Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My computer is fixed!!!! It's Christmas!!

It's been forever, it seems, since I've had a computer!  This thing has been in the computer repair shop for almost a month!! Ugh....I trust everyone has been busy with Christmas just a few days away.

           I have to pick up another kayak, and two gift certificates to buy, and my shopping will be finished!! There are presents to wrap yet....then food to buy....but that is on a different list.

      It feels cozy here at our lakehouse this holiday season. Lots of candles this year. The Christmas music is constantly playing, and the faux fireplaces are glowing, as well.

        I am enjoying insta-gram. There is a lot of inspiration there, and new people everyday!! I have been surprised by the number of people that are from Michigan on IG, and the shops and markets available to me....some that are within an hours drive from here!!

      I do miss blogging, however. I was happy to re-connect this Fall, and shortly after, this computer decided to take a huge dump!!!! Argh.......

        My teacher's aide position at school has been interesting. I enjoy it, most of the time. Some days, I wonder what in the world I was thinking about when I took the job!!  lol

        I found a shabby chic table for the dining room a couple of weeks ago at the most wonderful shop in Howell....the town where two of my daughter's live. It's called Like Mother, Like Daughter. They have unique pieces....LOTS of architectural pieces from churches, and old Victorian buildings. Huge mantles, and inserts. Pillars, cupboards, and gorgeous chandeliers. The color of the table I purchased is an amazing greenish-blue-ish-aqua-ish and white. It was used at the Emmy's!!!! The carvings on the pedestal and legs, and around the bottom rim of the table are truly gorgeous~.~.~.The top isn't round, but scalloped. Soooo unique.....the table and of a kind.

       The bottle brush trees in the urns, and the pink votive cups(small ones on the left) were also purchased at Like Mother, Like Daughter. The Mister helped pay for the table as my Christmas gift. He is putting a finish on the top tonight to protect it from spills. Love, love, lovin' it!
Enjoy the rest of this week. Don't get over-stressed. Light some candles, and put on some Christmas music. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up, lay your head back, close your eyes, and imagine a babe laying in a manger...wrapped in swaddling clothes......the newborn King.
Rejoice, and be Glad.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Good Changes....

Hello, and welcome.
It truly has been a beautiful Fall here at Lakehouse.
The weather has been warm, and the skies have been sunny.
That kept the roses blooming for quite a while, which kept me happy.

Rain was predicted for this week, so yesterday was spent up the fairy garden, and bringing in all the yard décor.

We've gotten so much rain from last night into this morning, there are actually flood watches posted in the surrounding areas for today. I guess Mother Nature stored up all the moisture this Fall for this week!!!

The toile curtains from the dining room are now hanging in the living room. They look nice in there with the shabby French accents.
I purchased RA blush pink, shabby chic curtain panels for the dining room.
They are a nice fit with the Limoges dishes, French chairs and chandelier.
I like them as a back drop for the pale pink buffet, as well. 

Working at the elementary school has been a change for me.
Being a teacher's aide has been fun, and challenging.
Things are so different from when my girls were going to school!!
I am totally out of the loop!!

It has taken me a while to get to a place where I can just accept where I am in this chapter of my life.
My girls don't need me to take care of them like they used to....and that has been difficult for me.
Yet, that is what I prayed for as they were growing up. For them to find someone to be a good mate for them. Someone who would help take care of their needs, and love them unconditionally.
As the grand kids get older, they aren't as infatuated with me as when they were younger. They don't run into my arms when I arrive at their they did when they were little. They don't cry when I leave anymore.
I remember wanting to live closer to all of the point of being severely depressed.
This past year, something changed.
I see them happy. I see them living their lives, and doing things that bring them joy.
When I visit them, I leave feeling uplifted.
I come home, unpack, and plan my week....working at school, kayaking, gardening, visiting with my best friend, baking and cooking for my husband, playing with my rabbits,  etc.
I still have purpose. God still has a plan for my life.
I am still a wife, mom, and grandma.
So.....even though some things change....they kind of stay the same.

Friday, September 15, 2017

If we can do nothing else....we can pray.

The weather this Summer wasn't the best. We didn't get a whole week of nice weather the entire season....except for this past week. It was sunny and very warm every day!!! Now that vacation time is over, and the kids are all back in school, it seems Summer has finally arrived.
I cannot complain, however. With all of the storms, and fires going on in other parts of the country, I will be thankful for whatever comes. The past week was glorious! it definitely felt good to be able to feel the sun and warmth on my face, and appreciate being where I am.
Still praying for those that have lost so much these past days and weeks.
"I pray for your healing, physically and emotionally. That you are able to recover your losses...and will emerge from these tragedies stronger than before."

