh boy did I decorate.Took the usual stuff down, put it in boxes,shoved it in the garage,unpacked know the rest.Well, now that my daughters are grown and they have the big homes now,and we no longer live in the big home they grew up in.well thats life sometimes.I couldn't do all that work even if I wanted to now.I still have enough to enjoy my christmas BLISS.

  3. Good afternoon Debbie,

    Your home looks so sweet and serene...enjoy every moment :)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Well, you are ahead of me,Debbie- Everyhing looks wonderful and I love your Angel-she is soft and pretty looking. It is amazing how much I used to do too. I would be up all hours of the night working and making things "just right"...starting the day after Thanksgiving...and now here I am with not much done at all.

    I love Christmas...LOVE IT. And, because the grandkids are here off and on all the time I will probably do quite a bit this year too. We also have a big party coming up the 19th...and we want to do that downstairs so I have all that work to do. I think I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and the Season is just beginning.

    I am glad that you are able to do things a bit more slowly this year. When you are done could you just hop the ferry across Lake Michigan and help me?>) I'll cook!! AND BAKE!!!

    Hugs-Hope your weekend is wonderful? Are you back to work on Monday? I am off Monday! Diana

  5. I love your angel and I know what you mean about taking your time and enjoying it more, while wanting less. We haven't even unpacked a tenth of what there is, and I'm done with it!
    We are still working on the living room. It's not done yet, but hoping to get to it today!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. I began scaling back a couple years ago. I'm trying to go by the "pick a few things you love and enjoy them moto". That counts for everything but tree ornaments of course:@) Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Takes me about a week, as I really take my time too, and enjoy the process. It all goes by too fast not too.

  8. I have found myself slowing down because it took me three days to decorate the tree. I just decided there was no hurry and I think I've enjoyed it more.

    I've yet to decorate the outside. I am getting out fewer decorations this year, I just want to enjoy the season and keep it simple.


  9. Enjoying for sure, we put our tree up last night, and will decorate it tomorrow(letting it settle). We have gotten 2 inches of snow so far, still going strong. I hope to take the card pic tomorrow, yipee!!! Have a great night Debbie!

  10. It must be in the air this year...I'm keeping things much simpler and not bringing out half of what I usually do. It really gives you more time to just enjoy, doesn't it?

  11. I agree Debbie-taking things out a little at a time makes it more fun and you enjoy each memory!

  12. What a beautiful angel you have there. Slowing down and doing less has become a way of life for me. I agree that it does allow one to enjoy life more. I hope you all enjoy that turkey today! Happy Sunday!

  13. Seasons Greetings Debbie...
    Your house loooks wonderful,and happy.
    Thank you for your sweet comments and I'm sure David and Patrick have enjoyed each others could they not!
    Blessings to you and yours this Season.
    xoxo Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...