Monday, November 29, 2010

Ornament shopping...continued.

Hello bloggers.
It's Monday night, and I'm getting ready for bed..but first wanted to show you the neat ornaments I found yesterday. Remember, the day I was shopping for ornaments, and brought home a lamp?

The first thing I saw when I walked into the shop yesterday were these awesome mercury glass acorns. They were hung on a big tree right next to the door.
I ended up with two large ones, and three smaller ones.
I also bought a few other silver ornaments, but the acorns are my favorites.

I also LOVE these blue bulbs. They look really nice with all the white in the house.

There were these wonderful baubles too!  I wanted to hang them on the chandelier in the dining room.
You can't  have too much bling on a chandy, can you?!
I probably should have bought round ones, but I couldn't resist the square ones.
Little by little, the lakehouse is getting dressed for the holidays.  We'll be cutting a fresh tree for the living room this week sometime. I'll show you that when it's all prettied up.
Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ornament shopping, and coming home with a lamp.

Hello chickies.
I went shopping for Christmas ornaments this afternoon, and came home with a lamp.
The last thing I needed was another lamp...but when I saw this ticking shade(you can't even tell it's ticking, can you), I fell in love. I also love the shape of the shade.

Most of the other pieces I have are white, but it seems I'm gradually bringing in a burlap color to decorate with.
The last lamp I bought has a burlap shade, which I REALLY like.

 The color, and the ticking match my newest pillows, which are burlap and ticking, of course.

I also love the fact that the base is actually a magazine rack.

I DID find some mercury glass balls to decorate with for the holidays..but that's for another post.
I was pleasantly surprised to find some mercury glass acorns today...they look great on the white tree(one of many we have here at the lakehouse.)
Soooo...that's my new lamp.  I think I'll go and turn it on, and sit on the sofa and look at it for awhile.
See ya!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The weather outside is frightful

Good Saturday morning to everyone in Blogville.
It's snowy, blowy, and cold here at the lakehouse.
I really don't mind gets me in the mood for Christmas music, and decorating.
 This year  I'll be using some mercury glass pieces to decorate with. I also love the metallic aqua color I've been seeing in the shops, and on some of the other blogs. Donna, at My Shabby Chateau, shared her glittered shells recently, and those will definitely be seen here at the lakehouse!

 Target has some pretty faux mercury glass pieces. Theses candle sticks were on sale last week, so I just had to put them in my cart.
Since hubby is still working on Man's Town, decorating will be slow around here. He has "stuff" everywhere! Hopefully he will finish up soon, and I will be able to go through and transform the lakehouse into a Christmas wonderland.

Enjoy your Saturday.
Put on your happy feet, and get something done that will get you in the Christmas spirit!
Hugs to all!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday kick-off

Hello everyone.
I trust your holiday weekend is going well.
We returned home early because hubby had to work today..but our Thanksgiving was wonderful!
I want to share a couple of pics from our evening at the theater.
Every year we try to see a live production around the holidays.  This year we chose "Mary Poppins".
It was a delight!
 Kelly and Kayla, and Melissa and Maddie went with me this year. Zoey went last week with my daughter Erin.
We usually try to have a nice dinner before the show. Tomato Brothers was our choice of eateries this time around. It's a great Italian place we love to dine at for special occasions.

 The girls get new dresses, and LOVE the whole evening spent together.

I cherish these special times we share.
This marks the official start to the holidays for our family.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A wonderful surprise

It's Monday evening here at the lakehouse.
It was a beautiful day, even with the cold temps.
I spent the weekend with my girls and their families.
It was a busy time...Christmas shopping, a soccer game, and a birthday party.
After driving home, a three hour tour, I was whipped...and still am.
I worked today, so I am ready to get cozy on the sofa with hubby in front of the fire.

When I got home last night, a package was waiting for me. Everything was wrapped, and there was a homemade card tucked inside.
What a wonderful surprise!
Donna, from My Shabby Chateau, sent some of her beautiful handmade "pretties" for me to enjoy.

