Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost ready.....

We are almost ready at Seashells and Lavender.
I still need to put window boxes between the railings and the sashes, and I'm waiting for the soaps to arrive.
The crystal chandelier, and the cloches on metal stands should be arriving very soon. I'm also expecting a beautiful cupcake stand with crystals attached.

The boarder needs changing, but I didn't have that will be okay for a few weeks.
 The signs from Paula, at Castle and Cottage, arrived yesterday...I LOVE them all!!!!

 Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, sent her wonderful clay tags, coasters, and trivets!

Laurie also found these sweet string holders.

 It smells absolutely heavenly in my little space!

Notice the space between the rails and sashes?  I'll be adding boxes with hydrangeas, and ivy. That should fill it in nicely.
Eventually, I'd like some french doors in place of the sashes and rails. For now...this will work.
Notice the windows inside? Mr. Lakehouse put the vintage trim around them. He also added sills for displaying pieces. He's been such a help, putting things together for me.
I hope it all looks okay, and that people like what they see.
Can't wait to get the window boxes in place.
Have a super, duper day!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's off to work I go.....

Well, hello all you bloggers and readers of blogs.
I've been busy here at the lakehouse.
Started back to work at the pharmacy. I find it makes me a little more tired than it used to...but I'm hanging in there.
My little store is coming along.
I saw one of the owners today, and he said they plan to add actual little store fronts and roofs to each space in the village.
Until then, we will keep the window sashes, and vintage trim  over the existing porch rails. Mr. Lakehouse attached the sashes and trim to a board he hung across the top of the "booth". I added ivy and florals.
I love the trim Mr. Lakehouse added to the windows inside the tiny shop!
 If I'm not at the pharmacy, I'm either home working on pillows, and sachets, or filling jars with shells, or lavender...or I'm at the shop. Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, sent LOTS of neat clay tags to sell! I've been adding silk ribbons, and crinkled seam binding, along with price tags to her tags. That has kept me busy in the evenings.
I saw some gorgeous pillows over at Sissie's blog. She is the "Queen of Pillows"!!!  Mine aren't quite as pretty as hers, but they should be okay.

I'm using vintage napkins for the pillows. Adding crinkled seam binding(thank you Donna for the info. on the binding), to the ruffles prettied things up a bit.
I made rosettes out of stiff ribbon.  They turned out better than I thought they would!

Luckily I found two mason jars today. I used all the jars I had filling them up with seashells.
These two jars were a dollar a piece!!!!! and they had the zinc lids on them!!!! wooohoooo!
They are now filled to the rim with lavender.
The vintage gift cards add a little ooomph to the items in the shop.  It's that little "extra" that helps attract the shoppers.
As soon as the signs arrive...the ones made by Paula...I will take pics of the shop.
The soaps still aren't I'll start without them!
I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend.
He Lives!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring-time at the Lakehouse

I just returned from Tete's blog. She took a walk in the rain, and took some great pics of what spring looks like at her house.
I've been seeing so many lovely photos of flowers, and flowering shrubs and trees in blog-land.
Soooo...I thought I'd share a few shots of what spring looks like here at the lakehouse today.
Keep in mind, we are under a winter storm warning.....

Don't you just love my fenced in cottage garden area? The wind blew the little fence over by the shed...adds to the warm feeling of a spring-time afternoon.

And, here we have the boat. Notice the colorful shrink-wrap?  Usually we have the pontoon in the water by now...we decided to wait just a few more days...maybe Easter Sunday???
 This...this is my potting table. all ready for those bags of potting soil, shovels, pots, and even new plants, and flats of flowers.....any day now.....

Here is the view from my kitchen window. Can you see the buds on the lilac bush just outside the window? all covered in snow? Aren't they lovely?
Yes, it's been snowing for about three hours...just a couple more days, then freezing rain moves in.
So, there you have spring-time pics. So refreshing, don't you think?
I wore my flip-flops to work today. I'm NOT giving up! Mother Nature must be experiencing PMS.
I'm hoping she gets put back on her anti-depressant, or even Midol...whatever it takes!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What the??!!!!

I woke up with visions of Sanibel Island on my mind........

I thought about sitting on the screened porch, enjoying "happy hour" with my Sanibel Sista.....
 And this is what I saw as I looked out our sunporch here at the lakehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, April 15, 2011

She sells seashells....

She sells seashells down by the.....

Actually...down at the shop called "Seashells and Lavender".

The shells are ready to go....just have to get them to my booth today.

I think the shells will help "beach" things up a bit.
I'm still waiting for the lavender bunches to arrive...along with the French milled soaps.
Once everything is here...I'll take pics of my little...tiny shop.
Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
Big hugs...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting things ready....

Hope everyone of you enjoyed your weekend.
We've been busy here.
Mr. Lakehouse trimmed in the windows for my little shop, and I painted them yesterday...white, of course.
Today, the Mr. made shelves, and I again got out the paintbrush and white paint and went to work.
I have also been working on lavender sachets, and vintage pillows.
 I'm using vintage doilies I've collected...along with old buttons, and some glittered paper flowers I recently found at an art shop.  The sachets smell wonderful!

