Saturday, March 16, 2013

The chair covers arrived!!!

The chair covers from Shabbyfufu arrived the other day.
I've been anxious to show you.
I wanted to have an antique table...but someone outbid me at the auction today.
So....I guess you will be looking at the chairs with the existing table.

Oops...I see now that the back chair wasn't covered
I must have been in a rush to get the covers on.

I LOVE all the ruffles! and how pretty the chairs look.
I just read in a decorating magazine that one of your chairs should not match the rest.
I'm not so sure I like this concept. Having an odd chair seems foreign to me.

I pulled the sisal rug up, and am looking for a vintage looking rug for under the table.

I was going to put a tablecloth on the table, but thought it might cover up the chairs.
I went with a runner, and a small cover instead.

I was also going to put some pretty cupcakes on the stand, but knew I would be the one to eat them all!!!
So the tea lites were left on the stand.

Oh my, this poor chair cover is really twisted up!
I  need to fix this.
Even though I didn't get the table I wanted at the auction, I had a fun afternoon with a friend.
Hopefully you enjoyed yourself, as well.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Simply Shabby Chic Curtains

I went shopping at TarJ'ay Sunday afternoon.
The first department I RUN to is the one with all of the Simply Shabby Chic pieces...of course!

If I can leave the store with one set of sheets, I am one happy shopper.
Imagine how delighted I was when I walked out the door with TWO sets of sheets,  FOUR curtain panels, and a quilt!!!

The quilt was on clearance...YAY!!
I love the pretty pink floral design on it.

This set of curtains is made from a gauze material.
There are ruffles at the top, and bottom.

The other set of curtains are completely different, and will be hanging in the room with the shabby, pink rose quilt.

This is bedding from the Simple Shabby Chic line that I purchased last Summer.
I plan to go to the market tomorrow, and pick up some blush pink roses for the bedrooms. 
That will give the rooms a kiss of Spring!    and....
I'll be hanging the other set of curtains in the bedroom across the hall.
Since we put the house on the market, it seems I've been decorating more and more.
Probably because once we move, I won't have the money to spend on new things for a new house????
I'm not sure....whatever the reason...this is really fun!!!lol.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A little gallivanting, on a gorgeous day!

Oh my was a gorgeous day today!
I went gallivanting since it was just too wonderful of a day to stay cooped up inside this old Lakehouse.
First I visited the new antique shop that recently opened.
I found some lovely linens that are sitting in some brightener as we speak.
Then I headed for my favorite cottage shop on the other side of the lake.
Just look at what I found!!!

These two pieces almost match the French china I bought from the same shop last summer.
These pieces are Austrian...but are very close to the French pieces.

This little gem doesn't match any of the other pieces...but she is so pretty all by herself.
I will fill her with fresh flowers this Spring and Summer, and set her on my bedside table.
I enjoyed driving around in the sunshine today. It was so refreshing to feel the warmth, and hear the birds as I exited the car, and each shop.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The cupcake stand.

The sun is shining here at the old Lakehouse.
It's still very cold, but the sunshine warms my heart, and motivates me to change things up inside the house since I can't get outside to dig in the dirt.

I'm still waiting for the rest of the chair covers to arrive from Shabbyfufu.
They may take four weeks to I'm patiently, and anxiously waiting.

The iron roses finally found homes.
I love these resting against the vintage mirror.
The color is so pretty!
The other ones are hanging above my French hutch in the living room.

This cupcake stand was brought home from my booth.
It was a little pricey, and didn't sell.
I have been wanting to bring it home for over a year....sooooo, here she is!!!
She will be adorned with tea lites until such time as cupcakes will grace her lovely arms.

I'm thinking a few more baubles might look nice as well.
We'll see.....
Once the slip covers for the chairs arrive, I plan on pulling the leaf out of the table, putting a white cloth on, and dressing the table up with the cupcake stand, and some pretty rose china pieces.
I just can't wait!!
Enjoy your week...and soak up this sunshine!

Friday, March 1, 2013

To phlooph, or not to phlooph.

It must be THAT time of year.
You know...when you are growing tired of being inside.
You can phooph, and phlooph just so many times, and then it becomes booooring!!!

Today I added different trim to two of the shelves on the farm cupboard, and changed some of the dishes around.
I had to work this afternoon, so I didn't accomplish very much at home today.

I keep looking at gardening magazines in the evenings after work.
That doesn't help motivate me to get much done inside lately.
Especially when I saw the David Austin Roses tonight....oh how I miss my roses.

As I sit here at the computer typing this post, I can hear the snowmobiles out on the lake.
That halts my day dreaming of climbing roses on arbors...sigh.
I guess I will have to wait a little longer for warm weather, and working out in the gardens.
Maybe I will find something else to phlooph tomorrow.....or another gardening magazine to look at.
Enjoy your weekend.