Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One of those lazy days.

This post is total randomness.
Is that even a word?!
It's one of those cloudy, misty days today.
The kind of day that you could get so much done inside the house.
But...instead, you will lay around in your pajamas looking at decor magazines, eating stuff you know you shouldn't. Thinking about that cake sitting on the butcher block. You keep going back to it, slicing off a teeny, tiny piece. After you've done that about ten times, you realize you've eaten over half the cake!!!

You go into the bathroom, and take a look in the mirror.
You know you should tweeze those eyebrows. Then you remember that "large" brows are "in" right now....but these Groucho Marx things you have going on might not be quite what they are talking about...sheesh!
So you get out the tweezers, and while you are at it..out comes the lip wax.
As you are tearing off the first two layers of skin, you notice the facial hair has started spreading to your chin!!!  What the??????
More wax please!!
What about all these long hairs that seem to be growing in the random spots on your face???? How long have they been there???!!! How long,  how did they get that long, and no one told me??!!
MORE wax, and where are those stupid tweezers!!!!

Wow, look at all those gray hairs, and all those split ends.
I need a trim...but don't feel like waiting for a hair appointment.
Hmmmm.....now where did I put those scissors?
Crap...I cut this side a little too short. Better even that up. A little off the top.
What the????????? Oh no...maybe if I wash my hair, and blow it dry, it will be okay.

As the water hits your face, you notice a stinging from the wax job you did on yourself earlier.
No problem. A little Oil of Olay will soothe what ails you.

Even though you didn't plan on showering today, it does feel good.
Clean sweats, and another sliver of cake, and you're a new woman.
Until you take a look in the mirror again.

The waxing has left what looks to be third degree burns on your upper lip, and on your chin.
You now have a red FuManchu, and goats beard.
There are red spots from the tweezers pinching you randomly all over your face, too.
No amount of Oil of Olay is going to cover that up!

You remove the turban from your head, and your new do looks something like Annie Lennox from the 1980's.

You walk into the kitchen, grab a fork, and finish off the rest of the cake, then go plop yourself down on the sofa.
Right about then, Hubby walks in from work. He takes one look at you(knows he should keep his big mouth shut, but instead) and says..."so, what did you do today?"
AND you say...."Oh, nothin'."

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The blogging neighborhood.

Okay...I had posted something earlier, but a sweet blogging friend of mine gave me some good advice.
I am, therefore, rewriting this post.
My middle daughter, Erin, loved Mr. Rogers.
As soon as she heard...It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
It's a beautiful day in the beauty wood,
won't you be mine, won't you be mine,
won't you be my neighbor....she would run into the living room, and jump on the sofa to watch her favorite show.
As weird as I might have thought this tall, thin man in the sweater was...now that I'm older, I realize he was spot on with his ideals.

Our world is full of different people.
Each one with different talents to share.
Some might see a pile of beads, and get an idea to craft something like a rosary out of it....each person's perception of what that rosary should look like will be different.
Small glass beads, large wooden beads, medium pearl beads.
The cross might have an image of Christ, or it may not.
It all depends on the artists perception of what the finished piece should look like.

We are all individuals.
Sometimes we see something on Pinterest, or on a blog, or facebook, or even etsy that we like.
If we are talented enough, we may try to reproduce what we see. Usually we add something to the object to make it our own. We tweek the design...to add something of ourselves to it.

That's all a part of blogging, and pinterest. The aspect of sharing ideas.
As long as you stay true to yourself, and don't become so engrossed with what someone else has that you totally immerse yourself in what they have, and what they are about.

There are the original pieces that you cannot copy.
Someones true style.
You can always spot a piece that a certain artist has done.
Instead of trying to reproduce their piece, you would rather have the original.
That sets them apart.
It makes them unique.

