Monday, October 23, 2017

Good Changes....

Hello, and welcome.
It truly has been a beautiful Fall here at Lakehouse.
The weather has been warm, and the skies have been sunny.
That kept the roses blooming for quite a while, which kept me happy.

Rain was predicted for this week, so yesterday was spent up the fairy garden, and bringing in all the yard d├ęcor.

We've gotten so much rain from last night into this morning, there are actually flood watches posted in the surrounding areas for today. I guess Mother Nature stored up all the moisture this Fall for this week!!!

The toile curtains from the dining room are now hanging in the living room. They look nice in there with the shabby French accents.
I purchased RA blush pink, shabby chic curtain panels for the dining room.
They are a nice fit with the Limoges dishes, French chairs and chandelier.
I like them as a back drop for the pale pink buffet, as well. 

Working at the elementary school has been a change for me.
Being a teacher's aide has been fun, and challenging.
Things are so different from when my girls were going to school!!
I am totally out of the loop!!

It has taken me a while to get to a place where I can just accept where I am in this chapter of my life.
My girls don't need me to take care of them like they used to....and that has been difficult for me.
Yet, that is what I prayed for as they were growing up. For them to find someone to be a good mate for them. Someone who would help take care of their needs, and love them unconditionally.
As the grand kids get older, they aren't as infatuated with me as when they were younger. They don't run into my arms when I arrive at their they did when they were little. They don't cry when I leave anymore.
I remember wanting to live closer to all of the point of being severely depressed.
This past year, something changed.
I see them happy. I see them living their lives, and doing things that bring them joy.
When I visit them, I leave feeling uplifted.
I come home, unpack, and plan my week....working at school, kayaking, gardening, visiting with my best friend, baking and cooking for my husband, playing with my rabbits,  etc.
I still have purpose. God still has a plan for my life.
I am still a wife, mom, and grandma.
So.....even though some things change....they kind of stay the same.