Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beautiful Sunday.

Hello Sunday!!
What a beautiful afternoon it is here at the lake.

A good day to be outside puttering in the garden.

Since it's Summer, and we live here on the water, seashells go well with water...right?
Even tho we don't live at the sea....a girl can dream...sigh.

Still working on that Secret Garden.
Adding special little pieces here and there.

Watch where you wouldn't want to step on one of the many fairies dancing among the flowers.

A favorite drinking spot for winged visitors.

I found a few more old bricks for the path!
Mr. L says he knows where there are more....yippee!!
Have a fun week everyone!  It's Summer time~~~weeeeeeeeeee(we are going to Michigan Adventure with my girls, and their families tomorrow. That means coasters, and the water park. FUN!!! ) and maybe a hurl or two.....xo

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My secret garden.

Welcome to my cottage garden.
AND to the garden within the "secret garden".
This is the entrance that beckons you in.

Inside you will find richly scented roses, daisies, purple spikes, yarrows, and lots of other surprises to delight your senses.

I'm working on a brick path that leads through the garden.
It's small, but full of delightful flowers, butterflies, bumble bees, and hummingbirds to entertain you.
In just a few days the hollyhocks will be open, causing an even lovelier experience as you venture through the secret garden.

I thought I'd show you the Peace Roses, too.
They just started to bloom.

These are the only red roses here at my cottage.
They are beauties!

Here we are....back at the entrance to the garden.
You can see where I've started with a few bricks for the path.
I've never been a formal-type gardener. I love the look of the Monet Inspired Gardens you see in California. Like a floral fireworks display of kind, and color.
Once the hollyhocks burst open...I will be showing them off...they are gorgeous!!!
Have a wonderful Thursday.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Enjoying Summer.

It's been a busy weekend, so far, here at my cottage at the lake.
Zoey, and Sadie are spending some time with us while their parents take a trip to Traverse City on a wine tasting tour for their anniversary.

 The girls have been playing with the dogs, Bella, and Bosco the entire time they have been here. They have been in, and out of the playhouse for two days...having the time of their lives.

 I've been cutting flowers, and putting them in small pitchers, and bottles the last few days. The girls LOVE helping me with the gardens while they are here.

In just a few more days the gardens will be bursting with blooms!!! The Hollyhocks are getting ready to blossom. The roses are already blooming, as you can see...but so many buds are ready to open.
The cottage garden is going to be in full bloom by the 4th of July!! 
Time to see where my two little darlings are.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's in the details.

Good morning!
And what a lovely morning it is at my cottage here at the lake.

For some reason, my eyes are wide open today.
I'm seeing the "details".
Sometimes I take for granted the blessings, and beauty that abounds around me....
I'm looking a little closer today, and paying attention to what's going on in my world.

I've been blessed with so much.
I'm not talking about the material things of life. Although God has given me the things that bring me joy in that area of my heart as well.

The relationships that He has birthed in my life are the "things" that I am looking at in depth this morning.
I find those born of the Spirit, are the ones that have lasted through the good AND the bad times.
The friendships that have all the details.

Do you have a friend that you don't see often?  But when you get together, you pick up right where you left off the last time you were together? A person that you can say anything to, and she understands? Someone that loves you, no matter what?

Do you have a family member that is just as much a best friend, as they are a sister, or mother, or daughter, or any form of relative?  or even your husband??? giggle.

There are so many things that I unintentionally miss.
Like complimenting a friend on her hair, her smile, or how much I love her laugh.....details...her sweet spirit.
I need to get back to communicating my feelings to the people I care about.

Tell them that they are a blessing in my life.
That I love them.
Make sure my grandchildren know that every little thing they do, and every detail about them brings me joy.
That brings me to you, dear blogging friends.
Thank you for visiting here at the Lakehouse. I appreciate all of your kind comments to the posts, and photos. I feel I have found you to be kindred spirits.....blessings, and very encouraging.
Blogging gathers you into a new community of that I enjoy being a part of.  xo

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Waiting for the flowers to bloom.

Happy Father's Day!
It's been sunny off, and on today.
I went outside to take a few pictures while the sun was out.
I cannot believe it's the middle of June already!
Most of my flowers haven't even bloomed yet!

This is the potting bench Mr. L built for me years ago.
I can't imagine Summer without it.

There are SO many perennials that haven't bloomed yet!
Everything is late because of the long winter we had.

When the Hollyhocks finally do flower, they are going to be monsters!!!!
I won't be able to see any other flowers in here!

Hello Peonies...time to wake up.
I'm not complaining. Summer is so short here. Having flowers blooming in July AND August will be nice. Usually things start looking a little worn, and leggy by August. So having the gardens look fresh for a little longer into the season is a plus.
I still have quite a few Iris. That's a good thing.
Hopefully you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon.
~~~~God Bless You~~~~