Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Purging, and NOT replacing....lol.

Hello....Spring has been here, gone, and back again.
The nights have gone from 50degrees, down to the 20's.
The hanging planters must wonder why they keep going from the porch, to the garage, and then back to the porch???
People ask why I don't wait to purchase the annuals. 
It seems others shop early, as I do.
If I wait until it warms up enough at night....all the prettier pots will be gone!!!
So......the traveling plants will be worth the extra work, until weather permits them to stay outside every night.

My decor hasn't changed much in the years I have been blogging.
I just move the things that I have collected around...lol.
This past Fall and Winter I purged a lot of the things I've had at the Lakehouse for way too many years, however.
The antique farm cupboard, and big blue table (from the Emmy Awards) went to my youngest daughter.
Vintage dishes, and other tableware landed at the Salvation Army, along with oodles of linens....including some shabby chic quilts, and duvet covers.
My daughter also took the vintage dishes that went with what she already has.

I cannot believe how much holiday stuff I had packed away!!  A lot of that is gone, also.
After a while, I stopped bringing it all out.
Why not donate it to an organization that can sell it, and use the money for a good cause.

At first, it felt kind of bare in here.
Then I really took a good look around, and realized how much "stuff" I still have!!!
Good grief, it must have looked like a flea market in here before!!!
There are still things I need to part with. It's a process.  
The real problem is.....DO NOT buy anything to replace what I've given away!!!  I'm working on that.


  1. Hi Debbie,
    I handed down so much things to my daughters too. We have downsized each move and it feels good to purge and give others my things I do not need anymore. Always love seeing your pretty cottage. Have a great week. xoxo

  2. I feel the same way, Debbie. I'm parting with a lot of the small things that are meaningless. To me that's clutter when I felt I needed to fill up every bare space. I'm happy to hear others are doing this as well. There are people who will appreciate our outgrown things and we will have the space for what really matters. And yes, stay away from the stores in case we want to add more as we subtract!!

    Jane x

  3. In many ways less is more. You are able to show off what you have without cluttering it up. I have given away a lot yet I've found myself collecting more. I've started a new collection of grden knomes. I didn't need them but they make me happy. And we all know life is to short to be anything but happy.

  4. That's cute. Stay away from the stores.

  5. You have some sweet spaces. I especially like that last image. My things are very slowly going one way too. It feels good. But I agree with other comments about staying away from shopping. There are way too many fun good deals! But I'm sure I will always find some fun thing. I hope your plants find a permanent place soon!

  6. Hi, we have been purging too. Our boys have moved so we are slowly re doing some of our rooms. We painted and re decorated their old room to be a guest room. We now are working on their old play room, to become a sitting room.
    I hear you about the cold nights and moving plants in and out. We have been having very cloudy day's here too. So I hope more sun filled days are ahead.
    Love, Carla

  7. You have such beautiful style! I am getting rid of extra clutter but I sure miss going to the thrift stores and finding treasures! And I'm not putting out seasonal things as much so I really need to get rid of things in boxes. But when the weather's nice...I want to be outside instead! Hope you have sunshine this week!