Saturday, May 22, 2021

A few things outside to share.

It's so nice to have flowers in the yard. 
I'm happy, the birds are happy, and the bees are happy.
Everything seems brighter, and prettier, and smells wonderful!

The lilacs help with the fragrance, inside as well.

Don't you just love the delicate Lobelia flower?
The two little white spots look like tiny eyes peering out from the flower's face as they bob around on the slightest breeze.

I remember walking home from school in the Spring, and passing a grand old home that had Iris along the walkway. All different sizes, and colors.
I told myself that I would grow these beautiful flowers when I grew up.....and I do!
All sizes and colors!!

The periwinkle color of the Vinca flower is a favorite here at Lakehouse.

There used to be many Columbines growing here, but two years ago the wild rabbits wiped them out. I was very sad to realize they were gone last year. Now we have very few left. I am hoping they will start self-seeding again for more flowers in the coming years.

The same for the English Daisies.
We have very few of these little cuties left.
The rabbits and deer ate so many of my favorite flowers the past two years.
I am trying to replant more this year.

The three Clematis did not winter well. I planted another this year. 
Hopefully, the older plants will come back, and do okay this summer.

Some sweet smellies for the garden.

Lots of annuals to help fill in the new garden where the perennials haven't filled in yet.

Vintage pieces to add some interest.
I still have so much weeding, and planting that needs to be done, but thought I would share what I have so far.
It's a labor of love, for sure.
Enjoy being outside, and doing what you love.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Things are growing here!!

I have struggled with my computer for months!! Getting it worked on.... off and on. Blogging, not blogging.
Last week, it died.
My honey finally felt I needed a brand new one....instead of trying to revive the old one.
This is my first post, on my new computer.
The lilacs are here, and as lovely as ever!

This is the newest garden area.
We used a hay ring for the arbor, and painted it black. The honeysuckle will be trained to grow up the right side, and a rambling rose on the left side.
I found this idea in the recent "Country Gardens" issue.

Tractor Supply has the cutest farm style decorations for gardens, porches, and yards this year!!
Signs, solar lights, furniture, planters, rugs, metal animals, wind chimes, etc.

These cute goats, and the rooster and chicks went perfect with my homemade scarecrow!!
They also have a pink pig!

The lanterns on the bridge, and the peapod boat and oars are the newest addition to the birdbath Fairy Garden.

Just waiting for things to bloom.

My daughters' neighbor gave these plants to me last year. I don't know what they are, but I just LOVE them!!! What a wonderful surprise when they opened!!
They remind me of little fireworks!

Wait until you see what Jim is going to build over the table and chairs.
I am excited to have it done.
I have been doing a lot of work outside this year since the weather has finally warmed up.  I am hoping to be successful with the David Austin roses that are starting to arrive.  
Jim is planning a larger vegetable garden this year.  If we can keep the deer and rabbits away, it will be great!!
Happy gardening.....xxoo

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Making baby steps outside....still freezing at night....ugh.

The weather here at the Lakehouse is still colder than it should be for this time of the year. We get freeze and frost warnings every night.
I am NOT getting very much gardening done.
These little lanterns were added to the bridge in the fairy garden this year, as well as the pea pod fishing boat.
The plants will fill in....eventually.

Tractor Supply has the cutest farm accents for the garden this year.
The solar light on top of the door, the rooster, and the little yellow chic at the foot of the scarecrow.
I painted this scarecrow last year.

There are quite a few plants that are waiting to go into the ground....IF it ever warms up enough at night!!  I am sure they don't want to actually "live" in these boxes!!
I keep telling them, "tomorrow I will move you to your new home."  i think they are starting to make plans to leave(squinty eyes).  If I open the garage door in the morning, and they are all gone...I won't be surprised.

At least this area is filling in.
The plants in the pots still get put in the garage at night....ugh.
The patio table and chairs are in the process of being cleaned up for a fresh coat of paint.
Once we get that done, we can use this area for outdoor dining. (we might have to wear our snowsuits, but it should work).

Here are those traveling planters I told you about in my last post.
They just keep going back and at night, and out during the day...".wheeeeeee!!!! here we go again!!"
I think I will paint the porch charcoal this match the door, and make it a little easier to keep clean.   A white floor and steps doesn't work well for me...sad face.
I have so many things planned for the gardens, if the temps would just move up, and stay warm enough to plant!!
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Purging, and NOT

Hello....Spring has been here, gone, and back again.
The nights have gone from 50degrees, down to the 20's.
The hanging planters must wonder why they keep going from the porch, to the garage, and then back to the porch???
People ask why I don't wait to purchase the annuals. 
It seems others shop early, as I do.
If I wait until it warms up enough at night....all the prettier pots will be gone!!!
So......the traveling plants will be worth the extra work, until weather permits them to stay outside every night.

My decor hasn't changed much in the years I have been blogging.
I just move the things that I have collected
This past Fall and Winter I purged a lot of the things I've had at the Lakehouse for way too many years, however.
The antique farm cupboard, and big blue table (from the Emmy Awards) went to my youngest daughter.
Vintage dishes, and other tableware landed at the Salvation Army, along with oodles of linens....including some shabby chic quilts, and duvet covers.
My daughter also took the vintage dishes that went with what she already has.

I cannot believe how much holiday stuff I had packed away!!  A lot of that is gone, also.
After a while, I stopped bringing it all out.
Why not donate it to an organization that can sell it, and use the money for a good cause.

At first, it felt kind of bare in here.
Then I really took a good look around, and realized how much "stuff" I still have!!!
Good grief, it must have looked like a flea market in here before!!!
There are still things I need to part with. It's a process.  
The real problem is.....DO NOT buy anything to replace what I've given away!!!  I'm working on that.