Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I shaved my legs!!!

Well...it took all summer, but I finally shaved my legs.
Remember the deal...threat...I made last spring?
I wasn't going to shave my legs until Mr. Lakehouse made the larger mantle for the living room?

The one that was in here was very similar, but very small.
Mr. L added some pretty trim along the front of the mantle.
The trim on the bottom is also nicer.

The shaving process took a while.
It was like sheering a sheep!
At least it doesn't look like I'm wearing leg warmers with my shorts anymore.
The legs of my jeans feel soooo much looser now.

I've ordered a piece to hang over the mantle.
I'll show you when it arrives.
The smaller mantle is going upstairs in the bedroom.
I'm anxious to move it up there, and give the room a more romantic look.
Now that I got rid of the Sasquatch leg hair...maybe romance will return here at the Lakehouse...hehe.


  1. Debbie, you made me laugh so hard so I thank you for that!!! LOL!! The mantle looks great!!

  2. Oh, you are a hoot, Debbie! I have to try your coercion methods! The mantel looks beautiful, very soft and perfect for your room, which is so pretty! I can't wait to see the shelf.

    Now, put on a pretty pair of shorts and go get some sun on those legs! lol!


  3. Bahahahaha! You are hilarious, or should I say hairlarious! I can't believe you made it that long. How did you stand this hot summer?

    The mantle is gorgeous! Are you doing to grow your armpit hair until the old mantle is installed in your bedroom? Snort!

    1. hahahahhahahahhahahahhah! thats too funny!!!
      Im sure we're all laughing now!!!


  4. It look beautiful and you are so funny *smile*.


  5. Wow, a new mantle and sexy legs too. I laughed when I read your post, because I remember you saying that you'd shave once you got the mantle. Too funny girl.xoxo, Susie

  6. I hope you are able to drag yourself out of the love sack long enough to show us the new mantle piece you ordered!;>) xo Diana

  7. Your new mantle and display are very pretty! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun decorating it:@)

  8. Great idea, if it works.I've never tried it with My husband.Let Me think of something I want real bad(TEHE).Your mantle is wonderful,so pretty.

  9. It looks wonderful and don't forget to baby powder those legs for shaving burn! LOL- so glad it worked, finally! I can't wait to see the baby one in the bedroom! How fun. Romance? What's that?

  10. OMGosh...LOVE this post ~ and the mantel too!
    Hee Hee...

  11. Don't throw that hair away! You can braid it and attach it to your skull cap when you ride your Harley, motorcycle momma. lolol!


  12. I can't stop laughing...too funny!! Love the new mantel...it's very pretty!!

  13. Ha ahahahahahahaha, you are too hilarious!!! Pretty mantel, give mr. Lakehouse a hug!!!

  14. You are too funny! Maybe I need to try that! :)

  15. hahaha ! well I bet you need some knee length socks now because you will be feeling the chill of autumn on those legs !! great mantle though ..love it ! Gail x

  16. lololololololol this was hilarious!
    Woohoo yeah for Mr. Lakehouse...romance is back!
    Love your beautiful room! It was worth the hairy legs!
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xoxo

  17. I've been catching up on my reading. :) I love all of your new changes. Just beautiful!