Saturday, September 28, 2013

A good day.

What an absolutely gorgeous Autumn day.
When I walked downstairs this morning, hubby had a fire going.
It was so cozy in the living room, I decided to curl up on the sofa for a little bit before starting the day.

I lit some praline sticky bun candles, and they filled the house with a yummy scent all morning.
It warmed up enough for me to sit out on the dock in the afternoon sunshine.

The water was still, so I could see down to the bottom.
Little fish would swim up to the dock, waiting for a hook with a worm to drop down into the clear water.

It didn't seem to take long for the sun to slide across the afternoon sky.
Before I knew it, it was time to come inside to put the pot roast in the oven.
The aroma of supper has taken place of the scent of candles.
It's the time of day that I spend looking out the sun room windows at the water, with the sun dancing off the little ripples like diamonds.

As much as I love the summer months, I do enjoy this time of year also.
Indian Summer is a happy time for me.
It means the flowers in my window boxes have extra time to flourish.
I can still sit out on the dock, and enjoy the sunshine, and the water.
It's time to light the fire inside.
Candles, tarts, and tea lites are going non-stop.
Cookies, pies, and hot meals will be enjoyed.
It's a great transition to Fall for me.
When the freezing rain, and bare trees will be here for a while.'s been a good day.


  1. I wish I could have been sitting there on the sofa with you Debbie in that gorgeous livingroom of yours. That really would have been a perfect day...and then to sit on the dock and chat awhile with you!
    hugs from here....

  2. Thanks for letting me spend the day with you at your place. I had a wonderful time.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing day in your beautiful home Debbie! Now I'm craving pot roast...yummy!!!

  4. What a perfect way to spend a day like today, Debbie. It was just perfect outside, wasn't it? I soooo wanted to do some gardening and mowing....but that will have to wait til Monday. Since I was laying low yet today, I got a bit of crafting done and read all of the love and prayers everyone has been sending. It WAS a good day! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  5. It was that kind of day here, too... No fire, but all kinds of candles and coziness. I will be looking forward to your wintry posts from the lake.

  6. A toasty fire is the perfect way to start the day!

  7. It sounds like it was a wonderful day,. Debbie. I love days like that. I putzed around outside most of the day today. I finally started dressing the house for Fall. If you get a chance pop by and see the gigglers on the floor. It will make you chuckle because you will relate it to your littles! xo Diana

  8. Cara Debbie,con il traduttore sono riuscita a leggere quel che hai scritto!Che bella la descrizione della tua giornata,mi hai fatto provare le dolci emozioni del calore di casa,delle piccole cose che fanno felici!Io amo molto questa stagione per i suoi colori!Baci e buona domenica!Rosetta

  9. You've painted a picture perfect day in my mind...thanks Debbie!

  10. You've described the perfect Fall day. I am enjoying the crisp fall days and the candles and yummy baked goods too! LOVE your blog!

  11. Debbie, Everything sounds so cozy there. I love to see the sun on the water also. It's peaceful to me. Sending blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  12. Hi Debbie , oh that does sound like a good day ... it's been nice enough over here to sit out late into the evening on some nights... we are having an Indian summer..
    I love your new header ...too nice !
    Gail x

  13. Oh man, it all sounds wonderful. How cool is it to be beside the water , watching it change every day. It must have been so nice too, to wake up to a cozy fire...