Monday, September 2, 2013

The end of Summer???

The end of Summer you say?
That can't be right.
I'm not ready.

There are roses blooming, and flowers to pick.

I still want to sit on the dock, and listen to the gulls.

What about my tan? huh? how about that?

What about my flip-flops? I'll wear socks with them if I have to, because I will not start wearing shoes just because they say Summer is over! Who is "they" anyway?

It's bad enough I have to put away my white capris....but having to start wearing shoes is going too far!

Why is everyone in such a rush for Fall, anyway?
I went to floof my booth today, and everyone is putting out their Fall, and Halloween decorations at the store!!!
It's insane I tell you!

You won't catch me doing any of the typical "Fall" stuff. Oh's still Summer here at the Lakehouse!
It's not Fall until THIS fat lady sings.
Mmmmmmm..mmm. that peach pie in the oven sure does smell good!!!


  1. Do you know that I wear my flip-flops til it snows....? lol Only then will I switch to my fuzzy lined moccasins to keep my toes warm. :) Nope. Summer's not over quite yet, Debbie! It's supposed to be warm and humid again next week. And who says you have to put away your white capris....? Wear'em as long as you can, girlie! lol

    xoxo laurie

    1. I hear ya here in novi on walled lake I am the same way TOTAL DENIAL! can I say!! I dropped kiddos off at school today and I went right down the street to mercer beach it was quite chilly but I had sandals on and stuck my toes right in the sand! I like fall but not what comes next and here in mich winters are tough!! esp if you live by the water I cant even imagine if I lived up north so til it says fall on my calendar I say summers NOT over!! lol
      Kim Buca

  2. I'm with you sweetie - lets sit on the porch in our shorts and flip flops and sip a beer!

  3. LOL- kicking a screaming you go! Just like I knew you would. I am ready for some cooler weather, but not the snow part.
    Love your new header. Hope you have a fun week and your flowers are wonderful. More pics of the gardens!

  4. Så fantastisk å lese om din niese.<3
    Nydelige blomsterbilder.

  5. Debbie, As I sat on the porch yesterday afternoon, it was still summer to me....then as I went to get the paper this morning, there's a nip in the morning air. I want to cling to summer too. It's not that I do not like autumn, because I truly love just the longer it takes for fall to arrive the farther away winter will be. Winter is my least favorite time. So go ahead and sit on the dock and listen to gulls. I plan on sitting outside as much as possible. Blessings to you and yours. xoxo,Susie

  6. Debbie- What a pretty post. I can't believe that summer is over either. I am just NOT ready-although I did pack away my white shoes (old school-I know) Blessings to you- xo Diana

  7. Hi Debbie ...that's it girl be assertive ...! flip flops during the day and cozy socks at night for me at the moment ! have a great "late summer weekend !!!!"
    Gail x

  8. Så nydelig innlegg,vakre blomster. Nå er nok sommeren over for denne gang men tiden går fort og plutselig er det vår igjen.
    Klem Mette.