Friday, July 5, 2013

A few Hollyhocks....

Well look who finally decided to wake up.
Little by little the Hollyhocks are opening up.
The colors are just as pretty as ever!

So many have decided to sleep late this year.
When they all wake up, the garden will be an amazing sight!

Once everyone wakes up, there is a grand garden party.
The bumblebees, hummingbirds, and garden fairies all join in.
As the breeze causes the Hollyhocks to sway, it seems to set the whole garden in motion. 
Everyone gets caught up in the joyful mood, and they swirl, and dance into the night.
The swirling sends sweet scents up through the air, causing sleepy children to drift off to sleep to the fragrance of Lavender, and Roses.
It all takes place in the Secret Garden that's inside the Hollyhock garden....*wink.


  1. Magical!!!!!! Your home is just so ethereal and special - I love looking through all the pictures!


  2. I LOVE Hollyhocks so much and yours are just beautiful! We are in a deep dark woods so it's too shady here but when I get my garden in Wyoming it will be total sun and they do really well out there. I see you have the pretty old fashioned kind (not the double kind), if I can't find seeds for them I may just be begging for some of yours. Very pretty post!
    xoxoxo Faye

  3. A few? Honey, we call that a bumper crop around here. SO, so pretty there. If I were a fairy, I would so dance in the moonlight amid your holly hocks and roses. Shoot- may do it anyway. Have a fun weekend!

  4. Oh-Debbie- They are beautiful...simply beautiful! I love hollyhocks-they are such dear, sweet flowers. Very pretty- xo Diana

  5. Oh my gosh, i love hollyhocks! I have tried growing them but they always die! Nothing says cottage like a bunch of hollyhocks, and yours are wonderful!


  6. Your hollyhocks are beautiful Debbie! Glad to see they're finally opening up-enjoy:@)

  7. Debbie, Your hollyhocks look amazing! Love the flowers in your header photo too.

  8. They looks so strong and healthy! Enjoy your weekend. xo

  9. Your hollyhocks are so pretty, Debbie! They have always been a favorite of mine, I love those old fashioned flowers just like you do! You sure have been busy in your gorgeous cottage style garden!!

  10. have a new title, girl. I officially bestow you with the title of "Hollyhock Queen". :) What an amazing forest of flowers!!! You truly know how to grow them beautifully, Debbie. :) How was your 4th?

    xoxo laurie

  11. Oh that is absolutely delightful! Yes! a reason for a grand party

  12. Love, love, love hollyhocks...they bring back childhood memories of making hollyhock dolls :)

  13. Debbie, You sure have a green thumb.. I love all your garden photos. I looked at previous posts and I also like that you have little hidden treasure through out . Enjoy your weekend. xoxo,Susie

  14. Wowwww Debbie!!! Your thumb isn't's bright green! Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! How wonderful to have that gorgeous space to enjoy!