Friday, July 19, 2013

What says Summer to you?

What says Summer at your house?
Here at the Lakehouse, nothing says Summer like seashells on a sunny windowsill. 

The sound of a sea glass wind chime singing songs in the Summer breezes. 

The sun coming through the gorgeous blues of my collection of Mason Jars that sit on the window sills.

Hanging whites on the line to dry.

Lighting tea lights in the lantern in the evening.

Watching as each flower unfolds.


Digging up more earth to make room for more flowers, and another garden.
What says Summer to you? Swimming, heat, humidity? Vacation?
Whatever it is...I hope you are enjoying this season of sunshine, and hopefully fun, and memories.
It seems to be going by way too fast for me here at my cottage. Even with all of the heat, and humidity, I am enjoying this Summer of 2013. I hope you are, too!


  1. Summer = picking, canning, and freezing! lol Your house looks so sweet and summery, Debbie ~ like a breath of fresh air! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. I love everything in your cottage - are we sisters?? xo

  3. Your home looks very light and breezy Debbie! Have a great weekend:@)

  4. Oh how beautiful everything looks Debbie! I love your windchime! Your garden is so gorgeous...what a blessing to have so much loveliness around you:)

  5. Summer means gransons' baseball games, water splashing from the fountain onto our pond, ducks to feed from our balcony, hot cars, deck dining, walking in the early morning hours. Not so lovely as your location!

  6. I am so envious of your gorgeous gardens, Debbie! They just keep getting more and more beautiful! Sea shells definitely say "summer" to me. So does swimming in our lake, icy cold lemonade, potato salad, and watching the fireflies flit around in our yard at night!

  7. Me too Debbie...I LOVE summer!!! I wish it could go on and on. Your summer 'loves' are just beautiful my friend!
    than you for your lovely comment. It means alot that you would take the time to visit my garden.
    hugs from here...

  8. Summer looks great around your place Debbie!!

  9. I don't know how I missed your last couple of posts, Debbie. I have been so busy it's not funny. Your summer shots are just beautiful and your header is SO gorgeous. I meant to tell you that earlier. xo Diana