Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Waiting for a delivery.

I'm waiting for a delivery this morning.
I ordered one of Janet Coon's beautiful throws from her Shabbyfufu shop.
Janet carries such lovely pieces in her online store.

The white throw will fit in nicely with all of the ribbon and vintage lace that we have here at the Lakehouse.

Just a touch of ribbon added to this recently purchased garden angel.

Love the way this crinkled seam binding flows over the mantle.

It doesn't take much to dress this gorgeous clock.

I hate to keep pretty pieces of lace folded away in a cabinet.
Why not show them off?!

Even the scraps are put to good use.

I love to layer pieces of linen, lace, and ribbon.

Worn vintage napkins make great sachets.
There is always something you can do with even the tiniest of pieces.
I hope you find something that puts a smile on your face today.


  1. Oh you are going to love your throw Debbie! I was fortunate to win one last year and I absolutely love it. I chose the Beach Glass and have it in our guest room:) That clock is so gorgeous, along with everything else. Hope you're having a lovely week my friend...our sun came back, woohoooo!!!

  2. Debbie, I love all the laces and ribbons where you can see them. I have been thinking of all the things were collect, then put away...we don't enjoy them and neither does anyone else. Kind of sad. You'll have to post a photo of the throw you ordered. I love the hollyhocks. Seeing them takes me back to my aunt's house....she and the neighbor had them in the gardens. Blessings to you my friend, Love you, Susie

  3. Yes, I agree Debbie that Janet has the most beautiful things in her shop and her home is so pretty. The ultimate Shabby Chic! I love your pretty lacy things scattered throughout your home. The little sachets are so sweet and I really love your red mail box. You have a wonderful way of putting romantic pieces together.


  4. Hello, I just love waiting for something to come in the mail! Last week we went to an amazing antique store and I bought a few things a white metal bench for outside, you would love it! But I was talking to the owner and she told me that if I ever wanted to buy some antique items or shabby Chic, she would buy them from me! Sounds like a
    fun idea... But everything I would buy I would want to keep and then I would be on that hoarder show LOL
    Love the photos and the red mailbox.......
    xoxo Roxy

  5. Hi Debbie,
    You will love your throw. I actually won the ruffle white throw on her give away about a year ago and love it. So soft and pretty. I am looking at my little lavender sachet that you made and sent to me. It still smells wonderful and the white lace fabric is so pretty. I think of you everytime I look over at it on my desk lamp. It is so much fun to get things in the mail. Highlight of the day. Hope your pretty throw comes today.

  6. Hi Debbie
    I Just love getting mail, how fun that you are waiting for something so special. I adore lace and ribbon and think it looks great on just about everything! Love love love your angel so much. Have a great day Debbie, enjoy this beautiful sunshine

  7. Oh, I agree, what a shame to keep vintage lace hidden away in the darkness! Just love the touches of love throughout your home with the vintage lace! How fun that you are getting a fun package in the mail, so exciting! Hoping that you are still enjoying the sunshine :)

  8. I have the same garden angel. Well...I actually have 2 of them...my other one is silver.
    Your vintage lace is beautiful!!

  9. Wonderful photos and thoughts. Greetings!

  10. I love the cheerful and welcoming view of your mailbox there. It's always wonderful to see how you put together your bits and pieces there at your house. You have such a creative flair. Hope you are staying cool with your lake breezes. It's going to be very hot here today.

  11. Beautiful images Debbie! Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  12. Your crinkly seam binding and lace is all so pretty, Debbie! I've long admired the throws of Janet's, and just may have to order one myself some day! Can't wait to see yours, what color did you get?

  13. Oh how exciting! Isn't it fun when you're expecting something in the mail that you've ordered? I'm sure the throw will be gorgeous. I like the soft crocheted pieces and ribbons that you've used in your home.

  14. You have no idea what a lift I get when I come over to your blog and see inside your beautiful home Debbie. You love all the things I love and I go from photo to photo drooling over every lovely bit!!! Your new angel is amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend!
    sending hugs...