Saturday, May 22, 2021

A few things outside to share.

It's so nice to have flowers in the yard. 
I'm happy, the birds are happy, and the bees are happy.
Everything seems brighter, and prettier, and smells wonderful!

The lilacs help with the fragrance, inside as well.

Don't you just love the delicate Lobelia flower?
The two little white spots look like tiny eyes peering out from the flower's face as they bob around on the slightest breeze.

I remember walking home from school in the Spring, and passing a grand old home that had Iris along the walkway. All different sizes, and colors.
I told myself that I would grow these beautiful flowers when I grew up.....and I do!
All sizes and colors!!

The periwinkle color of the Vinca flower is a favorite here at Lakehouse.

There used to be many Columbines growing here, but two years ago the wild rabbits wiped them out. I was very sad to realize they were gone last year. Now we have very few left. I am hoping they will start self-seeding again for more flowers in the coming years.

The same for the English Daisies.
We have very few of these little cuties left.
The rabbits and deer ate so many of my favorite flowers the past two years.
I am trying to replant more this year.

The three Clematis did not winter well. I planted another this year. 
Hopefully, the older plants will come back, and do okay this summer.

Some sweet smellies for the garden.

Lots of annuals to help fill in the new garden where the perennials haven't filled in yet.

Vintage pieces to add some interest.
I still have so much weeding, and planting that needs to be done, but thought I would share what I have so far.
It's a labor of love, for sure.
Enjoy being outside, and doing what you love.


  1. You have so many beautiful flowers...and lots of pretty purples and lavenders! It makes you smile to walk around and enjoy your flowers in full bloom. Hugs!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful but I especially enjoy the lilacs. Their fragrances can't be beat. It is wonderful to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh air!

  3. Just glorious Debbie, I so enjoyed seeing all the flowers. So sad that those sweet bunnies and deer will eat just about anything. I sometimes think that if I had all of the flowers I have planted growing since I first moved out her it would be wonderful. But it seems like I always have a bug problem or just a drought seasons.
    Look forward to seeing you this summer!
    Love Ya, Roxy

  4. Oh Deb the colors and flowers you have are just beautiful. The lilacs this year are so fragrant. My daughter has a bush and OMG when you go outside it smells fabulous. Enjoy your beautiful flowers. So pretty already. Yay for summer and the continuing of these beautiful flowers. xoxo Kris

  5. The flowers are so pretty. I have a clemitis vine on our front porch and this year it is going crazy. I told Hubby when we move I am taking it with us.

  6. Debbie, your flowers are just beautiful and I love all the color choices. It looks like a beautiful painting. I am just getting started to plant. Hope I haven't waited too long. There is nothing like a beautiful, colorful, garden..xxoJudy

  7. Your Iris are lovely, I would enjoy walking your garden and looking at the Iris. We have trouble with rabbits too. They ate several of my tulips, clematis, liatris and the list goes on.

    Thank you for the lovely tour. Carla

  8. Your flowers and blooms are amazing Debbie! I too labor along working away at the weeds that grow far more easily than the flowers! My iris still have not bloomed, I'm hoping they will in another week or so. I do so love irises! I agree, the lobelia have little faces in their blooms, so beautiful! And you know my love for lilacs :) Enjoy the beautiful days of spring!