Friday, March 8, 2013

A little gallivanting, on a gorgeous day!

Oh my was a gorgeous day today!
I went gallivanting since it was just too wonderful of a day to stay cooped up inside this old Lakehouse.
First I visited the new antique shop that recently opened.
I found some lovely linens that are sitting in some brightener as we speak.
Then I headed for my favorite cottage shop on the other side of the lake.
Just look at what I found!!!

These two pieces almost match the French china I bought from the same shop last summer.
These pieces are Austrian...but are very close to the French pieces.

This little gem doesn't match any of the other pieces...but she is so pretty all by herself.
I will fill her with fresh flowers this Spring and Summer, and set her on my bedside table.
I enjoyed driving around in the sunshine today. It was so refreshing to feel the warmth, and hear the birds as I exited the car, and each shop.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Debbie- What beautiful beautiful pieces your found. Dishes/china is my downfall. I love them and could fill my house (and do) with them. I would have bought every single piece you bought, too. We have similar taste there! Glad you had a warm day- It was cold here but sunny. I have a sick grand here for the day and tonight- poor girl~ Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  2. Your pieces are just beautiful and I hear you on getting out and about with the warmer weather! These sound like great shops. What sort of "brightener" do you use?


  3. That's one thing I promised myself, that I'd start going back to antiquing and fleamarkets this year. I don't know how I let that slide because I just love them.
    I love your pretty dishes, really gorgeous Deb!

  4. There is nothing more lovely than pretty rose china and I especially love that cheese dome. What a great find. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  5. Hey Deb... How've you been?? I just haven't been around in a while, sort of taking a blogging break.
    Your pieces are lovely, & sounds like your day was even lovlier.
    Just yesterday, as I walked to the mailbox, I heard birds... YAY, means spring is coming... : )
    How is the sale of the lakehouse going?? Any progress??
    Trusting that you are well... Have a nice weekend!! K.

  6. You always do so well! I especially love that covered dish. I think if we antiqued together we would be fighting over the same things! :).You are tempting me to go out and hit a couple of antique shops today but it is chilly here...again, and I want to make myself stay home and sew. I did go to a really good flea market last weekend and scored but no pretty rose dishes! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. What beautiful pieces - so delicate looking too.

  8. Wow Debbie, you hit the jackpot! I'm glad to hear you're having some nice weather, enjoy it:)

  9. Debbie, All those lovely treasures, wow. I love everyone of them. I bet you did enjoy being out today. I went to town myself and had a good time at Horton's here in Tipton. Got my pansies. I even sat on the porch in my coat and talked back and forth to a cardinal.:):) Spring has to be so near, don't you think?. Have fun tomorrow too. xoxo,Susie

  10. I had a similar sun-shine-y day going through goodwill shops looking for treasures. I had a couple disappointments along the way because the basket and pewter salt & pepper shakers I saw the day before but didn't have cash were gone when i returned the next day. :( but I made a couple hits...a white ironstone pitcher, a white skirt,and a white tray.
    Your treasures are truly lovely!!!!

  11. Beeeeautiful pieces, Debbie! Sounds like you had just a perfect day - sunshine and treasures!!! :) I'm just itching to go antiquing again! Have a beautiful week, sista! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. Hi Debbie ~ I am loving that beautiful rose china & getting out in the almost spring time weather... We had 66 degrees yesterday with wonderful sunshine, but today it's back to 43, rainy & feeling so cold.... Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures & have a wonderful week.

  13. Such pretty finds! Sounds like a fun day treasure hunting, and you're right, it IS wonderful when the weather gets warm like this, and things are getting green and the birds are singing!