Friday, July 31, 2015

A perfect summer!

Oh how I love the creamy white flower heads on the hydrangeas when they first bloom.

They are pretty as they turn the gorgeous rose color, too.
There is just something about the purity of the white against the green leaves that seem so dreamy to me.

Even with the heat and humidity, the gardens have been doing quite well this year.
My sweet hubby has been helping out with the watering. We are fortunate to have the lake water to use for our lawn and gardens.
There have been plenty of fresh flowers to cut, and bring inside.
This has been a perfect summer here at the Lakehouse!
I am enjoying all the sunshine, and I love the 80 plus degree temperatures. It reminds me of the summers when I was young. Spending time at my grandparents' cottage at the lake. Doing all of the things that I loved. Swimming, fishing, chasing fireflies, campfires, catching frogs, hide and seek, and spending time with my two favorite people in the whole Grandpa and Grandma.
Have a great weekend....where ever you are!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Waiting for a delivery.

I'm waiting for a delivery this morning.
I ordered one of Janet Coon's beautiful throws from her Shabbyfufu shop.
Janet carries such lovely pieces in her online store.

The white throw will fit in nicely with all of the ribbon and vintage lace that we have here at the Lakehouse.

Just a touch of ribbon added to this recently purchased garden angel.

Love the way this crinkled seam binding flows over the mantle.

It doesn't take much to dress this gorgeous clock.

I hate to keep pretty pieces of lace folded away in a cabinet.
Why not show them off?!

Even the scraps are put to good use.

I love to layer pieces of linen, lace, and ribbon.

Worn vintage napkins make great sachets.
There is always something you can do with even the tiniest of pieces.
I hope you find something that puts a smile on your face today.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A fun weekend, and an old door.

It's been a busy, busy last few days here at the Lakehouse.
The weather has been perfect for spending time outside.
The kids have been tubing, swimming, fishing, and playing on the beach.
We've been eating out by the fire every day.
We've had company since Thursday.
Our yard looks like a mini-campground.

Today I took a short break and went up to my favorite shop to pick up my door that the owner has been holding for me.
It has the original hardware on the other side, but I like the wood slats on this side.
The patina is a gorgeous aqua.
I love the formal wall sconce on the old rustic door.

The wine rack was moved under the window with the old sash sitting in it.
The whole arrangement makes a nice setting with it's mix of rustic and chic.

The blend of primitives and lace just makes my heart smile.
Throw in a French chair or two, and I'm in Heaven!
Time to feed the hungry crowd!!
I hope you are having a fun weekend!
I'm joining Kerryanne over at Shabby Art Boutique for Shabbilicious Friday. You will find lots of great inspiration there!!
I'm also joining Ivy and Elephants for the Wednesday link party What's It Wednesday? Be sure to go over and see what's going on.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lots of flowers!

                                                                             Good morning!
We got lots of rain yesterday, which helped the flowers really explode this morning.
      I hope you don't mind more pictures of my flowers again.                          
          Most have reached their peek and will be starting to fade soon.                    

              Hollyhocks are one of my favorites, and this pale pink is heavenly.                    

      While I was with my grandchildren, the weeds got ahead of me. Today is my day off, so I will be outside cleaning up flower beds...and getting some sunshine as a bonus.
Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Now, I am old.

I got home late this afternoon.
I was babysitting my grandchildren for the past six days.
I realized something very important while I was away.
I am old.

I am glad I had my children when I was in my twenties.
Back then I could run, and jump, and I was bull!!
Now....I am old.

In my twenties, I could stay up late, and get up early.
I could go up and down the stairs, at least one hundred times a day without breaking into a sweat. 
The house was clean by ten o'clock, and laundry was hung on the line before that!!!
The kids were fed, and dressed, and ready to play outside before Sesame Street came on.
Now....I am old.