I am blessed by the people I've met here.
So many talented, original, people in this neighborhood.
A diversity of people.
Recently I've had the pleasure to meet (through blogging) ladies like Vera, and Kerrie. Two gifted gals that I love to visit.
Kris is another lady that has been a real friend that I can relate to in this neighborhood called blogging.  She is filled with good advice when you need an honest opinion.
Susie, and Tete, and of course, Diana (she's a little unstable, but always good for a laugh).
Everyone has something to contribute here. We are all individuals that need each other....for fellowship, support, ideas, sharing, and sometimes a slap upside the head.  There is no one person that is above another. We are equals. Lets encourage each other in this place, this neighborhood called blogging. xoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shopping with a blog friend, and re-arranging things.

Yesterday was pouring rain.
Not a very good day for shopping.
I had made plans with Debbie, from Green Willow Pond, to meet for a day of shopping, and lunch.
We both made the trip to Gaylord anyway, and enjoyed each others company, in spite of the weather.
We spent some time at TJMAXX, and Hobby Lobby.

We found a few items at both stores.
The above shelf was found at Hobby Lobby.
The soaps below I picked up at TJMAXX.
After lunch, we went to a few thrift stores, and each found some treasures to bring home.

I had a good day, with a special friend that blesses me each time we meet....no matter what the weather.

I moved some furniture around upstairs last weekend.
Our guest room is very small, but I wanted to turn it into a cozy retreat of my own for the long winter months.
A place for me to spend time reading, praying, meditating, writing, or even napping if I so desire on a cold winter's day.
The sun room is my sanctuary in the warm months.
Since we have to close it up during the cold season of winter, I decided to dress up the upstairs guest room.

Moving the little stove into this room will help keep me warm while I spend time in here.

I decorated, and filled the room with my favorite things.
It may look crowded...but it feels very warm, and cozy.

I have a feeling my granddaughters will love this room as much as I do.
I know where they will be sleeping when they come up to stay.
Everyone needs a place to go where they can just kick back, and relax....and feel good.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Decorating the porch for Fall.

This post is being shared with A Joyful Cottage.
"A Party In Every Room In the House".
It was a beautiful day to be outside.
I didn't have to work today...yay!!  So I went to the market, and picked up a few small pumpkins, and gourds for the window boxes on the porch.

We have this great mesh ribbon at the pharmacy this year. So I also stopped there to pick up a roll to use for decorating the porch for the Fall season.
We also carry a smaller width for making bows.

I dragged the potting bench onto the porch, and filled it with the usual Fall mums, and heirloom pumpkins that I love.

The little "Harvest Welcome" sign is tucked in the basket of annuals that are still blooming.

The window boxes are looking pretty sparse, but the little boo pumpkins, and other gourds help fill in for now.
Decorating the porch is a sure sign that Fall has arrived at the Lakehouse.  
I'm usually one of the last to give in to Summer coming to an end...sigh.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making room.

The sun keeps breaking through the clouds every now and then this morning.
The temps have dropped off considerably from the past week.
It's Fall here at the Lakehouse.

The Mr. and I finished moving out the rest of the furniture from my booth on Tuesday.
Seashells and Lavender is officially closed.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the few pieces left.
There were only three totes packed full...which was a good thing.

There are a few pieces that I didn't pack away.
I've worked them into the decor here at the Lakehouse.
Like the pretty gravy boat sitting on the shelf.

I used this cute cubby at the shop for odds and ends.
It works well on the farm cupboard for serviettes, sachets, votives, and extra tapers.

I can always use more linen napkins....
Either for sachets, or dining.
The lone drawer pull that was left adds to the vignette.

I love the rustic, French cake stand. It works well for a riser under the apothecary jar of lavender.

Only three clocks left.
Too pretty to pack away.

I saved one last hand made tag from the shop...just for a keepsake.
I did keep my license...just in case.
Who knows what God has planned?
For the time being, I will move on. I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to have my own store for the years I had it. Then for the booth to use as that stepping stone to ease out of the business.
I'm not sure where I'll be heading from here....maybe no further than my own front yard.
Whatever the case....life is good!