Friday, May 17, 2013

The window boxes are filled.

It's Friday here at the old Lakehouse.
I have the day off, and decided to show you some of the flowers we have growing in containers.
The window boxes are starting to fill in nicely.

Here's a hanging basket that is actually sitting on a table by the door.
I have to cut the wire hangers off eventually.

The verbena in the left basket smells wonderful!

These two boxes are on the porch rail.
We have ten boxes total.
I forgot to paint the backs of these.

I like that I can see the window boxes from the inside of the house, too.
The three on the canal side take longer to fill in, for some reason.
It's always worth the wait.
I'm waiting for the perennials to come up.
Living in upper-lower Michigan means a shorter growing season. We are about three weeks behind lower Michigan.
I really appreciate it when everything starts to bloom!
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. They are all so pretty, makes me want to get out to the nurseries! Still too cold here in Minnesota!

  2. Debbie, You would never know your growing season was shorter, what with all the beautiful planter boxes you have. I love the color combinations. Glad you are enjoying your flowers. xoxo,Susie

  3. How pretty the little bee hive stake too! I love spring everything so new and fresh looking!

  4. All your flowers are always beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. All of the flowers look beautiful Debbie! Love all of the pinks:@)

  6. I think your flowers have filled out beautifully for this time of year. They are absolutely gorgeous. I have two window boxes side by side on my bay window ledge. They are not as deep as yours, I can pretty much only fit one row of flowers in them but I do stagger them a bit. Can you recommend how I can get that pretty, airy, lacy feel you have with yours? I usually have geraniums that stick up straight or impatiens that bush out. Pretty boring!

    Hope you're having a great evening!

  7. Your planters look beautiful and the little beehive is so cute. We are just beginning to plant our annuals around here as frost is still a possibility.

  8. Debbie, Your window box is fabulous. I love the variety of flowers in it.

  9. You have such a talent with creating beautiful window boxes, Debbie - and never fail to delight my eyes! :) Love my verbena, too! I've got pink and purple this year! And your super petunias with the bacopa is soooo sweet!


    xoxo laurie

  10. Your planter boxes are so beautiful Debbie! They are so colorful and full. II haven't been able to plant any annuals here yet because we are still getting frost some nights. We usually don't plant here until the end of May. Seeing your window box has really inspired me!
    Have a wonderful weekend Debbie!

  11. I love it all! We don't have the money this year to do the pots outside, so I am waiting till they put it all on clearance and see what I can do with a few pots. Love all your picks!

  12. I love the window boxes Debbie! I need to build some for our windows, but that won't happen this year. Ken has been laid off for almost two months now, so we are on a spending freeze. But I am enjoying looking at yours!

    I am starting a part time job at JoAnn's on this coming Saturday. Once I know my schedule, and have a check or two under my belt, we will have to meet in Gaylord. Have a lovely week :)