Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beautiful Sunday.

Hello Sunday!!
What a beautiful afternoon it is here at the lake.

A good day to be outside puttering in the garden.

Since it's Summer, and we live here on the water, seashells go well with water...right?
Even tho we don't live at the sea....a girl can dream...sigh.

Still working on that Secret Garden.
Adding special little pieces here and there.

Watch where you wouldn't want to step on one of the many fairies dancing among the flowers.

A favorite drinking spot for winged visitors.

I found a few more old bricks for the path!
Mr. L says he knows where there are more....yippee!!
Have a fun week everyone!  It's Summer time~~~weeeeeeeeeee(we are going to Michigan Adventure with my girls, and their families tomorrow. That means coasters, and the water park. FUN!!! ) and maybe a hurl or two.....xo


  1. It really is a secret garden! I love your cherub planter:) You should do a miniature garden in there somewhere:) Have a wonderful time tomorrow!

  2. What a pretty place you have there. Love all the fun things. Have a good time with the kids and take your pain killer with you. ;)

  3. I just adore the cottagey look your garden has, Debbie! Your new brick path adds so much charm to it. :) That pretty lady statue is just gorgeous among your flowers, too. So elegant! Have fun tomorrow with the kiddos!!! Don't forget your barf bag. lol

    xoxo laurie

  4. Debbie- Your garden shots are just gorgeous and those bricks forming a path just add the perfect touch. I love it. Hope you have a fun day with the kids.

    Just a note- did you know that your pictures are out of the main reading area and impinging on your right hand sidebar? Didn't know if you can tell by looking at it from your end so thought I would let you know. Love ya, toots! xo Diana

  5. Your gardens are just amazing, Debbie! I love all of your beautiful statuary, that cherub planter is too sweet! Looks like you have created a magical oasis:) Have a great time with your family!

  6. Gorgeous! All the colors make my heart sing :)

  7. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your daughters Debbie! I know you are :)
    I loved seeing all the beautiful photos of your garden. The colora are amazing!!
    I agree---my white ones smell the best too. Like a peony should. I do have some white ones that don't smell great, but some of my varieties do smell heavenly.
    many hugs from me...

  8. Your garden is gorgeous Debbie ! Have fun with your family and hopefully not too many hurts !! Gail x