Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rustic Elegance

What is it about rusty, crusty, and worn pieces that attracts us?
Bringing pieces inside that once graced gardens, and patios are now found on our tables, and mantels.

Mixing items with our indoor furnishings.......

Peeling paint, and moss covered items........

Cracked and rusty.

Clay, wood, tin, cement, and iron.

Adding ribbon and lace takes the rusty to elegant.

It puts the chic in shabby.

It adds the country to French.

and adds the style to prairie.
It's all a matter of individual taste. Rustic is not for everyone....just as rust, crust, peeling paint, moss, iron, etc. is not to every one's liking. That's okay. We each have our own particular style, and that's what makes the world such an interesting place.
I love old fence posts, porch posts, and iron frames inside the well as fences, and gates. 
We live in an old cottage. It allows me to be able to decorate in the style I love.....VERY shabby, with lots of architectural pieces. 
The more rustic, the better!
The title to this post in no way applies to my home.
I am referring to pieces that I collect only, and love to add ribbons and lace to them for a romantic feel.
I hope your holiday weekend was enjoyable.
I had a blast!
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  1. I love all of your wonderfully rusty and moss covered treasures, Debbie! the wings are just gorgeous and such neat accents for your beautiful home. Your home is so full of character and charm, and it's so extra cozy and inviting, too!

  2. Love the rust, chippy and wonderful pieces too Debbie. Where did you get that fabulous first clock you showed. I want one lol! Very pretty. Love all the charm shown here today. Happy New Week my friend.

  3. I think a lot of us have evolved to rustic to contrast with the pretty. Nothing matchy matchy anymore I say!! Love all of your 'old' pieces, Debbie!! Your decorating talent is unsurpassed.

    Jane x

  4. Good Morning Debbie
    Ahhh I love Rustic Elegance, chippy, moss covered things are beautiful. Love that picture of your home. You have such an eye for decorating and finding such pretty things. Glad your holiday weekend was great. Enjoy your week

  5. Your rustic , chippy pieces are wonderful.They are so elegant and shabby chic mixed with laces. Your home is a great pleasure for my eyes.

  6. You do have a wonderful blend there at your house. I am a fan of lace and old things. Glad you had a great weekend. It was a beautiful one here too.

  7. Your rustic pieces are lovely! I love the little chippy white bird, so cute:) I have those same metal wings, I got them from Decor Steals a while ago and eventually broke down and painted them white LOL. Your home always looks gorgeous, cozy and welcoming!

  8. Debbie,
    Always love seeing the beauty you add to your lovely cottage at the lake. Adding rustic adds a dimension that brings warmth into the home. A appreciation of tactile against pretty intrigues the eye. It just adds the needed soulfulness to a home I think.

  9. I also love the rustic and chippy things <3.Today my favorite picture is the bird,or the wings maybe the I just think all of them are so gorgeous.I love your french style home so much.I live in Europe and mine is not even close to the french look you created.Next weekend I drive to the Netherlands.There will be a big antique market with alot of french treasures.If you should want something specific,please let me know and I`ll keep an eye out for it.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post,have a great week.

  10. Everything is so pretty!! I love your clocks and angel wings. I've been wanting some angel wings, but not sure if I have a place to put them.