Friday, January 24, 2014

Some paint, chairs, and wallpaper.

I don't know about the rest of you, but being stuck inside because of the weather isn't a good thing for me.
I get bored.
When I get bored, I do things...sometimes things that make my husband wish we lived in a warmer climate.

Two days ago I took a couple of the cupboard doors off.
The Hubster knew I was bored, and he thought I was just going to paint the inside of the cupboards...silly man.
After painting, I put some ironstone dishes in one of the cupboards, he asked if I was ready for him to put the door back on the cupboard......
It didn't take long before he figured it out.
No doors!!

Another thing I do when I get bored is start changing furniture.
I take what I have to my booth, and sell it....then I find something to replace what I've sold.
Since I recently sold a bunch of stuff out of my booth, including four chairs, I ordered these four that just happened to be on sale!!!  Amazing!!!!

I change furniture like some people change their underwear!!!
Sometimes it's vintage, other times it's new.
I might find it at a garage sale, or an auction.

The bad thing...Things don't match!!!  Like these pretty chairs don't match the table!!
I guess I'll have to paint the table legs white.

That doesn't really matter though, because nothing really matches here at our cottage.
As much as I change furniture, I doubt that anyone will ever notice.

It all fits with the shabby chic, gypsy, romantic look I like here at our cottage.

I love the new chairs.
They add a little bit of a French feel to the dining room.
I'm keeping the two chairs at the ends of the table for extras, and because they match the chairs at the bar. 
I'm waiting for the wall paper to arrive. The bedroom is next!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Style Magazine...the whole picture.

While I was looking through the new issue of Vintage Style Magazine this morning, I noticed a spritzer bottle that looked amazingly like the one I have!!
It even had a piece of lace tied around the neck of the bottle, with a medal of St. Theresa hanging on it!
I said to the Mister, "what are the chances of THAT happening?!"
As he was walking toward me, I pulled back, and saw the whole picture. 
I realized it was one of the photos that Mark Lohman took when he, and Fifi O'Neill were here last June during a shoot for Romantic Country Magazine.

Look, that's OUR cupboard!!! and it's in a magazine!!
What a bumpkin I am!
It's the photo on the left page...bottom left.
If I'm not mistaken, that's Fifi's kitchen on the right page...bottom left.
What a surprise today!!
What else do I miss, by not looking at the whole picture?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slow 2014 down, and grab some joy!!!

Here we are, a week into the new year....a whole week has gone by as we forge ahead into the year 2014.
A  lot of people have the year mapped out for themselves. They've made resolutions, and promises. There are expectations to be met.
Restrictions to live by, and pressure to measure up to a standard set too high.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself.
It just seems wise to keep a reasonable perspective when starting any self-improvement regime.

We don't all have the same physical abilities.
If we train with a friend that is more athletic, or more advanced than we are, we will expect too much out of ourselves, and become discouraged.

Find a training partner that is suitable to your work-out level.
You will find your sessions less frustrating.

When dieting....choose a program suited to your needs!!! NOT your sisters, or your best friends.
What works for one person, doesn't always work for another.
Buying the food programs through the mail can become quite expensive. Make sure you check them out thoroughly.  

There are quite a few options to quit smoking out there.
Don't give up if the first option fails!!!

Be patient.
Take one day at a time.
Change isn't always about losing something, or giving something up.
Sometimes it's about "finding" something.
It can be about relationships.
ALL kinds of them!!!
Mending them, building them, improving them, starting be the judge.

2013 went by way too fast for me.
2014 started out with my 60th birthday, and a surprise weekend planned by my three daughters.
They took me to a Bed & Breakfast in Frankenmuth. Paid for my meals. Gave me a basket with my "favorite things" tucked inside....the wine bottle had the invitation printed on the label(which I received the weekend before the event). Took me shopping, and made sure I bought everything I wanted!! Took me out for a wonderful dinner, and treated me so kind.I felt very loved.
For me...that was the perfect way to start the new year.
I wasn't worried about any resolutions. I just wanted to enjoy "time". The hours spent with my girls were the best of 2014 so far!!!!
That will be my focus this year. Enjoying "time". As each day comes, hopefully I will remember to grab the joy in it, and hold it tight...because time goes by way too fast!!!
Slow down, and enjoy life! Make this the year you take some time to feel some joy!