Saturday, January 27, 2018

Up and at 'um!!

I got out of this bed, and stayed out of it today.
This cold and flu won't keep me down any longer!
I will stop being a grouch, and consciously make the most of the rest of my day!
   After reading a few blog posts this morning, I realized that laying around all day won't help my mind, will and emotions get any better! Even though my body feels sickly, I don't have to feel that way emotionally.

    I can't get the time to turn off on my's wrong, and I don't like it on my photos....hopefully I will figure it out soon, lol.

    I visited a couple of new, to me, blogs today. I've seen them on IG, so I thought I would check them out. There are thousands of them out there, and I have been away from blogging for so long, catching up will take me until the end of winter!! Which will be a good thing, if you read my post from yesterday...hahaha.

    Monday will be back to school for me. Took Thursday and Friday off because of this cold/flu thing. The part-time teacher's aide position has been a full-time position for a month, because of people retiring at the holidays. I will be glad when my hours go back to part-time again.....hopefully soon.

  Our annual snow festival is this weekend here at the lake. It sounds like a hive of bees are buzzing around outside my's actually all of the snowmobiles out on the lake going about 11,000 miles an hour. Not to worry, they will stop at about 3:00 a.m. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Shouldn't winter be over?!

 Winter.....I am not a fan.  Living in the Upper/Lower part of Michigan was not the smartest choice ....ever. I am a warm weather person, and I need sunshine. The growing season up here is way too having flower gardens is a sad hobby to up here. The Mr. made a faux fireplace for me(so I could pretend to be warm during the long winter months here in the freezing north). We actually have a pellet stove, but I don't like it, because of all the soot it leaves all over the place!! I found this gorgeous insert recently at a wonderful shop in Howell. "Like Mother, Like Daughter" has the most unique pieces from Victorian buildings, and old churches, and buildings from down south(out of state). This awesome piece helps me to imagine myself sitting in front of a warm fire, crackling in the pretend fireplace on these frigid winter nights here on the "tundra".

                                                                              Thank goodness for my job at school!!  I would be so
        bored if I didn't have something to keep me busy during these long winter days!  I don't mean to
        complain. It's just that time of year again. Christmas is over, and the snow should be gone. The
        sun should be shining, and the temperature should be hovering around 72*.  I've been seeing 
        flowers all over on IG, and it makes me want to get outside!!!  but NOT in the snow!! in my
        kayak...on the water, wearing sunblock! instead of a snowsuit!!

                                                                           I cannot wait to go to Sanibel Island!!  My sister, and her husband are going with us this year. They have never been there!! How fun it will be!

                                                                                      The inside of the corner cupboard finally got
               painted....very recently!! I like it so much better than the coral color that was in there.

                                                                                     I also found a unique dining table at "Like 
                  Mother, Like Daughter" at Christmas-time. It is scalloped around the top, and has 
                  gorgeous wood scroll work on the pedestal, legs, and around the table/top edge.

                                                                           As you can see, pale colors are being added here
                  at the cottage.  I like the pale blues, pinks, and some aqua. I'm not sure what summer
                  will bring....I have stayed with mostly whites for quite awhile.
    I hope that where ever you are, you are happy, and enjoying, cold, or something in between.  
I will go put on my big girl panties now, and get over this stinkin' winter weather!!