As we change our décor, getting ready for the change in seasons and the upcoming holidays, lets remind each other to keep those struggling to rebuild their lives in our thoughts and prayers. 
If we can, in any way, help with donations of any kind....lets do that, too.

These people's plight won't end at the end of the week, or month, or even year.  It will be ongoing.....they will need our prayers and support for longer than just a season.

May I suggest a partner to pray with you for these situations, or possibly someone to be an accountability partner to be sure you are praying about these issues, so you don't forget? That's what I need.

I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty with this post.
I just feel strongly in the power of prayer.....from past experience with serious illness....more than once!!

If we can do nothing else to help....we can pray.

A few people have probably already stopped reading this post by now...but for those that are still with me....God Bless You!!!

Enjoy this Autumn season everyone!
Thank you for stopping by the Lakehouse.
Love and Smooches.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A rainy Saturday.

 As you can see, it's a rainy Saturday here at the lakehouse.  This mother wren was not very happy with me walking around the cottage garden while she was collecting food for her babies.
They live in a house hidden in the Porcelain Berry Vine growing on the picket fence.

The New Dawn roses are drinking up all of the rain we have been getting this summer. They are so very fragrant! The garden smells wonderful!!

The Coneflowers are maturing nicely. I have been seeing a lot of butterflies feeding on them.
 All of the roses are doing well with the rain we've been having, and just enough heat and sunshine to make them happy.

I love these butterscotch daisies, and so do the big old bumble bees!

This Blaze Rose rambles up the garden shed each year. It's an old plant. One of the first roses I planted here.

I like Loosestrife/Speedwell. It pops up here and there in the flower beds.
I especially like the dark pink Veronica that grows in more compact bunches.
I also grow the Gooseneck Loosestrife in the white color.
It's a nice flower to dry for arrangements.

The husband dug up some roses I had growing on the left of this arbor last year, to put in a drainage line. I was NOT happy, although it needed to be done.
This year I have been working on filling in the spot. I can't dig too deep for it's been a challenge.
Hopefully, it will fill in nicely.
Those huge rocks should grow slowly enough.
The husband is on a fishing trip out on Lake Huron this weekend. I have time to myself to weed.....IF it ever stops raining!!!
If not, there is plenty to do inside, I guess.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Labor of Love.

It's Friday, and it's been a busy week.
Mostly working in the cottage garden and flower beds.
These pretty roses are one of the many rewards from time spent working in the dirt. 

 After laying the mulch, it's now time to put in the old brick path.
While digging holes to plant more roses, I hit more buried bricks!
They are all vintage pieces!
I found some last year, and will add the ones I found this year, to the path.

 Things are starting to fill in nicely, and the roses are starting to bloom.
I am very happy with the way the cottage garden is looking this year.
It's all a labor of love.

A bee hive and bees, and a cloche was added to the fairy garden.
The rain pounded down the sand path....good thing there is more to replace it.
The New Dawn roses have really filled the French rose arbor!
The other side holds a pink, Nellie Moser clematis....

 Coneflowers are coming up in different places.
I love them, because they remind me of Prairie flowers.
Gives the gardens a romantic/country feeling.
The wind has died down, so it's time to take the kayak out for a paddle.
Thank you for visiting here at the lakehouse..
Have a happy weekend, and take time to smell the flowers!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Retired from the Pharmacy.....

Hello, and happy Summer to you!
Since retiring from the pharmacy at the end of May, I have had more time to work in the gardens!
I will be working as a part-time substitute teacher's aide in the Fall. I got a little training in the last three weeks of the school year.

        I have been working hard to get things back in order in all the gardens here at the lakehouse....Since working a the pharmacy every Summer, the flower beds here have been neglected, and need a lot of TLC.
   I will finally be able to participate in the Kirkland Garden Club tour, slated for July. It will take a lot of work, but I think things will be ready for it.

I am anxious to be a part of it all.
  This is the Fairy Garden Feature.
We had quite a storm the other night, and things got a little beat up by the wind and rain...but I was thankful for the watering everything received.
 I trust your Summer is going well.
Enjoy the sunshine, and blessings in each day!