Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting things ready....

Hope everyone of you enjoyed your weekend.
We've been busy here.
Mr. Lakehouse trimmed in the windows for my little shop, and I painted them yesterday...white, of course.
Today, the Mr. made shelves, and I again got out the paintbrush and white paint and went to work.
I have also been working on lavender sachets, and vintage pillows.
 I'm using vintage doilies I've collected...along with old buttons, and some glittered paper flowers I recently found at an art shop.  The sachets smell wonderful!

I love vintage pillows! Using vintage pieces to put them together is a treat.
 I've got a few things ready for the shop, but need a few more, it's back to the sewing machine for me.

The mason jars are filled with shells from Sanibel. I'm waiting for the crinkled seam binding to arrive so I can tie some around the jars, and add  the vintage tags that were also ordered.
Tomorrow we will be taking some large furniture pieces over, then hopefully start filling in with treasures for shoppers.
Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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