Thursday, June 27, 2013

My secret garden.

Welcome to my cottage garden.
AND to the garden within the "secret garden".
This is the entrance that beckons you in.

Inside you will find richly scented roses, daisies, purple spikes, yarrows, and lots of other surprises to delight your senses.

I'm working on a brick path that leads through the garden.
It's small, but full of delightful flowers, butterflies, bumble bees, and hummingbirds to entertain you.
In just a few days the hollyhocks will be open, causing an even lovelier experience as you venture through the secret garden.

I thought I'd show you the Peace Roses, too.
They just started to bloom.

These are the only red roses here at my cottage.
They are beauties!

Here we are....back at the entrance to the garden.
You can see where I've started with a few bricks for the path.
I've never been a formal-type gardener. I love the look of the Monet Inspired Gardens you see in California. Like a floral fireworks display of kind, and color.
Once the hollyhocks burst open...I will be showing them off...they are gorgeous!!!
Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing the pathway project unfold...

  2. Oh my breathtakingly beautiful your garden is! The little pathway sounds lovely!

  3. You know, I think that awful winter you had was so worth it. Just look at all those blooms going on there.

  4. So pretty...wish you lived closer so you could help me!

  5. Just beautiful...those red roses are gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeousness, Debbie! Complete gorgeousness! I adore the idea of a secret garden. Now you've got me thinking where I could put one in my gardens..... :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. The brickwork will be lovely. LOVE the peace roses!

  8. Debbie- Your gardens are just beautiful. I am ashamed to even show my own this year- I have not had any outside time to work on them at all. I bet the scents from there are just amazing. Wish I lived closer to sit a spell with you and enjoy the fragrance. xo Diana

  9. Your gardens are so beautiful, Debbie! I adore the red rose, the foxglove, the purple spikes...stunning!

  10. Gorgeous gardens and so lovely and full! Mine are smaller and in need of some work now that I am off for the summer -hooray! Thanks for the super sweet comment on NanaDiana's blog.

  11. What a vibrant, colorful border! You must be enjoying the blooms!

  12. Wow! Your flowers are just gorgeous, Debbie! I am in love with the foxglove and roses. And Veronica, too. I used to grow it at my old house, but I don't have any luck with it here. You sure do have a green thumb!

  13. MMMMM SO AMAZING pics:) your blog Is really great.

    Check out my new post and have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria from