Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to you!
My email has been down for quite a bit, so I had to switch from hotmail to gmail.
My new address is in my profile if you need it.

The weather here is very nasty for the poor trick or treaters. 
Cold, windy and raining....and  some flakes here and there.

A good night to stay inside and sit by the fire.
My stomach has been feeling a little off the past week....symptomatic of Crohn's Disease.
I doubt I will be doing much in the way of partying tonight.

The white chalky brand of liquid relief for the stomach will be my drink of choice for the evening.
No ice....just straight up for me, thank you.

It should clear up in a couple of more days.
It's kind of like the tide....some days you have high tide, then it rolls back out. There have been times when a tsunami came crashing in....those days you need more than the chalky liquid drinks.

Things could always be worse.
It could rain on Halloween!!!
Hopefully the weather will let up long enough for the kids to get out and have some fun.
They look forward to this all year long.

I'd hate for them to get colds and flu because of the bad weather.
Ahem.....have you had your flu shot???
Just a plug from your friendly pharmacy tech.

AND don't forget about setting your clock back if you live anywhere around me......I deplore daylight savings time, by the way.  Does Hallmark make a card for that?
I sincerely hope that the weather is nice where you are, so the kids can enjoy their evening.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spider Legs and Eye of Newt.

If I wasn't ready for Fall before, I am now!
We woke up to our cars covered with snow yesterday morning.

I finally caved, and broke into the totes filled with the Fall decorations yesterday afternoon.
I was using dried flowers for my decorating....but with Halloween fast approaching, I decided it was time to bring out the few things I have that really say "Fall".

I don't do the traditional browns and oranges much here at the Lakehouse, except for two particular spots. Over the television, and over the kitchen sink. I even use mini-multi-colored lights....yellow, green, and orange that come in the softer hues in clusters of three on the string.

Maybe it's the kid in me that still likes the glow at night..... with the pumpkins, scarecrows, witch hats, black cats, bittersweet, and gourds.
The rest of the house is burlap sunflowers, dried flowers, and an occasional bottle of witches brew.
And don't forget the candles......LOTS of candles!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stoke up the fire!!!

There's a stiff north wind blowing here in Northern/lower Michigan. 
The cold air comes down from Canada, and crosses over the Great Lakes, bringing with it cooler temperatures for our region.
The leaves haven't reached their peak colors as of yet, but with these harsh winds, they might not hang on long enough for the color tour this season.
We had a long warm spell that caused things to run a little later than usual this year.
Colder weather is moving in quickly the past few days, along with the winds.
Everyone was busy getting the boats out of the water recently, and cleaning up what was left out for those warm Autumn days we were enjoying.

We will be using the pellet stove for added heat for the colder months ahead.
That meant it was time to re-arrange the living room to make better use of the stove.

It does seem cozier this time of year with the fire going, and throws on the sofas.

Our cottage has a huge room that we divide in the winter.
Half is used for sitting by the fire, and the other half is for tv watching.

The room is open, so both sides get the benefit of the fire.
This side is the one with the pellet stove...I cozy it all up, and make it as romantic as I can.
There are lots of candles, and the faux fireplace is here, too.
There is a vintage dressing screen that kind of gives it a little more coziness, as well.

The other side of the room is all white..slip covered sofa and chair, tv cupboard, side table, etc. Not very romantic....just a place to kick back and relax.
We are ready for some warm fires, and candle light here at the Lakehouse. The wine cabinet is stocked, and I just found some pretty vintage wine glassed at one of my favorite shops in town.
I am finally ready for Autumn!! *wink.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A couple of changes.

Moving things around again.
My house is like a giant game board...pieces are being moved around constantly!
My poor husband never knows where it's safe to sit.
He never enters a room with the lights off!

I got this French door but the trim was a little wonky in the middle section.
The supplier didn't have a replacement, so the company told me to keep the door, but graciously refunded my money. 

Hubby couldn't remove the trim, because it's nailed, AND glued in place. He was worried he would tear the veneer if he tried pulling the trim off.
I debated on how I could use the door without the trim drawing my eye to the flawed piece.
First, I repainted the door to match my decor. It went from green to French blue, sanded, then washed with French grey.
I hung the door, and made sure the trim was tucked behind my desk (in the corner).
Ta..da.....unless you walk over to the desk, and look behind it, you can't tell there's a problem!!!
If I ever move the door, the desk will have to go with it!!!!! lol.

Something else I changed were the chair pads in the dining room.
Earlier this year I had made toile covers.
With the "darker" months coming, I decided to change out the black print covers for these grain sack covers .

They brighten up the dining room for the coming winter months.
I really like the way they look!
Have a terrific Saturday!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Fall Mantel.

I brought in some things from the garden to decorate the mantel.
Gorgeous roses, and porcelain berries.

I might have waited a bit too long to bring in the berries.
The birds got to them before I did.

Who could resist these beautiful colors?
I love the blues, purples, and greens.

Maybe not your traditional fall colors....but combined with the dried roses, and hydrangea....the late blooming roses, and berries speak to my heart.

My fall mantel....steeped high in seasonal berries, dried flowers, and late season roses.
Happy Saturday to you!