The fragrance of lavender permeated every item!
Donna made a heart sachet from the vintage fabric I had sent to her..with a vintage button,and she filled it with lavender that she bought in Paris last May!!!
Also the romantic Victorian lady ornament that is now hanging on the white crackled cupboard.
 Donna also sent one of the French tags that I love so much!!!  That is hanging on the vintage pie safe I found at the market this past summer. When I saw the tags on Donna's blog, I fell in love with them..and was soooo excited to receive one as a surprise!!! She also sent pages from a book written in French, music sheets, and pressed ferns from her trip to the Upper Peninsula.
I feel very blessed to have met such a sweet, and thoughtful person here in blogland.

Thank you Donna! I absolutely LOVE all of the "pretties"  you made, and sent to me. I will take pictures of everything displayed in their new home, and post them very soon. 
You are a gem.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A pendant and some wire

Happy Thursday morning to everyone.
I've been away from the computer for a few days.
No reason...just took a break.
While I was away, I received this beautiful pendant from a special friend from Germany.
Johanna Gehrlein from Silber-Rosen sent it to me.
Isn't it pretty?
Thank you so much sweet Johanna!
 While shopping at a favorite vintage shop, I found this wire basket. I love that it hangs!! Added some linens and lavender...and poof...LOVE it!!
 The rust adds to its charm.

 This wire cloche was another find.  Anything with a screen dome catches my eye these days. The lumpiness is evidence of continued use by someone...makes me wonder what it was used for...and what the owner was like...hmmm.

It's time to shower for work.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs to you all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

It's that time of year again. When hunting season begins. The days just before Thanksgiving.
The days leading up to my Dad's birthday.
It's bittersweet for me.  Dad passed away three years ago.
We always talked on the phone on Sunday nights around 8:30. Still...if the phone rings, or if I happen to walk past the phone on Sunday nights, my heart skips a beat.
 My Dad gave me this beautiful cameo on my 18th birthday....I will treasure it for as long as I live.
It sits on my desk...always close.

 My granddaughter, Madison, was born on Dad's birthday. Every year she reminds us that it's not only her's Great-grampa's as well. She has a sweet spirit...just like her Papa had.
The day Dad met Maddie, he was sooo proud. He was crying when he held her in his arms.
Where does the time go?
I miss you Dad.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ugly corner.

Good morning everyone.
Snow is coming to the lakehouse for the next few days.
The ground isn't frozen, so it won't stay for long.
Mother Nature is just giving us a preview of what's to come.
 I thought I'd give you a glimpse of another corner of the house. There is this nasty "pretend" fireplace that the previous owners put in....ugh. We plan to replace it in the NEAR future. Until then, I try to mask it as much as possible.
 I have this vintage iron and board that I've displayed another piece from my linen collection on, sitting in front of the ugly "pretend" stones of the ugly "pretend" fireplace.  What were they thinking????!!!!!
 I tend to "junque" up my house....leftover habit from the "country decor" days. Some habits are hard to break.
Until we tear this monstrosity out, I'm stuck trying to camouflage it as much as possible.
Do you have a corner that you are trying to hide? or is it just me?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Labors of love

It's Monday here at the lakehouse.
I've been wandering around the house, looking for something to pretty up.
Since Hubby is camping in the woods, it gives me time to putz around without any interruptions.
 I collect vintage table clothes and runners, AND napkins, doilies, towels, pillow slips, etc. I love to use them in every room of the house.  I even use the smaller table linens to dress the windows. It seems such a shame to fold them, then put them away in a cupboard where they can't be enjoyed.
 I LOVE all the details in linen pieces! It amazes me that someone took the time to make such beautiful works...a labor of love.
I used to steam press all of my linens...but lately, I like the wrinkly look of them fresh off the line.

 I understand this look isn't for everyone...especially husbands!  whatever.....I love it!!!!  It adds to the shabby look I crave. 

 I cannot imagine the time it took someone to make these pieces. I wander through the lakehouse today...I will be appreciating the hands that put together all of the lovely linens I love so much.
Enjoy something pretty today.