Now, the grandchildren come into the room where I am snoring, and shake me awake to tell me they are hungry.
Would I please get up and fix breakfast before it's time for lunch?!
Plus, they want to go swimming, and that means I have to clean the pool......after getting out of my pajamas, and cleaning up from breakfast, and making beds, and starting laundry.

By the time everyone finally gets into the pool, and I am relaxing in the sun, Olivia (who is three) has to go to the bathroom.
I get her wet suit off and back on again, and back out to the pool, then settle back in my lounge chair when the bigger kids start whining that they are hungry again.

I fix lunch to be eaten outside, but no one wants to eat outside, because it's too hot outside, so everyone has to change from their bathing suits into dry clothes so they can eat the kids are eating their lunch INSIDE...I am hanging wet suits and towels outside.  As I head inside to check on everyone, the kids are heading back outside to get their bathing suits!!!  They have finished their lunch and have  decided to go back OUTSIDE to go swimming!!!! 

As the kids are getting ready to go swimming, I am in a heated debate with Olivia about going to the bathroom before going out to the pool. She tells me she just went, and cannot go again right NOW!!
So outside everyone goes again for another session of swimming.
The younger kids are wearing their arm-floating devices, and Olivia is wearing her upper body flotation gear.
We are set to go. 

We are in the pool.
The air is hot, the pool is cool.
Everything is perfect.
Olivia has to pee.

I watched the kids for six days.
We got up early everyday.
We went to bed late every night.
We swam most of the time.
Olivia went to the bathroom a lot....sometimes even in her pants.
It was fun (most of the time).
I could not be a full time mom, or babysitter......because......
I am old.
The reason I say this is because I am exhausted. 
I am home, and I am tired.
I have to go to work tomorrow, but I am worn out from all the children. From all the outside, and inside, and the swimming suits and towels, and the dishes, and the whining, and the eating, and the bathroom going. How did I do this before?!
Now, I am old.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shopping, and some cute stuff.

I stopped in to see the shop where I used to have my booth "Seashells and Lavender".
There's a new owner.
The place looks amazing!
Booths have been revamped, and filled with items that are a little more on trend with today's decorating styles.

The previous owner had built up a good business over the years, and the new owner has added her own style to it.
The women have been able to merge their talents into a great place for people in the area to shop, as well as attracting tourists that come from out of town to shop, as well.

The new owner put together this cute tool belt.
She painted it white, and added the brushes, strap, pussy willows, and faux roses.
I love the shabby chic element she's added with the strap, and painting it white.

This angel was another find.
I like that  it's metal.
The wings match another set of wings that I have in the living room.

I was happy to find this sweet child's apron to add to the other vintage aprons that I collect.
My granddaughter's will be able to use it when they come up to visit.
If you are ever in the Houghton Lake area, you might like to stop at Morning Glory Mercantile on M-55. You will be pleasantly surprised.
I will be away for a few days; taking care of the kiddos.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Garden photos....again!!

It was a sunny being outside was on the schedule.
Taking the wicker furniture out of the garden, and hauling the potting table in to replace it was the plan.

There were lots of weeds that needed to be pulled in the process.
No job is quick and easy here at the Lakehouse.

The mister was away, so pulling this baby off the porch and into the garden was a chore...but I'm strrong like bull!!!

I managed to get everything put back on the table, and set up the way I wanted; next to the solar ball jar lamp that hangs over the table now.

Hung a birdhouse in the porcelain berry vine, too.

Then I moved around to the water side of the house looking for more weeds.
The window boxes aren't doing very well this year.
They just aren't spilling over as in years past......sigh.

It's a jungle out there!!
The coneflower are just starting to bloom on the side of the patio, and along the water's edge.
The large clematis around the other side of the house is looking great this year!
The lilies and liatris just behind this menarda will be out soon.
The climbing hydrangea in the background seems to be taking it's sweet time.
I'll take more photos as things unfurl around the house and garage.
A lot of the roses aren't doing as well this year as they did last year.
From one year to the next, it's a gamble.
Until next time.......