Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Garden photos....again!!

It was a sunny being outside was on the schedule.
Taking the wicker furniture out of the garden, and hauling the potting table in to replace it was the plan.

There were lots of weeds that needed to be pulled in the process.
No job is quick and easy here at the Lakehouse.

The mister was away, so pulling this baby off the porch and into the garden was a chore...but I'm strrong like bull!!!

I managed to get everything put back on the table, and set up the way I wanted; next to the solar ball jar lamp that hangs over the table now.

Hung a birdhouse in the porcelain berry vine, too.

Then I moved around to the water side of the house looking for more weeds.
The window boxes aren't doing very well this year.
They just aren't spilling over as in years past......sigh.

It's a jungle out there!!
The coneflower are just starting to bloom on the side of the patio, and along the water's edge.
The large clematis around the other side of the house is looking great this year!
The lilies and liatris just behind this menarda will be out soon.
The climbing hydrangea in the background seems to be taking it's sweet time.
I'll take more photos as things unfurl around the house and garage.
A lot of the roses aren't doing as well this year as they did last year.
From one year to the next, it's a gamble.
Until next time.......


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Your garden looks heavenly. Loved the tour. My roses are not so great with all the rain we have had. They need some heat and sunshine. Have a great evening.

  2. Oh Debbie your comment "I'm strong like Bull" has me laughing. Your gardens are intriguing, your plantings compliment the other flowers and add vibrant colors. It all adds a dimension of loveliness with the architecture and I adore your table. Now that table can be a magazine shot.

  3. Debbie, I think it is pretty around your yard and gardens. One thing will grow in all this rain and that is weeds. Making work. My biggest thing is trying to not get bitten by mosquitoes. I need to wear that Deep Woods off with deet I guess. I like the potting bench, the way you have it set up with so many sweet things. I love to see little bird houses Your roses and hydrangeas are beautiful. Enjoy all that beauty. Blessings my friend, love, Susie

  4. Weeding seems to be never ending and I try to get some every time I go out. Your flowers are all beautiful. It is wonderful here to see things blooming different times of the year too. From April till October always something new it seems. I love your Potting table, such a nice touch with everything you have on it.

  5. Everything looks divine. You'd never know you ever grow a weed!

  6. Your potting bench is gorgeous, it's my dream to someday have a garden and a potting bench:) I bet you can spend hours out there just hanging out and admiring all your hard work! It must be divine in the evenings too!

  7. Oh the sweet smell of summer here....the ginger bread trimmed planter window boxes, the garden bench, the Birdhouses? Nature loves you best :)

    So wild with natures garden, so sweetly tended to.


  8. Your garden looks divine! How many gorgeous flowers! It's a very romantic place To stay and relax

  9. Hi Debbie, gorgeous garden photos. Love your potting bench and how good your flowers are doing in-spite of a difference from last year. It looks like a french garden with a variety of blooms. My hydrangeas are huge but no blooms yet. I think we got too much rain here and had 3 more inches yesterday. Going to hit triple digits next week they are saying. The water meter will be working over time. LOL
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration of your gorgeous garden. I loved it when you said, you're strong like bull. I've said this myself. LOL
    Be Blessed and have a great weekend.
    Hugs, cm

  10. Hi Debbie
    What a pretty garden you have. Love the potting bench and your window boxes are gorgeous. My roses are not doing well either. Not many blooms on my hydrandgeas either. The weather has been gorgeous though, I don't mind the rain
    happy day Debbie
    can't wait to see more of your garden

  11. Wow, your cottage gardens are just gorgeous,Debbie! I love the pretty bee balm, and your flower boxes with the gingerbread trim are stunning! Love your potting bench, and great collection of bird houses. You sure have a green thumb! We've had lots of rain this summer, sure makes the weeds grow fast:)