Friday, November 29, 2013

A start to Christmas decorating.

With the wonderful aroma of turkey, and stuffing filling the house, and hot apple pie baking in the oven, my mood turned to holiday decorating.

Nothing major.
Just a few vintage bottle brush trees, greens, and some candles for now.

I am really enjoying the new colors in the living room, and dining room.
They give a less formal look to the rooms....lending a shabby feel. 
Now, the pieces I decorate with seem to show up more, and you get a better idea of what I'm going for, as far as decor goes.

This is just a start to my Christmas decorating.
Have you started putting things out yet?
Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Another post???

For those of you that were here already today, and left a comment....I'm sorry.
I do thank you for stopping by, and for leaving your comments on the first post.
After arranging the living room today, I decided to just sit, and relax this evening.

I lit a few candles, and the hubster started a fire.
It got all cozy in here.
I really loved the way it looked with the new paint color, and all of the warmth, and glow of the fire light.

My VERY inexpensive little camera doesn't take night pictures well...but I sat, and goofed around with it for a while until I finally figured out how to get it to take at least a few (kind of) cool photos.

As you can see, I'm not very good at this.   But....
I was having a little fun doing something different.

You will probably need some eye drops after looking at these last two fuzzy pictures.
I know I will!
I am enjoying the new colors here in our old cottage.
I'm glad the rooms are put back together....even if I keep moving pieces around again, and again.
I hope your weekend is off to a great start!
and I more posts

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A preview of the living room.

Good Tuesday afternoon to you.
The living room is almost finished.
One more coat on one last wall....aahhhhh.
This room is just a little bit different than the dining room.
The color in there is Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart.
The living room is Frost by Martha Stewart.

When this room is finished, I will take a picture of the entire area so you can see the two rooms side by side.
The entry into the dining room is quite large.

I cannot wait until the mister puts in the wood floors.
He installed them in the dining room a few years ago...and I love them!
The previous color in here was that same suede that was in the dining room.  It looked nice with the white trim, but just didn't give off that "shabby" look.  I like this color with all of the whites so much more.
I will finish painting tonight. Then move the furniture to their new places.
After a couple of days, I will hang a few things on the walls.
Then I will show you the room all put together.
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The dining room is finished!

I put the dining room back together after painting this past weekend.
I thought I would share just a little more of the room.

I am now looking for a chandelier for in here.
This one used to be black, burgundy, and gold.
It was from my "primitive" decor days.
Hubby painted it white, and I added all the crystals to "shabby" it up.

Bits, and pieces that once graced old porches.
A post, a piece of an iron railing. A water basin.
I found a few of these old half posts in a barn in Indiana years ago. The farmer let me buy them. He would have thrown them on his burn pile if I hadn't rescued them!! The gentleman probably would have given them to me, but I offered to pay for them! We loaded them into the back of the truck, and away I went.
As I was waving good bye, I noticed the man was shaking his head as he stood in his dirt driveway. Maybe he suddenly regretted letting go of such coveted treasures....or maybe he thought I was nuts!!!
It doesn't really matter, I guess...because I'm the one with the posts!!!!

So there you have it.
The dining room.
Painted in it's new color, and all put together again.
I will be joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Painting walls.

Boy, have things changed here at the lake house.
After our first trip to Sanibel Island, I wanted our cottage to look, and feel like we were living at the beach. I really liked the way our dining room looked with the crisp whites, seashells, and sand tones.
Although, there were  bits, and pieces of shabby chic here, and there.
Deep in my much as I loved the magic of the sea, and everything related to passion was with romantic, shabby chic.

When the tide went did the beach decor....except for the seashells.
I've decorated with antique, and vintage pieces for a LONG time. I started collecting linens in my teens. 
With the addition of ruffles, and roses in the past three years, I feel like I know the "look" I want to achieve here at the cottage.

I am changing the color of the upper wall in the dining room, down the hall, and above the cupboards.
It's called Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart.
It looks darker in the pictures than it actually is. 

The color depends on the lighting.
It's actually a blue/gray color.
I love it with the white bead board, and trim.

The kitchen isn't finished, and the steps need to be done.
Then it's on to the living room.
I'm not positive on a color for that room yet.
I will share more pictures in a few days. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

This and That.... I know what a sloth feels like.
I've been movin' mighty slow today.
I didn't get dressed until almost 3:00 this afternoon.
That was after the time change, so it was actually 4:00!!

The only reason I changed into some clothes was because I didn't want the neighbors to see me in my pink leopard print flannel pj's that late in the day.  AND, since my hair is long and curly. I figured it was time I brushed it so people didn't think I was channeling Bob Marley this weekend.

If the dogs had larger bladders, I could have waited until it got dark to let them out...but with the time change, they made it impossible. I didn't want to look like an escapee from the sanitarium, so I dressed, and brushed myself.

Meh...I don't know why I worry so much....I've looked worse.

The mister is at deer camp. 
A few days with a clean house!
I don't know about you, but I really enjoy a clean bathroom when he's out in the woods.
Don't misunderstand.....I love the man, I do.
The only complaint I have is, when he's's like living at deer camp 365 days a year!

It's like there's a herd of him!
How one man can carry in that much renders me speechless.
The only answer I've found is Xanax.

I'm not liking this time change.
I keep looking at the clock, and it doesn't seem like the right time. ugh.
Isn't it funny how just one hour can make such a difference to some people....weird people like me.

                                                                                 Well, I guess I should let the dogs out again. Now that it's getting dark again. After that, I'll put my pj's on, and relax. It's been such a busy day, ya know?  
Have a great week!!