Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello, Summer? are you there?

Where did summer go?!
After the heat wave we had just three days ago, we now have rain and the temps struggling to hit 60.

It's not supposed to warm up until Sunday or Monday.
 Oh well, after the intense heat, I guess the flowers needed a break.

I'm amazed at how much my gardens lag behind everyone else's in blogland.
Most of you have summer flowers blooming, and we still have iris!
The window boxes are just starting to fill in, unlike some of those I've seen that are overflowing with color!

I really wish our floral season lasted longer, but living so far north, we take what we can get.

I DO love the blues of the first bloomers.
 I'm still weeding beds from last year!
I wasn't feeling the best last summer, so things got away from me. That means "catch up" this year. I don't mind..gardening is so fulfilling~~even the weeding part.

 I almost forgot to get these next iris! They are fading fast.

I'm  anxious to see the seedlings come up in the cottage garden. Once everything is blooming out there, I'll be taking more pictures to share.
Have a wonderful  day!



  1. Lookin Good Debbie... I am actually enjoying this morning in the 50's that 100 index just about killed me~ I am a fair weather gal, give me 50-75 year round & I would be a Happy Camper! Love that blue & white ruffly bloom, is that an Iris? I only have a small back porch way up hi (my entrance to my upper flat is around back & up stairs, so No place to really garden, so I am enjoying all the flowers around Blogland..... well, enjoy the cool, it will be HOT again before we know it~ xox

  2. Your flowers look wonderful and I love your pansies! The iris are my favorite color! Weeding never just goes away- always there waiting for us when we can catch up.
    This 97 stuff is for the birds and the bugs! We cool down tomorrow. It will go back to the 70s and then the low 80s. I am so ready for normal temps.
    Last fall was a most scary time. I am so glad that you are able to be out gardening this year.
    My peonies look terrible! They can't take the heat.
    I have them in partial shade and we have been watering them, but it's not doing much good.
    I wonder what the fall will hold for us this year? Will they kids be trick or treating in their bath suits or thermal underwear? LOL
    Isn't it fun visiting other gardens here in blogland? So many different kinds of flowers in different zones!
    And, oh the color!
    I hope you have a fun weekend and that it quits raining so you can play outside. If not- shop!
    Love you, girl!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I wish our Spring flowers lasted a little longer here in NC. Enjoy your spring ones while you can. The temps will be back up there soon I'm sure! It is in the 90's here. Hot, hot, hot!!

  4. I hear the weather is taking a turn in some states now. Don't worry Debbie it will not last for long. Your flowers sure are pretty though. Speaking of which I better get out there and water. Have a great weekend.

  5. Your flowers look beautiful. I have enjoyed seeing all the flowers in the blogland gardens. It is already quite warn here in Florida but not yet unbearable. The heat does not start bothering me until Mid to late August but I do not complaint [much] because I know winter will be rolling around and I do not like being cold at all! I would be happy to live in a place where the temps ranged between 75 - 85 all.year.long!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Hi Debbie! Well I think we've got your summer here on the east coast! I'll send it back...I can't keep up with watering in 100 degree weather! lol:)
    Love all your flowers...beautiful!!

  7. Your flowers are just gorgeous, Debbie! Glad to hear that things are finally cooling off a bit in your neck of the woods. I love your irises. I really miss mine! It's been cool here too, but I am thrilled to discover that this is a zone 7, which seems like the tropics compared to Michigan! Happy gardening!!

  8. Hey, sista! Wow - you ARE a ways behind us down here, aren't you? But your purples are soooo pretty! It looks so stunning next to the gray of your house. :) I was actually kinda cold today - in fact as I sit here typing away, my toes are freezing! lol! Looks like Sunday-Tuesday will be really super nice, though. Hope you get some of those days off! Luv ya! ♥

    xoox laurie

  9. Hi Debbie- Well, you know our weather is just like yours. Our gardens are so bad this year I am ashamed to show them...and it seems when I get home and have a few hours that the weather is blazing hot or it is cold and rainy. Crazy weather. Your flowers are the iris..and I am so glad that you are well enough to get out and work in the garden this year! xo Diana

  10. The weather certainly has been a bit wacky! It's still warm here but not scorching just yet. Your ruffly irises are really pretty. I wish I had more of them. I am getting tomatoes and cucumbers already. Not sure what to do with all the cucumbers. I may have to look into pickling!

  11. Your flowers look great-I'd take some of that cooler weather-so much to do but it's so hot!

  12. HEre in Colorado we have had a slow season also. And then yesterday it was in the mid 90's after very cool weather so do not think that will be helping garden much.
    My pansies were in their full glory a few days ago but with the heat will have to move them to some shade so they won't die. It is always a balancing act with the plants trying to keep everyone happy and blooming!

  13. Your flowers are soo pretty. Ours are having a hard time existing in these over 100 degree record setting temps.. we are at week two now. Many blessings, marlis