Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dried roses. AND God Bless our Troops.

It's a glorious Sunday afternoon here at the Lakehouse.
Boats are cruising up and down the canals.
People are fishing off of the seawalls.
Golf carts are whizzing by...blowing their horns as they go.
Sunbathers are soaking up the sunshine.
The birds seem to be singing louder than usual.
Everyone is enjoying the lovely weather this holiday weekend.

I just came in to take a break from the sun.
I thought I would blog for a little bit, and share some of my roses I've been drying.

I used a mix of flowers for this wreath.
Dried hydrangea, roses, spray roses, caspia, and moss.

I'm low on drieds right now.
Hopefully summer will be in full swing soon, and I will be able to start harvesting flowers out of the gardens for drying.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Let us not forget our service men and women who fought, and are fighting for our freedoms.
We thank you all, past, and present.

May God Bless you, and your families.


  1. You most certainly are very good at making that wreath! I miss the sun so much, we had almost 2 whole days and now it's dark, dreary and chilly with no sun in the forecast as far out as they forecast! (I'm kind of missing AZ!) Enjoy your sun and keep working with your dried flowers...they are beautiful! :)

  2. Just drop dead gorgeous over here! Love it all and so happy that you are having such a wonderful weekend there on the canal. I hope you had a chance to get out on the water yourself...I know how you love the peacefulness of it. You make me smile...Love you!

  3. I always love your dried flowers. You would be very proud of me.... My son gave me a dozen roses for mothers day and I have them hanging and drying at home. Today, at the lake house, I went out and clipped some roses, tied them and hung them in my bedroom. My husband actually walked in and commented "Gee, these look really pretty." I almost fell on the floor! Thanks Deb.

  4. Love that lavender Deb, funky weather here for the holiday weekend, we had frost warnings and cooler weather! This coming weekend it's supposed to be 87 on Friday so maybe summer will show it's face!

  5. I'm jealous of the beautiful weather you had this holiday weekend (although I still had tons of fun)!
    Loving your vignettes!

  6. Beautiful post, Debbie- I finally have a working computer again! Yay! I have missed visiting you- xo Diana

  7. What a lovely post Debbie and beautiful photos too ! I'm waiting patiently for our roses to bloom ...we have old fashion roses so they smell great. Hope you have a nice weekend and blessings to you ..Gail x