Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little mantle, and other stuff

Huff, puff....I got the little mantle up the stairs by myself.
I can't believe this little baby was in the living room!!

She fits perfect under the slanted ceilings we have upstairs.
Now I'm even more anxious for Mr. L to get started on the white bead board for the walls! and to get rid of those stupid shuttered doors used for ventilation! I know I could paint them white...but if I do, it would just slow down the process of getting the bead board done.
So, for now, the doors are inside the mantle...ugh.

I changed the pink Rachel Ashwell bedding set, to the white one I found at Target this summer.

I LOVE how squishy all of her bedding is!!!
It's like sleeping on a big ol' cloud! wouldn't believe this book I'm's sooo naughty.
I'm sure most of you have already read it.
"Fifty Shades of Grey".
Oh my....I must have had a really sheltered life, because for most of the book, I kept saying, "What the ??!!"
After reading a chapter, I felt like I should do a few laps around the rosary...and I'm not even Catholic anymore!!!  whew!
So, that's my post for today.
I kind of hop, skipped, and jumped around...sorry..I haven't taken my meds. for the ADD yet this morning.
Have a good one!!


  1. I am looking for more white linens myself and can hardly wait for Target to open in Canada. Your room is lovely.
    I've heard of the trilogy, one of my daughter's has already read them and she too said they are pretty racey.

  2. I love the mantle upstairs in the bedroom-so pretty! That bed is calling me to sleep in it right now-LOL!!

  3. What a lovely bed set and nice with the mantle.


  4. I'd love to have that bedding set (love Rachel Ashwell), but with the bed loving dogs, it's hard...I've settled for cream and lots of throws!

    I've read the trilogy of Fifty Shades Of Grey! Thankfully there is a story to it! I skipped a lot of pages, no one has the energy these two have!


  5. I haven't read that book yet...I'm afraid that the room I am staying in when I come and visit? I love the looks of it-it will be perfect and I'll bring my own coffee!;>) xo Diana

  6. The mantle looks great and helps hide the little shutters, a win-win:@)

  7. Oh no Diana...MY room looks perfect!!
    Haven't read the book ~ yet!!!

  8. I just found your blog and I just started mine. I can't find a way to follow you. Is the button on here somewhere? I love your style and how sweet everything is.

  9. Hi Debbie,
    I love the Rachel Ashwell bedding at Target. I have the white with tiny blue floral print in our guest bedroom. I also have all of her books. The mantel looks beautiful in your room.

  10. That bed does look like a big comfy cloud. How nice to sit and read while in it.

  11. Fluffy, slanted and mantles are some of my favorite things. I think its pretty up there. Bead board and hubby doesn't sound like its going to go up fast. So, what are you gona hold out on this time? LOL
    I have heard about this book, but don't think I want to tackle it. Just post the good parts for us, huh?
    Have a great day. Steve went in at 4am- 3am yesterday morning, and this is really an icky day. Its still dark, but its cold and raining, so I'm heading back to bed. Babies started slop this morning. They were so ready for it, so they should sleep extra long!

  12. I would have never thought to put a mantle under the eaves like that! I have those same low eaves too. It is perfect! Your bed looks divine and exactly like a puffy cloud of comfort. I would never want to get out of it.

    Have a lovely day Debbie!