Saturday, September 28, 2013

A good day.

What an absolutely gorgeous Autumn day.
When I walked downstairs this morning, hubby had a fire going.
It was so cozy in the living room, I decided to curl up on the sofa for a little bit before starting the day.

I lit some praline sticky bun candles, and they filled the house with a yummy scent all morning.
It warmed up enough for me to sit out on the dock in the afternoon sunshine.

The water was still, so I could see down to the bottom.
Little fish would swim up to the dock, waiting for a hook with a worm to drop down into the clear water.

It didn't seem to take long for the sun to slide across the afternoon sky.
Before I knew it, it was time to come inside to put the pot roast in the oven.
The aroma of supper has taken place of the scent of candles.
It's the time of day that I spend looking out the sun room windows at the water, with the sun dancing off the little ripples like diamonds.

As much as I love the summer months, I do enjoy this time of year also.
Indian Summer is a happy time for me.
It means the flowers in my window boxes have extra time to flourish.
I can still sit out on the dock, and enjoy the sunshine, and the water.
It's time to light the fire inside.
Candles, tarts, and tea lites are going non-stop.
Cookies, pies, and hot meals will be enjoyed.
It's a great transition to Fall for me.
When the freezing rain, and bare trees will be here for a while.'s been a good day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More chairs!

I know I just did a post on new chairs, but I went back the next day to pick up two more chairs for the snack bar that match the ones I just bought.
Before I show the chairs, I wanted to share this sweet little light fixture that was found at my favorite cottage shop here at the lake.

Isn't it just the cutest thing?
I feel like Charlie Brown's little sister talking about Linus.
It's so "cottage looking". 
It makes me smile.

So here are the bar chairs that match the chairs from the previous post.

I LOVE them!
Mr. L even likes them. As a matter of fact, he's the one that encouraged me to go back to the store to buy them....I was VERY surprised, indeed!
He thinks they match the decor of the room better than the old chairs did...imagine that.
He even used the words...more romantic.
I know...right????!!

Since our house is so "open", having the chairs match the ones in the living area helps with the "flow" of things.
There isn't much of a break from one large room to the next.

The kitchen, and dining area are one huge room.
There is a large doorway into the living room, which is also a very large room.
There aren't many things in my house that match...but having the chairs in both rooms match seems to give a feeling of balance in here.
Especially since there is such a large open area.

I like the formal look in the informal setting.
That's what shabby chic is for me...the mixing of rustic, vintage, bling, simplicity, ruffles, and roses.
I guess it may be something else to others...and that's okay.
Who am I to know what style I really have going on here?
I still think I should rename my blog The Cluttered Cottage.
That's the only thing, or style, that I'm sure
Thank you for stopping by.
I always appreciate your visits, and when you take the time to leave a comment.
God Bless You!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A change of heart.

Fall has arrived here at the lake.
With the change of seasons, comes a change in my heart.
I have accepted the fact that we will be living in our romantic cottage for another Winter.
Instead of feeling sad, and depressed....I'm actually experiencing a sense of joy.

Something I haven't felt for quite a while.
Since the house has not sold...we will change the things we have put off doing for so long around here.
I'm starting out slow, and simple.
The first thing I did was change two chairs in the living room.
They are just extras....but what a difference they make!!!

My youngest daughter uses these chairs in her dining room, and they look wonderful!
I chose them for my shabby chic living room, and love them just as much in there for extra seating.

The next thing on our list of "to do's" is the driveway.
That's going to be a "biggie" for us.
In a recent comment to my post on taking the house off the market, a sweet blogger said something about falling in love with our cottage all over again.
I feel like that's what is happening....God is keeping us here for a reason.
I might as well enjoy being here, on the water(where I've always wanted to live), while I am here...right?
This place might not be the most beautiful house on the lake, or even in the neighborhood....but it's the place I can decorate the way I want to make it feel like home.
For me...that's what it's all feels like home.

Friday, September 13, 2013

My cluttered cottage.

Welcome to my cluttered, unstaged cottage.
Yup...I'm keepin' it real today folks.
After having the house on the market for a year, I'm tired.
Tired of the whole thing!

I've un-decluttered the house.
There are still some totes in the garage with a few more things packed in them.
I am slowly working on getting each one unpacked.

I am a clutter-bug.
I should go to clutter-bugs anonymous...but don't feel like it's a problem. 
Although my family would argue that fact.
I see myself as a collector of beautiful things....LOTS of beautiful things.

Once in a while, I take things to my booth to sell.
But on my way out of the shop, I see something in another booth that catches my eye.....
well, you know how that goes.

Pay no attention to that door that's open.
That room really doesn't match the rest of the house at all.
It's "Man's Town".
Mr. L needed somewhere to keep his junk, so he has a room all to his own filled with dead animal heads, guns, fishing stuff, hunting stuff, and other junk.
I forgot to shut the door.

I even went less foofy on the bedding for a while.
I'm such a rebel.
We've decided to forget about selling for the winter months, and do some redecorating around the house.

We are even going to do a few things outside as well.
If we end up liking what we've done....we will end up staying put.
We will wait, and see.
Until then, we plan to enjoy our time here. No more pressure worrying about selling the place. No more showings, and being anxious. We both need a break from that.
We both enjoy living on the water. We like this place. I just wish it was closer to my kids, and grand kids.
If we stay...we will have a new driveway, the seawalls will be finished. We will have a larger beach area, and a floating dock for the kids to swim to, and jump off.
The bathrooms will be re-done. The living room will have hardwood floors, and I'm planning on painting, and possibly papering the walls.
It will all be okay.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my cluttered cottage....hey! maybe I should rename my blog!!
Enjoy your weekend~~~~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lace, linens, and doilies.

Whew....It's 90 wonderful degrees at our cottage on the water today, and I'm loving it!
I spent the afternoon soaking up all the sun I could get.
Before going outside, I washed some linens that I recently found at an antique mall that was closing.

It's a treat to find vintage dresser, and piano scarves.

There was a pile of doilies of all sizes.

I've had this Irish table cloth for awhile, but the ironstone sugar bowl was found at the mall, and makes a great spooner.

This piece makes a lovely table runner.

I've had this piece for quite some time, but always love to show it off.

Aren't these vintage tie backs neat?

More doilies to add to the stack. 

I'm always on the lookout for pillow cases that are in rough shape.
I cut off the boarder, and use them on my shelves.

Since this window has no curtain, adding just a small piece of an old table cloth that I had cut, (salvaging pieces to use here and there) it dressed the window "just enough".
This is just a small sampling of the doilies, lace, and linens here at the lakehouse.
I don't know why I love them so. I have since I was a young girl.
They are draped, and layered in every room of the cottage.
Each piece is so pretty....and helps make this old cottage feel like home sweet home.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The end of Summer???

The end of Summer you say?
That can't be right.
I'm not ready.

There are roses blooming, and flowers to pick.

I still want to sit on the dock, and listen to the gulls.

What about my tan? huh? how about that?

What about my flip-flops? I'll wear socks with them if I have to, because I will not start wearing shoes just because they say Summer is over! Who is "they" anyway?

It's bad enough I have to put away my white capris....but having to start wearing shoes is going too far!

Why is everyone in such a rush for Fall, anyway?
I went to floof my booth today, and everyone is putting out their Fall, and Halloween decorations at the store!!!
It's insane I tell you!

You won't catch me doing any of the typical "Fall" stuff. Oh's still Summer here at the Lakehouse!
It's not Fall until THIS fat lady sings.
Mmmmmmm..mmm. that peach pie in the oven sure does smell good!!!