Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flea Market Fun....

Good afternoon.
I trust your weekend was good.
I spent Sunday with my sweet sis from Heaven's Walk, Laurie...and also with Michelle from Emerald Cove.
We went to the antique/flea market in Allegan.
We had never met Michelle in person, so this was a real treat. She's such a fun person, with a great personality. Kind of felt like the three muskateers(stooges).
 While shopping the flea market, we saw this awesome sign! hmmmm. what a great name for a blog....

 Not saying all bloggers are obsessed, but some of us cannot even eat fried pickles without first making a tabletop vignette.

I snapped this picture for Rebecca over at Ella Mae's Barn Gatherings, because she LOVES pink!
 This cute little urn got scooped up to put on my wicker desk...next to some previous finds at the market.

I seem to have this obsession for vintage bird cages. Last year I bought two at the market. This year I found this totally awesome rusted green one!!!!

The wicker table was a fantastic buy! Laurie surprised me with the framed picture from our trip to Sanibel, and a few other sweet treasures. My little "wicker corner" is coming along quite nicely.
 I didn't buy this chair at the market, but did find it recently at a vintage shop for just $12.00. I like how it fits in with the other pieces. Seems like I'm kind of crazy for flower frogs too, because I bought a couple more at the market. You can see one on the table with a little pic in it.

 Then there was this NOT quite equally spaced hook rack. But, I don't care.Now that I'm adding sea greens and blues here at the lakehouse, the color of the rack is perfect!!!!! I'm lovin' it with all the other vintage things (stuff) in the corner of the dining room.

Once I have the large urn filled and in place, I'll post that too.
I had such a good time with Laurie and Michelle. What a blessing to be able to shop with kindred spirits.
We plan to go back to the market next month.
Until then, I'll be playing with all of my new things...placing them here and there in this old lakehouse.
Enjoy your day!


Friday, June 24, 2011

It's still raining.....

Good morning everyone!
It's still raining here at the lakehouse.
The ark is almost finished.
I'm painting the inside all white; and the animals are lining up.
I wanted to show you the cute little cloches I found for my booth. LOVE the little birds on top!
Of course, I kept two for myself.
They will match the "animal" theme on the ark.

 I love the chippy white paint on the stands.
I'm having trouble with blogger again. Some pictures won't upload, and I cannot respond to all comments.
Anyone else having problems?

Heading down to Heaven's Walk for the weekend. Laurie and I are meeting Michelle from Emerald Cove at the antique/flea market in Allegan.
Can't wait!!!!!!
Have a wonderful Friday!
If you happen to see pairs of animals heading north, you'll know where they are going....the lakehouse!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I couldn't do it....

I couldn't do it!
I couldn't let go of my old Heartland Stove.
 I was going to put it out by the road with a for sale sign on it, but I couldn't.
Then I was going to sell it on Craig's List, but I couldn't.

 I was going to bring it to the shop, but I couldn't.
 Why am I soooo attached to this thing?
Because I had it at the farmhouse when the kids were little?
Because I saved, and saved for it over twenty years ago?
 It's crazy! It's just a "thing". But I love it!
Sooooo...even with my new stainless stove coming tomorrow, I will still have my much loved, old stove.
Our kitchen and dining area are one big room, so it works having it in the dining room corner.
It probably doesn't match the lakehouse "theme"(whatever that is)...but I don't care.

Is there something at your house that would be hard to part with? or am I the only nut-case here in blogland?
Doesn't matter...the stove stays!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A "blah" day.


It's one of those "blah" days here at the lakehouse.

You know the ones that are completely overcast with grey clouds. It rains off and on, and is a little windy.
 You go through the house and see so many things that you could get done, but don't feel like doing anything.

 You don't feel sad...just "blah".

 I took pictures of my collection of grey shells...kind of matches the day...although I LOVE all the shades of grey in each shell. Some are soft, and fade into white. Some are dark with specks of orange or burgundy in them. Then there are some that are that beautiful grey-blue...the color of a stormy sea.

I really don't know where this fascination with seashells came from. Laurie always has shells displayed at her house..inside and out.
Maybe that's where I got the bug.

