Sunday, November 10, 2013

Painting walls.

Boy, have things changed here at the lake house.
After our first trip to Sanibel Island, I wanted our cottage to look, and feel like we were living at the beach. I really liked the way our dining room looked with the crisp whites, seashells, and sand tones.
Although, there were  bits, and pieces of shabby chic here, and there.
Deep in my much as I loved the magic of the sea, and everything related to passion was with romantic, shabby chic.

When the tide went did the beach decor....except for the seashells.
I've decorated with antique, and vintage pieces for a LONG time. I started collecting linens in my teens. 
With the addition of ruffles, and roses in the past three years, I feel like I know the "look" I want to achieve here at the cottage.

I am changing the color of the upper wall in the dining room, down the hall, and above the cupboards.
It's called Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart.
It looks darker in the pictures than it actually is. 

The color depends on the lighting.
It's actually a blue/gray color.
I love it with the white bead board, and trim.

The kitchen isn't finished, and the steps need to be done.
Then it's on to the living room.
I'm not positive on a color for that room yet.
I will share more pictures in a few days. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE the color! It sets off all your pretty white things so well. That was the perfect color choice. I also am in love with that white cupboard and everything in it! You have an excellent eye for decorating and color! Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Oh, I just clicked on the pictures and now I can really see everything. Can I move it! It's so calming and pretty! I love it! Or do you want to visit me in AZ and help me paint and decorate!!!! I'll take you to the flea market and out to lunch! :)

  3. I love it. Its so peaceful and calming, but it still has energy. Love the color and all your fun things. I could move in. So nice to find a blog that isn't selling something, boasting, or just plain out bs-ing folks into following. You are sincere, sweet and adorable. Love you, girl, and may God bless you openly!

  4. That's a beautiful color Debbie! It's so peaceful and serene:) Your home always looks amazing!

  5. I love your posts and pics. I get so excited to see your beautiful lake house. You have made a peaceful, lovely home for yourself and your hubby. Thank you for sharing and keep posting your pics! Love the new paint color too!

  6. LOL- That crazy Tete is onto something there and I am with her! lol I LOVE that color, Debbie. I may STEAL your IDEA and use that same color if I decide to paint our bedroom. That is such a peaceful soothing color. I love how the white looks with it- and I have white woodwork, too.

    I hear you- as much as I love everything SEA related when you live by the LAKE it is a different feel, somehow. I bring out bits and pieces of turquoise at Christmas in a downstairs room-but it doesn't feel "right" to me the rest of the year.

    I am glad it didn't sell- I think God wanted you to stay there and enjoy it a bit longer. You have developed your own style beautifully. No copy cat there-it's the real you! Hope you have a great Sunday evening. I am off to visit a few blogs if I can keep my eyes open! xoDiana

  7. Love the color with your white things Deb, glad for you that you are enjoying your home again.

  8. LOVE that color, Debbie! It's absolutely perfect for your cottage home!!!! It's so soft and romantic and yet holds a touch of the sea with it. It really brings out the white accents throughout your house, too. GREAT choice, girlie!!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  9. Debbie, It really does look romantic. I think it's good to change somethings around. I love seeing many different decorating schemes.. . The older I get, I find just keeping a house clean is enough work.LOL. Take care Debbie, I think of you often and always with love. xoxo,Susie

  10. This is such a pretty shade, Debbie and I think it is the perfect background for all of your whites and ruffles. Good for you for staying true to yourself. I see so many ladies getting totally mixed up over what "style" they's simply what you feel in your heart the most!


  11. How pretty, Debbie! That bluish gray really goes great with all of your lovely whites! I've been wanting to repaint our bathroom, but have been putting it off! I better get my rear in gear!

  12. No matter what you do, I always love it. Just beautiful.

  13. Oh it's a beautiful grey colour Debbie and makes all the lovely white treasures you have stand out just right !! You have got me in the decorating mood now !! have a lovely week ...Gail x

  14. I always love peeking in at your home...the color is so pretty!!

  15. I came across your blog today and love your decor! I also had been to Sanibel Island a couple of years ago and changed my decor to reflect the light fresh colors of the beachside.