Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Anniversary Surprise

When I walked downstairs this morning, there was a surprise waiting for me in the living room.
Mr. Lakehouse had gone to, what is now, my favorite shop, and picked up this lovely shabby chic desk that I had seen a couple of months ago.
The desk was in the front window of the shop.
I saw it when I bought the antique, shabby vanity I recently blogged about.

I kept talking about how much I liked this desk, and that I wanted to try and save money to buy it.
Hoping it wouldn't sell before I saved enough for it.

It's our anniversary today, and we usually just go out for dinner.
I NEVER expected to find a gift waiting for me this morning.
Imagine how surprised I was to see the desk from the front window of the store sitting in my living room!!!
I love the little mirror, the locks, knobs, and scroll work. I also love that it's all creamy white, chipped, and shabby.
Most of all, I love my husband. He treats me above and beyond what I deserve....always.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dried roses. AND God Bless our Troops.

It's a glorious Sunday afternoon here at the Lakehouse.
Boats are cruising up and down the canals.
People are fishing off of the seawalls.
Golf carts are whizzing by...blowing their horns as they go.
Sunbathers are soaking up the sunshine.
The birds seem to be singing louder than usual.
Everyone is enjoying the lovely weather this holiday weekend.

I just came in to take a break from the sun.
I thought I would blog for a little bit, and share some of my roses I've been drying.

I used a mix of flowers for this wreath.
Dried hydrangea, roses, spray roses, caspia, and moss.

I'm low on drieds right now.
Hopefully summer will be in full swing soon, and I will be able to start harvesting flowers out of the gardens for drying.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Let us not forget our service men and women who fought, and are fighting for our freedoms.
We thank you all, past, and present.

May God Bless you, and your families.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A little change.

Good Sunday morning to you.
It's a glorious morning here at the Lakehouse.
The birds are singing, adding to the delight down in my soul.

I was changing the sheets on the beds yesterday, and got a little carried away.
This room had all of the pink Simply Shabby Chic rose bed linens in it.

Obviously it now has the white Simply Shabby Chic quilt in here.
I kept the pillows from various companies I've ordered from, and also added some pillows I had a friend of mine make for me.

I wanted a "vintage" look, so I added a "vintage" scarf to the little mantle.

Our rooms are small, and the ceilings are so slanted, it's difficult to arrange furniture.
I put the bed on a slight angle. Just enough to give the room a bit of a change.
I like it.

In case you are wondering where the rose bedding's here in the guest room.
All clean, and fresh...ready for a visitor to come and stay at this old Lakehouse.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The window boxes are filled.

It's Friday here at the old Lakehouse.
I have the day off, and decided to show you some of the flowers we have growing in containers.
The window boxes are starting to fill in nicely.

Here's a hanging basket that is actually sitting on a table by the door.
I have to cut the wire hangers off eventually.

The verbena in the left basket smells wonderful!

These two boxes are on the porch rail.
We have ten boxes total.
I forgot to paint the backs of these.

I like that I can see the window boxes from the inside of the house, too.
The three on the canal side take longer to fill in, for some reason.
It's always worth the wait.
I'm waiting for the perennials to come up.
Living in upper-lower Michigan means a shorter growing season. We are about three weeks behind lower Michigan.
I really appreciate it when everything starts to bloom!
Have a great weekend everyone!!