Friday, September 15, 2017

If we can do nothing else....we can pray.

The weather this Summer wasn't the best. We didn't get a whole week of nice weather the entire season....except for this past week. It was sunny and very warm every day!!! Now that vacation time is over, and the kids are all back in school, it seems Summer has finally arrived.
I cannot complain, however. With all of the storms, and fires going on in other parts of the country, I will be thankful for whatever comes. The past week was glorious! it definitely felt good to be able to feel the sun and warmth on my face, and appreciate being where I am.
Still praying for those that have lost so much these past days and weeks.
"I pray for your healing, physically and emotionally. That you are able to recover your losses...and will emerge from these tragedies stronger than before."

As we change our d├ęcor, getting ready for the change in seasons and the upcoming holidays, lets remind each other to keep those struggling to rebuild their lives in our thoughts and prayers. 
If we can, in any way, help with donations of any kind....lets do that, too.

These people's plight won't end at the end of the week, or month, or even year.  It will be ongoing.....they will need our prayers and support for longer than just a season.

May I suggest a partner to pray with you for these situations, or possibly someone to be an accountability partner to be sure you are praying about these issues, so you don't forget? That's what I need.

I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty with this post.
I just feel strongly in the power of prayer.....from past experience with serious illness....more than once!!

If we can do nothing else to help....we can pray.

A few people have probably already stopped reading this post by now...but for those that are still with me....God Bless You!!!

Enjoy this Autumn season everyone!
Thank you for stopping by the Lakehouse.
Love and Smooches.


  1. I totally agree with you and I was thinking about writing a post about it too. I did a little cleaning out of our closets and took it to a place that was taking donations to take down there. I also bought some diapers to add to the pile. Praying too, because it will take along time for FL and Texas to get back to normal.

  2. Debbie, I believe strongly in the power of prayer...prayer is what brought my son through the past year of illnesses. I know that you too suffer from Crohn's disease and his began raging over two years ago, so I know you can relate. It's all the prayers and support from friends, family and my blogging friends that helped us sustain our faith. I'm so thankful to everyone.
    As for the victims of the Hurricanes, I am saying prayers every single day. Their loses will go on for a very long time and all we can do is help monetarily and say prayers for each and everyone of them.
    Thanks for a beautiful, heartfelt post. You are such a gentle heart.


  3. Such wonderful and heartwarming thoughts about the power of praying. There's so much going around in the world and one has to be be constantly grateful for the little things. Greetings to you.

  4. Hi Debbie
    That was an absolutely beautiful post. I love praying, I pray every day through the day. Your post was a wonderful reminder though for those that forget or think they might not have time. There is always time to pray*** beautiful pictures Debbie. Enjoy your warm weather you are getting

  5. Hi Debbie,
    You've said it so well. There are so many that need so much due to the hurricanes. Their loss and what they've been thru is unimaginable. And you hit the nail on the head when you said this will be long term that they need our help. I've been praying for everyone too. Reminds me how I so easily take things for granted, like electricity and water and food. My heart is just broken for those in TX, FL and the Caribbean.

    Love your photos, your home is so pretty! Those pumpkins are great!
    Miss you!

  6. This was a great post Debbie. I believe in the power of prayer and have seen it work. So many prayers going out to all of those effected by these terrible storms. So sad. Love seeing your pretty pics. I love love love that chandelier reflected in the mirror. Where did you get that. It is gorgeous. Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

  7. So true!! I am praying daily for a young with and mother in Friendswood, Texas. She was one of Amber's synchro competitors back when they were in school. They are tearing out and cutting sheetrock, have set up fans and trying to dry the house out. I see her on Facebook and I am praying for her personally as well as some others.
    Puerto Rico is in bad shape. They are receiving aid but some of the locals were robbing others of the aid plus stealing the boats of the good samaritans briinging the aid. People killing people over water. It's ugly and scary. No aid is being brought to the island unless they have armed security. So sad. Not at all like what we saw in south Texas and Florida of people helping each other.

  8. Through your profile reading i knew that you live in a beautiful lakehouse which looks incredibly serene and magical from inside!

    i totally agree that Pray is most powerful thing to make a miracle happen (talking from personal experiences) .

    My heart feels and parys for people who suffered in storms ,may God make them feel at peace asap,amen.

  9. Prayer is powerful and makes the impossible, possible. I consider it an honor and privilege to pray for others and do so often. Your decorations are beautiful and express the beauty of the season. We have had some lovely days here too and am thankful for them. I am reminded daily of how much I have and pray for those that are affected by the terrible storms and earthquakes. Thank you for your post today. Yes, if we can do nothing else, we must pray.

  10. Everything in your house is so darn beautiful. Love the hydrangeas.

  11. Dear Debbie, i' m back. Your home is such gorgeous and i love everything. I' LL pray forma everyone
    Hugs Alessandra

  12. Hola Debby, la mesa con las calabazas blancas y los candelabros con velas blancas me ha encantado. Precioso todo. Un saludo.

  13. I'm sorry to be so late to this heartfelt beautiful post of yours Debbie! Your home is such a beautiful oasis, just seeing the serene calmness and beauty of your surroundings was heartwarming! I continue in prayer for all the terrible things happening seemingly on a daily basis! Oh, do I ever believe in the power of prayer! God has answered so many prayers for our family just recently, and I remain eternally grateful for the opportunity to find that power in prayer for others. Appreciate your sweet heart and writing, praying the precious blessings of the Lord for you and yours!