Saturday, June 24, 2017

A rainy Saturday.

 As you can see, it's a rainy Saturday here at the lakehouse.  This mother wren was not very happy with me walking around the cottage garden while she was collecting food for her babies.
They live in a house hidden in the Porcelain Berry Vine growing on the picket fence.

The New Dawn roses are drinking up all of the rain we have been getting this summer. They are so very fragrant! The garden smells wonderful!!

The Coneflowers are maturing nicely. I have been seeing a lot of butterflies feeding on them.
 All of the roses are doing well with the rain we've been having, and just enough heat and sunshine to make them happy.

I love these butterscotch daisies, and so do the big old bumble bees!

This Blaze Rose rambles up the garden shed each year. It's an old plant. One of the first roses I planted here.

I like Loosestrife/Speedwell. It pops up here and there in the flower beds.
I especially like the dark pink Veronica that grows in more compact bunches.
I also grow the Gooseneck Loosestrife in the white color.
It's a nice flower to dry for arrangements.

The husband dug up some roses I had growing on the left of this arbor last year, to put in a drainage line. I was NOT happy, although it needed to be done.
This year I have been working on filling in the spot. I can't dig too deep for it's been a challenge.
Hopefully, it will fill in nicely.
Those huge rocks should grow slowly enough.
The husband is on a fishing trip out on Lake Huron this weekend. I have time to myself to weed.....IF it ever stops raining!!!
If not, there is plenty to do inside, I guess.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Hi Debbie
    Oh your garden is just dreamy* I love all the flowers and that sweet bird, oh my you are blessed. We had rain here also, I love the rain
    enjoy your weekend, I will be weeding also:)

  2. Everything you do is romantic and pretty. You have such a talent.

  3. It's so great to see your post on my feed, Debbie. I hope I haven't missed too many. Your garden is looking gorgeous but I'd expect nothing less from you...your flowers are always beautiful!

    Enjoy your summer.

    Jane x

  4. Yes rainy days were made so we can do our work inside. We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday and I went to a garden center. The lines were quite long as every one was taking advantage of the nice day. We've had so much rain that gardens are a bit behind. They'll catch up fast enough with a bit of sunshine though. All your flowers are just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend ! (inside or out)

  5. Hi Debbie, I read the previous post too, don't want to miss your gardens. :) You took some beautiful rain/flower shots. I love that. The colors of your roses are amazing. I love roses, but I only have a few blooms . The bush I keep trying to save for my daughter , bless it, gives me a blooms each year, not a lot but enough that I get to enjoy it's beauty. Teddy had a week long fishing trip too, I was so looking forward to my alone time...gosh, I had a cold the whole time...not fair. LOL. We love our men, but we like to be just a bit freer when they are away golfing or fishing. :) Blessings to you my dear friend, xoxo,love you, Susie

  6. Hello Debbie! I am so happy to see that you are posting again! I've been a bit absent myself, due to so many spring/summer busy-ness going on. I LOVED seeing your garden, it is truly gorgeous! I love the blooms you have, and even if it is raining, their happy faces smile on. I hope you enjoyed the week at home. Hugs to you today :)

  7. Hi dear Debbie!!! Your garden looks fairy and very romantic. All the pictures are stunning
    Hugs Alessandra

  8. Hi Debbie! I so admire gardeners and all the hard work you do. I am not at all inclined! But I do love everything about a cottage garden. My favorite shot here is the beautiful climbing rose bush with the garden table with the cloche and pots peeking through. It looks like something the Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin might paint. And the rain sounds so refreshing! So glad you are off to a lovely summer!

  9. Dreamy flowers....and oh, those fragrant roses! Love them, Debbie. And I love the rose arbor, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love having you. Susan

  10. Hi Debbie! Your garden just looks so lovely!! I love your rose arbor and your roses!! Glad I stopped in!