Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stoke up the fire!!!

There's a stiff north wind blowing here in Northern/lower Michigan. 
The cold air comes down from Canada, and crosses over the Great Lakes, bringing with it cooler temperatures for our region.
The leaves haven't reached their peak colors as of yet, but with these harsh winds, they might not hang on long enough for the color tour this season.
We had a long warm spell that caused things to run a little later than usual this year.
Colder weather is moving in quickly the past few days, along with the winds.
Everyone was busy getting the boats out of the water recently, and cleaning up what was left out for those warm Autumn days we were enjoying.

We will be using the pellet stove for added heat for the colder months ahead.
That meant it was time to re-arrange the living room to make better use of the stove.

It does seem cozier this time of year with the fire going, and throws on the sofas.

Our cottage has a huge room that we divide in the winter.
Half is used for sitting by the fire, and the other half is for tv watching.

The room is open, so both sides get the benefit of the fire.
This side is the one with the pellet stove...I cozy it all up, and make it as romantic as I can.
There are lots of candles, and the faux fireplace is here, too.
There is a vintage dressing screen that kind of gives it a little more coziness, as well.

The other side of the room is all white..slip covered sofa and chair, tv cupboard, side table, etc. Not very romantic....just a place to kick back and relax.
We are ready for some warm fires, and candle light here at the Lakehouse. The wine cabinet is stocked, and I just found some pretty vintage wine glassed at one of my favorite shops in town.
I am finally ready for Autumn!! *wink.


  1. Hi Debbie
    Sounds so warm and cozy at your house * I love this time of year and love having a fire also. We have 2 fireplaces that we use all winter. Enjoy

  2. Hi Debbie, Your home will be cozy, warm and charming for the winter months ahead. I love each area and setting you create in your living room. We love a cozy warm fire too but not near that here yet. Enjoy the season and planning ahead. Hugs and Blessings. xo

  3. Sounds like heaven....have I said that before? I would love to have some wine with you.
    We get I think 2 days of cold here where I can wear layered clothes and have a fire. I miss the changes of seasons even after 14 years here. But your home sounds like a place I could rest my bones.

  4. The wind is very chilly these days. Lake Erie tends to give us plenty of Lake effect weather here in northern Ohio. Time to snuggle in and keep warm. You have a delightful place to do that. I don't have a fireplace at all here but do have plenty of cozy throws.

  5. I'm glad you find so many ways to warm up those cold northern days and nights. It's always fun to have these dramatic change of seasons, isn't it? Keeps you busy phloofing things up! :)

  6. It looks very beautiful. I love fall, but we really don't have it here, and I hope it doesn't skip for you, because winter comes soon. We are still hitting a 100 here, but I hope by the end of the week our hot weather will end. xoxo Su

  7. What a gorgeous place to cozy up with your wine and a fire going! As much as I love Florida, I do crave being able to cozy up under a blanket and feel chilly...the only time I get to do that is when Kyran has the A/C turned up really high:( We will cool down a bit but I'm hoping for a big cold snap at some point!

    I love your dressing screen!!! Beautiful:)

  8. Debbie,
    Sorry your painted leaves may not be as intense this year because of the sudden cold front pushing down from Canada. But throws and a fire burning, new wine glasses and candles sure seem like a perfectly cozy and romantic Lakehouse. Enjoy mon Amie, your photos are gorgeous.

  9. Your room looks so cozy. I love the warm, soothing, romantic atmosphere of your home. I would like to sit on your beautiful sofa and drink a cup of tea with you.Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  10. Your living room looks so cozy, Debbie! It really cooled off fast here today, and is looking and feeling like fall. We have a fire going in the fireplace right now too. I love nesting and feeling cozy. And I love your big angel wings!

  11. I came to look again. I love your wreath. Is there a story behind it. xoxo Su

  12. Your room looks so cozy...love it.!! It has gotten colder here in Ohio. I got out some throw blankets and put them on the sofa and chairs in our living room...feels cozy now.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I am skipping Autumn and moving right into winter here....I loved hearing about your pellet wood burning stove, I wish I had one, this small cottage I am in lacks a fireplace, here in Southern Calif. we have now new restrictions on burning in stoves or fireplaces. The newer built homes only have gas burning logs, I guess that ok on a cold day, the older homes still get to burn in a fireplace or wood burning inserts.

    I loved sitting here on your cozy sofa, well it felt like I was sitting here, and listening to you talk of your beauty in Autumn and the changes your lake cottage is taking on. It's a cozy mood here and I am almost certain I love the colder season here best. Something about its warmth that draws me in and the lake chilled to its depths in a silent poetic inspiring beauty.

    Debbie, I just think and create so much better during these colder months, I hope they effect you much in the same and we see more of what the cold inspires in your cottage.

    See you soon,


  14. Isn't it fun how each new season brings a change, a bit of new decor, a bit of rearranging, and a new change in temperatures too, as well as the beauty outside. I love the changing of the seasons, even to winter, there is a deep joy felt from each one. Your rearranged living room will be so cozy in the next few months, and pellet stoves are pretty amazing. Have a blessed and wonderful fall afternoon :)