Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lovely Saturday...

Delight yourself in the surprises of today.

That I am here is a wonderful mystery to which I will respond with joy.

Kind words are like jewels that live in the heart...and remain as warm memories long after they have been spoken.

May you grow to be as beautiful as God meant you to be when He first thought of you.
Passages from a book given to me by a dear friend that passed away from breast cancer a few years ago.
She lived life to the fullest. I miss her with all my heart.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Chippy, and white...

Happy Friday everyone.
I'm trying to get used to my smooth legs.
It's taking a while, but I think it will be okay.
This is the piece that I hung over the mantle in the living room.

I previously had a very large mirror here.
For a change, I opted for this pretty scrolled piece.

It's pretty battered, and chippy...but I really love it.
There is another piece that will be in it's place for the holidays...but for now...I am enjoying the beat up, shabby looking piece of art that is gracing the wall above the mantle at this time.
Love it, love it, love it!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little mantle, and other stuff

Huff, puff....I got the little mantle up the stairs by myself.
I can't believe this little baby was in the living room!!

She fits perfect under the slanted ceilings we have upstairs.
Now I'm even more anxious for Mr. L to get started on the white bead board for the walls! and to get rid of those stupid shuttered doors used for ventilation! I know I could paint them white...but if I do, it would just slow down the process of getting the bead board done.
So, for now, the doors are inside the mantle...ugh.

I changed the pink Rachel Ashwell bedding set, to the white one I found at Target this summer.

I LOVE how squishy all of her bedding is!!!
It's like sleeping on a big ol' cloud! wouldn't believe this book I'm's sooo naughty.
I'm sure most of you have already read it.
"Fifty Shades of Grey".
Oh my....I must have had a really sheltered life, because for most of the book, I kept saying, "What the ??!!"
After reading a chapter, I felt like I should do a few laps around the rosary...and I'm not even Catholic anymore!!!  whew!
So, that's my post for today.
I kind of hop, skipped, and jumped around...sorry..I haven't taken my meds. for the ADD yet this morning.
Have a good one!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I shaved my legs!!! took all summer, but I finally shaved my legs.
Remember the deal...threat...I made last spring?
I wasn't going to shave my legs until Mr. Lakehouse made the larger mantle for the living room?

The one that was in here was very similar, but very small.
Mr. L added some pretty trim along the front of the mantle.
The trim on the bottom is also nicer.

The shaving process took a while.
It was like sheering a sheep!
At least it doesn't look like I'm wearing leg warmers with my shorts anymore.
The legs of my jeans feel soooo much looser now.

I've ordered a piece to hang over the mantle.
I'll show you when it arrives.
The smaller mantle is going upstairs in the bedroom.
I'm anxious to move it up there, and give the room a more romantic look.
Now that I got rid of the Sasquatch leg hair...maybe romance will return here at the Lakehouse...hehe.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's good to be back!

The past two weeks have been awful!!!
My computer was in the shop getting an over-haul.
It's been lonely here at the Lakehouse.

I did get to the market yesterday, and had to push, and shove my way down each and every aisle.
We live in a resort town.
Since this is the last summer holiday...people came from EVERYWHERE to enjoy the sun, and water.

I should have shopped earlier in the week, but I have been working the later shift at the pharmacy this week.
The bright spot in my shopping trip was the floral aisle.
They always have "spent" roses in a little section of the cooler. I bring them home, clean off the outside petals, give them a fresh cut, and vwala....beautiful!!
The centers on these are still solid, so they will last for a few more days.

While I was out, and about last week,I brought home my tiered basket from my booth.

It works well for displaying sachets, and soaps at the store.
I also love using it here at home for linens, and lace.

It's getting close to the time of year that I'll be using tea lites in the evenings.
I thought the top basket would be a perfect spot for them this season.
Some lace is in the middle basket, and white shells from Sanibel Island are resting in the bottom basket. how did that piece of lace get there?
Must be like those stray socks that seem to escape from the dryer.
Have a great holiday weekend everyone!
Soooo glad to be back online.