Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Bluebirds and Mandolins.

I do not know how you guys do the pictures on blogger anymore.
I am finding it more and more frustrating each time I come here to post.
I lose half of the photos I want to show you, because of loading issues.

It used to seem so much easier, and made blogging fun.
Now I struggle with every post.
Anyway....The hoopla here has quieted down considerably since the 4th has passed.
Now will be the time to try and absorb the tragedy from the parade in Chicago.
Hopefully, we will put aside the political drama from the past few weeks, and focus on the circumstances before us.

There are families that planned on celebrating a holiday together, by attending a parade.  An innocent enough idea.
Taking your kids downtown to watch people marching down the street, playing musical intruments....entertaining children and adults alike.
I'm sure there were little boys excited to see big red fire trucks, and little girls watching the baton twirlers!

The colors of red, white, and blue proudly displayed everywhere to commemorate our country's freedoms!
To have all of that shattered in a matter of seconds by a crazed person with no regard for human life is beyond my understanding.

Where do we go from here?  Do we just sit and let the authorities take care of everything?
NO.....we pray.
We pray for the peace that transcends all understanding....for the families that lost loved ones. For the people that are recovering from wounds....physical, and emotional.
For the medical community that has to keep working with the injured, and their families.
For the spiritual leaders to help their congregations stay focused on God in these terrible times, and not to lose hope, because if we lose hope....we have nothing.
God does not cause the evil in men.
Men choose it for themselves.
It is God's will that none should perish. 
Pray for wisdom, for understanding, and for love above all else.