I love vintage pillows! Using vintage pieces to put them together is a treat.
 I've got a few things ready for the shop, but need a few more, it's back to the sewing machine for me.

The mason jars are filled with shells from Sanibel. I'm waiting for the crinkled seam binding to arrive so I can tie some around the jars, and add  the vintage tags that were also ordered.
Tomorrow we will be taking some large furniture pieces over, then hopefully start filling in with treasures for shoppers.
Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A day in the Magic Kingdom

I've never been to Disney World.
I don't care about the rides anymore, but always wanted to see the castle, a night parade, and the fireworks.
My oldest daughter, Kelly, and her family blessed us with a wonderful day in the Magic Kingdom.
 My youngest grandson Anson(aka Bubba) LOVES trains. He carried Thomas the Train around the kingdom the entire day.  This is my son in law Dan, with Kayla, and Anson on the train ride in the park.

 As soon as we got off the train, it was time to collect some autographs. The kids LOVE Toy when they saw this character, we "had" to get in line to meet her.

 I got to see the castle, and was very impressed. Especially when the night parade started, and the fireworks were lighting up the sky. Ethan, my oldest grandson, was such a clown the whole day. He kept hubby and I laughing until bedtime.

Notice the highest tower? The very highest tower?! Just as it got dark, and the fireworks started, Tinkerbell flew down from the HIGHEST tower, over the crowd, and across the park!!!! She, of course, was strapped in to a harness, but still!!!!! I'd be wearing a "depends" as I was being pushed off the tower over the crowd! I hope Tink gets paid well for such a dangerous job! Her costume was full of little green lights, and her wings were lit up as well. At first I thought it was a dummy...but NO, it was a real person!!!! I hope she was packing a parachute, just in case!!! I can't even cross a foot bridge without sweating...this girl was being shoved out of a tower...the HIGHEST tower!!!
Needless to say...that will be my most powerful memory of Disney World...makes my hands sweat just thinking about it. was a wonderful day. The weather was great, and so was the time spent with family. I was so blessed.
More posts to come of our vacation...I bet you can't wait...haha.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bloggers and lurkers

Remember when you weren't a blogger?
Remember the first blog you ever followed?
I started following Sarah, at A Beach Cottage. I wasn't a blogger, just a lurker(as Sarah called us). Even tho I didn't have my own blog, Sarah responded to my comments via email.
I was soooo excited to get home from work to read her post each day.
Sarah inspired me to start blogging.
 I'm glad that Sarah included me in her world...even without a blog of my own.
There are so many people that follow blogs(lurkers) that we miss. They don't comment, they just stop by and read our posts.
One such "lurker" has become a blessing in my life. Her name is Susie, and she's from Tipton, Indiana.
Susie started sending letters, and cards even before my illness. We have become "pen-pals".  Susie has been a prayer warrior, and a great friend to me.

Right now, Susie is going through a trial. Her daughter, Liz, was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Liz has three young children.
Susie's heart is broken for her child.

I know, for a fact, that when storms hit, and the waves come crashing in, bloggers come together and pray.
 Please lift Susie and her family up in prayer.  Being a part of the blogging community has been such a blessing for me. Lurkers are a part of our community too...

May the peace that passeth all understanding,(Phil.4:7) wash over Susie and her family as the blogging community lifts them up in prayer.
Thank you.
Hugs to all of you! and lurkers too.

Susie Stevens
3700 W. 100 North
Tipton, IN 46072

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sanibel Sista's

We're back!
We've been away for three weeks.
Our trip to Florida was great!!!!!! We took our time, taking in all the sites on the way.
We spent a couple of days with Joe and Debbie in Barefoot Bay, on the Atlantic side of Florida. It was wonderful!!!! We sat on the beach, and watched the surfers.
I got to see a pair of dolphins swimming with their baby!  What a heart-warming experience!
Joe and Debbie are such great people...Jim and I enjoyed our time with them immensely.
 When we arrived on Sanibel, we were greeted by Rog and Laurie, and this beautiful view from our cottage at the beach.

At last....the "Sanibel Sista's" were together for a vacation like no other!

Sitting on the beach, watching the waves crash over the shore, seeing dolphins, shark, and sting-rays swim along the shoreline. Laughing at the sandpipers as they ran along, dodging waves and people. Collecting shells....and relaxing with your closest friends in the world....ahhhhh...Paradise!
 The sunsets were unbelievable!!!!!  I wanted to hide in the beach grass, and never leave.  But, we "did" have to come back. Before we did, we made reservations for next year....same time, same place.

We arrived back at the lakehouse last night...tan, and ready for a shower! 
I miss my Sanibel Sista this morning.  I will see her soon, tho.......the antique-vintage market opens in just a few weeks!!! So, we will be putting our flip-flops on, and heading down to Allegan for more fun! Can't wait to see ya Sis!!!!! Thank you for such an UNFORGETABLE time on Sanibel Island!