Monday, July 29, 2013

My linen cupboard.

Good Monday morning!
Welcome to my Lakehouse cottage that seems to be getting "shabbier" as the days pass. Is "shabbier" a word?
It doesn't matter, you know what I mean.

While shopping at TJMax yesterday I found a bar of lavender soap.
Like I don't have enough lavender in the house...hmmm.
It's wrapped so pretty, and smells so heavenly. I just couldn't resist.

I added the bar to the top of the linen cupboard that's in our bedroom.
Isn't it funny how a little thing like a bar of soap can put such a big smile on our face?
It just adds to the fragrance of the other lavender soaps in the the ones that Donna, from My Shabby Chateau, brought back from France for me. Also, the soaps that Gail, from Where the Moon Sleeps, sent to me from across the BIG POND. 

Mmmmm....there's nothing like the scent of lavender for me.
I love tucking homemade sachets in with the line-dried sheets to help you drift off to sleep on a summer's night.

See what I mean about things going "shabbier" around here?
The first aisle I visit at Tarjay is the RA Shabby Chic linen aisle.
Sparks fly off my charge card when I check out! because I don't just buy the sheets. I don't know how many more quilts I need...we only have three bedrooms!!!!!
I don't buy clothes, or shoes....I buy linens...vintage, and RA. Oh yeah, I like big earrings, too.


  1. Debbie-It might be shabbier but it get prettier, too. I love your room and can almost smell the lavender coming from my screen. I love RA's stuff- all of it. You are really the one that got me turned on to her sheets. (sometimes I think you are the Devil in disguise) and now that's the first place I head when I get to Target, too. I must say though- it is a "good addiction". xo Diana

  2. Oh I too would pass up and entire outfit for a piece of vintage...anything! Very pretty post!

  3. Your little linen cupboard is the ultimate in shabby prettiness, and the little bedroom i can see behind the cupboard photo is precious too!


  4. Also I really like the smell of lavender, I like your Shebby chic. All the time I admire your home decor.

  5. Debbie, I laughed about you sparking up the charge card..too funny. I love your cabinet full of pretty things and the arrangement on top. I also love to smell lavender. So fresh. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer. xoxo,Susie

  6. Even your linen cabinet is gorgeous! I love the scent of lavender. My grandmother always had lavender soap in her bathroom and to this day when I smell it I think of her.

  7. Hi Debbie, Soooo pretty!! LOVE your look so much and lavender is a favorite of mine too! Maybe we should nickname you Lavender Girl!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. Debbie...I have a cabinet full of quilts too. I have a RA quilt from is white with tiny blue flowers. I have it displayed at the foot of our bed. Love your white cupboard and all the beautiful quilts and linens in it.

  9. Luscious linens, debbie. You would love a store in Sarasota, Florida. It's called Posh on Palm. Google it and I think you'll find their website.

  10. Well, linen and big earring shopping beats drinking. Love all your linens and the Dollar Tree has lavender soap, too...just in case you didn't know that.

  11. Hi Debbie ... the shabbier the better I say !! love your linen cupboard ...just soooo pretty ...there's nothing like getting into a fresh made bed where the sheets have been dried on the line in the sunshine and then stored with lavender ...perfect .... Gail x

  12. :) I think there's just SOMETHING about opening those doors and seeing all of the fresh RA linens and quilts stacked neatly and smelling so good! I've got so many sheets in my linen closet, I could make a dozen beds! lol Loving your shabbier look, girlie! It's just a look that you can melt into, isn't it? :) ♥

    xoxo laurie