Saturday, October 10, 2015

A couple of changes.

Moving things around again.
My house is like a giant game board...pieces are being moved around constantly!
My poor husband never knows where it's safe to sit.
He never enters a room with the lights off!

I got this French door but the trim was a little wonky in the middle section.
The supplier didn't have a replacement, so the company told me to keep the door, but graciously refunded my money. 

Hubby couldn't remove the trim, because it's nailed, AND glued in place. He was worried he would tear the veneer if he tried pulling the trim off.
I debated on how I could use the door without the trim drawing my eye to the flawed piece.
First, I repainted the door to match my decor. It went from green to French blue, sanded, then washed with French grey.
I hung the door, and made sure the trim was tucked behind my desk (in the corner).
Ta..da.....unless you walk over to the desk, and look behind it, you can't tell there's a problem!!!
If I ever move the door, the desk will have to go with it!!!!! lol.

Something else I changed were the chair pads in the dining room.
Earlier this year I had made toile covers.
With the "darker" months coming, I decided to change out the black print covers for these grain sack covers .

They brighten up the dining room for the coming winter months.
I really like the way they look!
Have a terrific Saturday!


  1. What a fine place you've got. Greetings!

  2. I like to move my objects and furniture in my home too. Once again i tell you that i really love your home!!! Your dining room looks so bright and pretty. The birdcage is fairy.Happy week end to you

  3. Debbie, I found that funny about your husband and the lights. LOL I love that cute door. I also like the new seat covers. I should do something like I truly hate our dining chairs. Don't ever move the husband's chair. :):) Blessings for a great Sunday. love you, Susie

  4. As always, I like the way everything looks. Have a great weekend sweetie. xo

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I'm always changing things around too, but for some reason they always end up back in the same spot! I love that french door and it looks perfect behind the desk. Perfect.
    I wish I could make chair covers because I love yours. I have to laugh about your husband because every time mine gets really comfortable with a side table that I've found and painted, I end up taking it to the shop to sell! Oh well, he's used to it.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  6. Oh my gosh Debbie, I'm laughing so hard at this post! I had to read it aloud to Kyran because I know he can relate to coming home and things are not where they were when he left in the morning:) I think there's an I Love Lucy episode where Ricky goes to sit in his chair and it's no longer there LOL.

    The French door is gorgeous! How gracious of the company to allow you to keep it too! It looks perfect from my perspective and crafty on your part to hide the flaws:)

    Your dining chairs look lovely in the covers you made, you're so clever to make those. I love your cutlery caddy! I've been eyeing one on Amazon but I haven't started collecting vintage cutlery yet so I've been holding off on buying it for now. Hope you're having a lovely weekend my friend!

  7. That is one beautiful door! Good for you on the nice deal they gave you and for the gorgeous job you did painting it.

    I love the pillow covers with their little ruffle. Have I had my head in the sand because I don't remember you sewing. How wonderful!

    How has your fall been so far? Lots of outdoor work? I may have missed some of your posts due to our vacation.

    Love and hugs,

    Jane x

  8. Great deal on the door. It is beautiful and if you do not see the flaw even better. Glad the company gave you a refund. Wooo Hooo great score. I love your caged angel can you tell me where you got that. I have wanted one of those and I have seen it on other blogs. I think she is beautiful. Have a great Sunday.

  9. What a great old door. You'd never know there was a trim problem the way you have it displayed. I love your chair covers, too. I like light in the winter, too. xo Diana

  10. Love the door and your angel doll. I have the same caged angel.

  11. Debbie the door, oh my the door, so pretty and you would never know there was an issue. Loving your slips for the Winter, flirty and sassy yet elegant and pretty. You my friend rock your home!
    Sending love,

  12. The door does add a special touch and the color of it looks perfect. I think your change of chair covers brightens the room and this time of year when days grow shorter we do need that. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday there, looks to be a nice Autumn day here!

  13. Hi Debbie, your home is lovely and the perfect setting to cozy up for fall and cooler days. Love your chair covers and the DOOR is amazing. Love it and the angel.
    Blessings for a special Sunday. cm

  14. Hi Debbie, I love the last photos view to the corner of the room with the cabinet filled with all that you collect, the chair pads will give you that simple pallet of tone on tone to seasonally work around in your added holiday decor.

    As for the french door, I buy the oop's, or the damaged, or ill regulars for this very reason of not looking or being perfect. I will even damage them a bit more giving them that really imperfect feel if instantly aged and old.
    I have been known to buy something with the split in it for that great price and come home and age it some more, love when that happens. Your placement of the door and hiding it's flaw with the desk made me smile, I have also done this very thing. But I say the piece is so cool I wouldn't worry about its flaw, I am sure it has added to its now painted beauty.

    I so wish I had one of those rooms that allowed me to move or float things in my spaces, they are oddly shaped, and small and for me to change things around I have to replace something with another, or move one thing in and another to a different room.
    Love that we can laugh along with you with the comment of your husband having to leave the lights on when he enters a room after your arranging and rearranging often :)

    Well it's a beautiful job Debbie, love the wide angled shots that allow us to feel more of the walking space in your dinning room.
    Keep inspiring your beauty, looking forward to your seasonal changes, namely winter :)


  15. I just love the paint treatment you gave the door, Debbie! The color is gorgeous! What a pretty piece, and to get to keep it for free is a huge bonus! Your table and chairs look so pretty, and oh so French:) Tres chic!

  16. It all looks fantastic Debbie ! it's so nice to have a change around and I have the same problem with my husband....he tentatively comes home and peers around the door to see what's been moved ...sometimes I'm in full swing when he gets home and the house is total chaos..... love the seat covers you made !
    Gail x

  17. I'm constantly moving things around too! My house is where I play :-) Everything is beautiful Debbie. The door is gorgeous tucked in the corner. You've been busy :-)

  18. I'm constantly moving things around too! My house is where I play :-) Everything is beautiful Debbie. The door is gorgeous tucked in the corner. You've been busy :-)