Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One of those lazy days.

This post is total randomness.
Is that even a word?!
It's one of those cloudy, misty days today.
The kind of day that you could get so much done inside the house.
But...instead, you will lay around in your pajamas looking at decor magazines, eating stuff you know you shouldn't. Thinking about that cake sitting on the butcher block. You keep going back to it, slicing off a teeny, tiny piece. After you've done that about ten times, you realize you've eaten over half the cake!!!

You go into the bathroom, and take a look in the mirror.
You know you should tweeze those eyebrows. Then you remember that "large" brows are "in" right now....but these Groucho Marx things you have going on might not be quite what they are talking about...sheesh!
So you get out the tweezers, and while you are at it..out comes the lip wax.
As you are tearing off the first two layers of skin, you notice the facial hair has started spreading to your chin!!!  What the??????
More wax please!!
What about all these long hairs that seem to be growing in the random spots on your face???? How long have they been there???!!! How long,  how did they get that long, and no one told me??!!
MORE wax, and where are those stupid tweezers!!!!

Wow, look at all those gray hairs, and all those split ends.
I need a trim...but don't feel like waiting for a hair appointment.
Hmmmm.....now where did I put those scissors?
Crap...I cut this side a little too short. Better even that up. A little off the top.
What the????????? Oh no...maybe if I wash my hair, and blow it dry, it will be okay.

As the water hits your face, you notice a stinging from the wax job you did on yourself earlier.
No problem. A little Oil of Olay will soothe what ails you.

Even though you didn't plan on showering today, it does feel good.
Clean sweats, and another sliver of cake, and you're a new woman.
Until you take a look in the mirror again.

The waxing has left what looks to be third degree burns on your upper lip, and on your chin.
You now have a red FuManchu, and goats beard.
There are red spots from the tweezers pinching you randomly all over your face, too.
No amount of Oil of Olay is going to cover that up!

You remove the turban from your head, and your new do looks something like Annie Lennox from the 1980's.

You walk into the kitchen, grab a fork, and finish off the rest of the cake, then go plop yourself down on the sofa.
Right about then, Hubby walks in from work. He takes one look at you(knows he should keep his big mouth shut, but instead) and says..."so, what did you do today?"
AND you say...."Oh, nothin'."


  1. lolol! I know those days so very very well! you expressed it perfectly and made me laugh. "Oh, nothin."......just a few volcanic eruptions in my head....lolol.
    Tomorrow you will realize you did all the right things, the red will go away, the hair will make it self right and all will be well again.

  2. Oh, you had me laughing and that's just what I needed! I wish I had your problem with eyebrows. Mine are disappearing! They have thinned out and what is there is quickly turning gray. I have been trying to fill them in...I must have every shade of brown eye pencil that exists, and I still look like Brooke Shields from the 80's.

    I have lots of days like yours. I simply have to get cleaned up, dressed and make up on to even get motivated. Sometimes I do all that just to lie flat on my back (so as to not smear my mascara) and read. But at least I'm ready if I decide to get out of my rut and go do something!!

    Have a better week Debbie. That cake (and I don't care what kind it is) was making me hungry!!

    Jane xx

  3. Debbie,
    I so enjoyed this post and am laughing. Seems some days you wake up with ambition and drive then suddendly the day has other plans! You with your red upper lip and me with my Rudolph red nose from blowing would make a real stunning photo!!!! LOL...
    Your photos are lovely, your table inviting and the photo with the guest cottage sign, are those cup cake stands? Love them!

  4. Debbie, Thank you for the laughs...oh , sorry, yes I was laughing...mainly because of some things you said hit home for me. LOL... I have already made my daughters promise that if I am ever in a home, they have to come pluck my brows so I still look good. LOL. Hope you get some energy going soon...I absolutely have those bum-out days. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Haha! Oh yeah... one of THOSE days! I haven't visited or talked to you in forever... I hope you're doing ok, well other than the tweezing and waxing incident. Believe me, i can relate...


  6. LOL- A truer story was never told! OMGosh- I LOVE this post! Happy Hairpicking to you! xo Diana

  7. LOL Debbie! When I notice stray hairs growing from random places on my face I always ask my husband "Why didn't you tell me?!?!" and his answer is always "I didn't see it". He doesn't notice his own random hairs either tho:)

    I love your staircase! Did you wallpaper them? So beautiful!!!

  8. Oh my goodness you cracked me up. Thank you for being so honest and real! Your home is so lovely...the rose papered (?) staircase...oh my, sigh. Every peek was full of beauty making want to see more. And now I want some cake! xxo

  9. Oh, this is so sadly funny. -giggles-

    And "where-did-all-those-facial-hairs-come-from-and-no-one-ever-told-me", is sad too. And not funny. -pout-


    Tomorrow... Another day.... Oh yes.... :-)


  10. Haha...this had me laughing. I can totally relate on the one-sliver-of-cake after another episode!

  11. I think we all can relate to this. I know I have had days like this, but it did make me giggle as I read your post. Let's just go for it and have another piece of cake! LOL...

  12. OMG you have no idea how much I laughed while reading this... you seemed to be describing myself! (maybe I should have cried instead?) Anyway, I think all of us have "those" days from time to time and the best we can do is precisely take them with a good dose of humor... After all, laugh is a good healing therapy, isn´t it?
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. LOL- I have many of those days...and the random hairs happened many years ago. Had no idea how long they had been there, but since they were black ones...geez.
    I bought a triple head norelco. I shave it all now...so much easier.
    Got that make up mirror at the rummage sale about a month ago, so no excuse for Brook Shields eyebrows anymore. That disappearing cake thing happens here, too...and I didn't get dressed today. Me and miss patches just ate and slept all day. ;)

  14. You made me laugh! I really enjoyed reading this post. Marvellous pictures.

  15. LOL!!!! Yep have had a few of these days!!!! Too funny Debbie. Love this post.

  16. hahaha you are cracking me up !!!
    Gail x

  17. Well, there is always tomorrow! And I would never have eaten a whole slab of cake like that! I would have gotten a glass plate and a cup of coffee and ate it in one sitting!
    And my gray hairs are white or maybe silver... Never gray
    Hugs to ya honey, Roxy

  18. You are a writer of great talent, Debbie. I love your humorous post. Happy Halloween!

  19. Ha! Ha! You are too funny Debbie! I had a day almost like that a couple weeks ago. I stayed in my pajamas until noon...had originally planned to stay in them all day, but couldn't take it without a shower. On days I don't have to go out, I skip the make-up and just try not to look in the mirror ;) Now where did I put my tweezers?