Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ready for visitors...hopefully.

Hello blog friends.
It's a windy Sunday afternoon here at the Lakehouse.
I really should be outside pulling weeds, but have a few things to get finished inside today.
I have visitors coming tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to pick up some fresh flowers, and then a few groceries.
I'm baking an apple pie for my guests.

I still have two bathrooms to clean, and the kitchen floor to wash. I usually do those chores last.
Isn't it funny how we clean our heads off getting things ready for company?
Do you ever wonder if they ever notice that you've cleaned for two whole days before they arrived?
Not saying the house is even dirty enough for all that work!
But...if you are anything like me...which I'm sure you clean like a crazy person just in case someone decides to put on a white glove and run their finger over one of the surfaces in your house!!!
I even pressed every piece of linen I own. Why? just looks so nice all pressed, and I said before...a crazy person.
So.........hopefully by 9:00 tomorrow morning I will be ready for my visitors. If I forget to clean something, I'm hoping it won't be a toilet.
I'll let you know.


  1. Looks beautiful Debbie! Good luck!

  2. Won't be clean for long.....! hehehehehe!!!! Have a FUN day, sista!!!! I'll be thinking of you all!! ♥!

    xoxo laurie

    (PS Oh, and give your guest a special hug from me, will you? ♥)

  3. Rofl. We did the SAME thing today!! We will have a steady stream of guests at the lake for the next 2 weeks so there will be a lot of cleaning being done. Enjoy your guests.

  4. Love your new blog header, Debbie! I bet by now you are pooped with all of that cleaning and scrubbing for your company! I know I do the same thing, and often wonder if it gets noticed! Have a great day tomorrow, love your buckets, they are amazing!

  5. Your flowers are looking a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!!

    I do the same thing as you, and did, for daughter's wedding. Even though others may not notice or know how hard you worked, YOU know and it makes you breathe easier.

    The last couple of things I catch before I forget are emptying the trash can and giving the sink a good scrub.

    I am SO excited for you!


  6. Hope you have time to sit and enjoy your company. Looks wonderful and I'll be over for pie someday. Have a good time.

  7. Hope you had fun Debbie!!!
    Your guests are in for a real treat!