Anyway....after looking at my shells, I decided to clean the hutch.
Inside I found this old tablecloth that belonged to my Grandma.
It has the perfect shade of aqua, and a pop of red. I love the contrast against the white in the middle and along the edge.
The tablecloth got me out of my grey mood. It reminded me of what a wonderful woman my Grandma was. I loved her with all my heart. I always wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I'm still waiting for that to happen...because I am still waiting to grow up.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm turning blue!

~~~~~~Happy Sunday morning~~~~~~
 It's really quiet here at the lakehouse this morning. All you hear is a Purple Finch singing just outside the kitchen window.
As I sit here, enjoying the morning, I realize.......I'm turning blue!!!
When did aqua start creeping in here?  I'm finding shades of greens and blues everywhere!
Last summer, while at the antique/flea market with Laurie, I found this old door. I LOVED the aqua hues underneath the old chippy white paint. Instead of re-doing the door, I left it....and love it!

The summer dishes on the hutch are a mix of white and blue.
Of course, my mason jar collection and the bottles on the sills are all those wonderful blue-green hues of the sea.
 I'm lovin' the aqua and light blue chairs with the white ones.
The little piece on the table looks great with the chairs!!

Even the trims in the sewing basket are turning blue!!!!!
 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage linens!! so these towels were scooped up at my friend, Debbie's, garage sale.
I find myself buying aqua towels for the kitchen, and the bath. The rug in the downstairs bathroom is a gorgeous shade of aqua, too!!!

Good grief!! even my Paula Deen pots and pans are blue!
I can't seem to stop myself.
I'm even tempted to paint the bedroom bead board. After seeing Sherri's bedroom(Sherri's Jubilee), I'm obsessing about it.
There is just something about white and aqua together.....ya know what I mean?
Do you find yourself obsessing about colors, other than white lately?
Don't get me wrong....white is here to stay at the lakehouse...but adding little pops of color here and there seem to be making me happy.
Debbie, at DebbieDoos, has wonderful bright colors all over the place! I really love her header...it's so bright and cheerful!  Then there's Donna...the glitter queen...with all her French blues.........I'm thinking Laurie had something to do with it.
Maybe it's just a summertime crush for me. Or maybe it was the trip to Sanibel Island, with it's soothing blue-green sea. I'm not sure. I guess it really doesn't matter. I'm just enjoying things as they happen here at the lakehouse.
I'm going over to Sherri's Jubilee to find out what color is on her bedroom walls..then heading over to Home Depot.
Enjoy  your day!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy week.

*~*~*~Good morning~*~*~*
How has your week been?
Mine has been busy with three little girls here at the lakehouse.

Maddie, Kayla, and Zoey have been here since Friday.
They will be heading back down-state early this afternoon.
 I'll be blogging again after tonight. I promise to respond to all the comments left at my last post.
Hope you are enjoying your week. It's been very sunny and warm here, which is a good thing when you have little ones that want to swim, and play on the beach.
Have a wonderful Wednesday afternoon!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello, Summer? are you there?

Where did summer go?!
After the heat wave we had just three days ago, we now have rain and the temps struggling to hit 60.

It's not supposed to warm up until Sunday or Monday.
 Oh well, after the intense heat, I guess the flowers needed a break.

I'm amazed at how much my gardens lag behind everyone else's in blogland.
Most of you have summer flowers blooming, and we still have iris!
The window boxes are just starting to fill in, unlike some of those I've seen that are overflowing with color!

I really wish our floral season lasted longer, but living so far north, we take what we can get.

I DO love the blues of the first bloomers.
 I'm still weeding beds from last year!
I wasn't feeling the best last summer, so things got away from me. That means "catch up" this year. I don't mind..gardening is so fulfilling~~even the weeding part.

 I almost forgot to get these next iris! They are fading fast.

I'm  anxious to see the seedlings come up in the cottage garden. Once everything is blooming out there, I'll be taking more pictures to share.
Have a wonderful  day!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garage sale tablescape

It's Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.

I haven't participated in quite a while....mainly because I ran out of dishes to share.
 After going over to my friend's garage sale, I had another set of dishes!!
They are Pfaltzgraff...I hope I'm spelling it correctly. I love the creamy white, and the design reminds me of Ironstone.

 I bought the silverware from Pfaltzgraff several years ago.
The same friend that had the garage sale sold me these pretty place mats. The napkins are tucked right under the flowers.

I really have no idea how to set a formal table. I'm sure the glasses are all wrong, but having pretty dishes for our meal always brings me joy.

For a centerpiece, I just clipped some gorgeous blue Hydrangea, and plunked it in a water filled carafe.

 Candles always add a nice romantic touch.

That's it. Nothing fancy, or by the book. Just dinner for two on my garage sale dishes.
Thank you Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday.